How To Open A Razor Scooter? (Steps To Take)

These new and super cool scooters are a hip thing these days, and you see a lot of kids riding them around the neighborhood. Not only do they look cool, but they are fun to ride too. Plus, a good way to go around, especially given the gas prices these days. Sheesh!

This article, How To Open A Razor Scooter? will aim to guide you through the basics of how to go about with opening, closing and carrying around your new scooter. So, without further ado, let’s ride!

How to take your scooter with you, anywhere!

How To Open A Razor Scooter?

This is super easy, because the Razor scooter is made to be easy to handle, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Take the grips out, you can do this, by pulling on the grip while you press the release buttons which are found on the T-tube.
  2. Next, after you have pulled the grips, you have to use the release lever, and push down on the T-bar.
  3. Finally, your scooter is folded, and to carry it, simply hold the scooter upside-down, and push on the release lever whilst holding the T-bar, and voila, it’s done!

How to fold Razor scooters?

you can customize the part of the scooter with a lever

Despite it seeming to be an easy job, it wouldn’t hurt to know the right way to do it. So, let’s find out how you can fold your scooter without damaging it.

  •  You have to release the locking lever: You can do this by undoing the lock system, and then you have to put your foot on the stand, in the middle of the standing board.

Now you should put both hands on the handles, and apply pressure towards the ground with your feet. This is a particular method of folding your scooter, because they can get damaged or broken if they are not opened in the right way.

The cool thing is, you can customize the part of the scooter with a lever, that is used to join the foot stand. You can use a strap of metal which can be found in the middle of the T-bar, which is an easy way to modify your ride!

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Yanking on the grips

The grips are the easiest contraption to deal with, start by pressing the button behind the T-bar, and the grip will come off easily.

The grips are the most important part of the scooter, as they allow the rider to control the ride and navigate through terrain without losing control.

Now comes the T-bar

The T shaped bar has a twisted metal contraption, which can be found in the middle of the T-bar. What you have to do is, pull the contraption towards yourself, that is away from the scooter.

Keeping pulling it away from the scooter and apply force downwards towards the ground. The T-bar will begin to compress.

Rotate the scooter

Now that the collapse of the scooter has started, flip over the scooter while keeping pressure on the T-bar with your upper body. This is very important, because if you don’t apply force on the top, the scooter will not fold.

But don’t worry, if it does not collapse, bring it back to its original stance and repeat the process. Now comes the final part of the process: You have to locate the lever, which can be found near the front wheel. Simply move it to the opposite side, which will allow the fold to occur.

How to unfold a Razor Scooter?

Well, now that you have managed to fold your scooter and now have the urge to unfold and ride it again, but you’re not sure how to? Well, look no further, because we will teach you to return your scooter back to its glory.

  1. You just have to do the process of folding, but in reverse. The first step would be to pull the T-bar out of the decompression. Be careful, you don’t want to break or damage your scooter here.
  2. Now comes the play with the footpad: Using either hand, push downwards on the footpad, and apply pressure increasingly, but slowly and gently.
  3. Remember the release lever from the folding? Now you have to pull it. Just make sure you put in enough time and effort to ensure the procedure of unfolding is perfected, because a lot of scooters get damaged or broken this way. So, it is important to know how to fold, and unfold properly.

Another way you can unfold your scooter

The way we have taught you above is easy and can be done by anyone. However, there is another way to unfold your scooter, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Let’s see what it is!

  • This method revolves around the throttle. Simply begin by rotating the throttle, on each side of the scooter. What this does is, it makes it easy to open and fold the scooter. Increase pressure with time, and with a lot of care and caution!
  • Now comes the play with the Handles: This is just to compress or decompress the size of the scooter, and just use the button which is specifically made for this.
  • Now, just simply unfold it: Press the button which can be located in the middle, this will open up the scooter immediately and ready for your next ride. Quickly test whether the scooter is stern and isn’t flappy before riding!

Some problems and how to deal with them

The steering column

If you want to open the steering column, grasp the release lever and apply force away from the scooter. This clasp should be aiming towards the T-bar handles.

The handlebars

The steering column and handlebars are not friends, so it’s best to keep them as far away as possible from each other, to avoid them from messing with the foot-stand. Now use the buttons on the handle, and push them away from the steering column.

Cleaning your scooter

Simply just use a wet paper towel and clean any dust or dirt off your scooter. Remember to first open the release lever and steering column.

How To Open A Razor Scooter?

Conclusion – How To Open A Razor Scooter?

This might seem like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t. It requires practice and time. The best thing to do is, to take out time to perfect the smooth opening and closing of your scooter, to avoid damaging it or breaking it.

It will take a couple of attempts, but it is not that hard to master. So, practice away and ride safe!

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