How To Fold, Unfold, Open and Close Razor Scooter?

The hippest and cool thing on the market these days, and everyone has it. These scooters originally came around a while back, but the hype and popularity they gained recently have attracted a lot of attention.

You can see everyone riding them, and we won’t lie; they are super cool and easy to maintain. They come in two cool sizes: the junior and the regular scooter. Did we tell you they come in electric versions too, pretty neat, isn’t it?

This article aims to assist you with the functioning and the know-how of how to keep these bad boys running smoothly. Also, to teach you how to fold a razor scooter too!  So, put your scooter aside, and let’s dive in and find out more about your cool, new ride.

Folding a Razor Scooter

Folding a Razor Scooter

Step One: How to release the lock levers

Firstly, you have to put the scooter on the ground and place one foot on it. Apply even yet steady force downwards to make sure the lock system can be unlocked.

Now, you have to put your foot in the middle of the stand where your feet would be. Grab hold of the handlebar and make sure it doesn’t move around.

The trick here is to keep the scooter still while you un-do the scooter because if the scooter is moving or unsteady, that will only result in it being un-done. There has to be a synchronization between the scooter and release levers being un-done at the same time.

A pro-safety tip would be to make sure your fingers aren’t in the way of this contraption because it can come in the way of folding and unfolding, and that hurts a lot. So, be wary of that at all times!

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 Step Two: The release buttons

Now, what you have to do is, you have to press the release buttons that can be found on the back of the handlebars, this will trigger the release of the handle grips, and you can safely remove those.

After you have pushed the button, simply pull the grip away from the scooter, and do the same with the other grip.

This is just a way to fold the scooter; it will still fold if you don’t take out the grips, but it’s much smoother this way, and it’s all up to you.

Step Three: The steering column

You will see a metal contraption on the side of the steering column; you have to pull it, towards you and away from the scooter. This piece of metal connects the handlebars to the footrest.

Now you will have to use your strength and push downwards on the steering column. This can easily be done by releasing the clasp, and you can fixate the steering column.

Simply push on the handlebars to begin folding the scooter. Grab the steering column with one hand, and push downwards on the handlebars with your other hand.

You will see the scooter shrinking and going down into the scooter, and just reverse the position of the clasp to keep the scooter locked and in one place.

Step Four: Flip the scooter over

While holding the steering column with one hand, flip the scooter over. Make sure you don’t stop applying force because if you do, the handlebars will pop back out, and all the effort you just put in will go to vain.

Step Five: The Release Lever

On the bottom of the scooter lies the release lever; make sure to hold the steering column steady and push the lever with the other free hand.

It can be found close to the front wheel. Flipping this will trigger an action, and you would notice it as if the scooter is folding all by itself. Pro-tip, do this upside down, so gravity does most of the work, and you don’t.

And voila, your scooter is now folded securely and will not come out from that position. If it does, repeat the steps we mentioned.

Now that we have learned how to fold your cool ride, you’re probably wanting to unfold and take the thing for a spin.

But don’t worry; we’ve done all the research for you and have found the simplest way to unfold the thing, so let’s find out how to unfold your razor scooter.

How to Unfold your Razor Scooter (Step by step guide)

There’s no need to be alarmed or panic if you can’t open your scooter after you have locked it. The mechanism of unlocking your razor scooter is as easy as it was locking it. So, let’s find out how to unlock it!

Step One:

Just a safety precaution, stand clear of the scooter, so you don’t accidentally hurt or injure yourself. Firstly, firmly grab hold of the handlebars using one hand.

Step Two:

While you are holding the T-bar with one hand, using the other free hand, apply force on the foot stand, and apply pressure downwards and away from the scooter. To give you a clear idea, push downwards towards the ground.

Step Three:

It’s pretty easy to do this; remember the lever you played with while you were folding the scooter? Now you have to pull on it towards the T-bar.

While you are doing this, be cautious of a clicking sound, that is basically the scooter saying yeah, I’m unlocked and ready to be ridden now!

But before you hop on, there may be a problem with unfolding, but don’t worry; we will teach you how to handle a situation like that if it does come up.

How to fix my scooter, it is stuck and won’t unfold

There’s nothing to worry about, we have written down the procedure for doing so below; simply follow the steps, and your scooter will be good to go in no time!

Method One:

You have to pull the release lever; this will trigger the steering column to become free. All you have to do is to make sure that the latch doesn’t get locked or stuck in this process. In order to see if it is open or locked, look at its position. If it is locked, then it will be facing forwards.

What you have to do is, you have to pull the lever towards the T-bar; it should open up fully, allowing you to unfold the scooter.

Method Two

You can put the handlebars to the side if they infringe you from folding and unfolding the scooter. You can fix this by moving the handlebars away from the steering column.

What you have to do is, you have to push the buttons that are on the handlebars and push on them away from the steering column.

Method Three

Since your scooter is out in the dust and pollution outside, there is a distinct possibility that there is dust or debris stuck in your scooter, which makes it a bit difficult to deal with at times.

Did you know you can simply clean your scooter with a cloth to restore it to its glory?

If you experience any rigid lever, you can take a piece of wet cloth in warm water and clean the debris, and dust off the scooter.

This is necessary because if you cannot un-do the lever all the way, it will hinder you from unfolding and folding the scooter, which can be quite annoying.

Method Four:

You have cleaned the scooter as much as you can with the cloth, and it is still getting stuck and isn’t smooth to fold and unfold. Well, don’t worry. We still have a couple of hacks up our sleeves.

You can deconstruct your scooter using an Allen wrench, which is about five millimeters, and you should un-do the steering column with it.  You have to unscrew the clasp in the opposite direction to un-do it.

Now use a three-millimeter Allen wrench, and un-do the screw in the release lever. This can be found between the steering column and the footrest.

Method Five:

The cleaning part has no bounds because you can also use oil lubricants to soften and smoothen your ride! You can find some WD-40, use that and spray it on the rigid parts, and clean away the debris that comes off it using a dirty cloth.

Now that you have cleaned all the parts with the lubricants, reassemble the scooter; it should be smooth and good as new!

Well, guess what if you thought these scooters weren’t already cool enough? They also have electric ones, which are even more fun and easier to use.

The sleek design makes it easy for day-to-day use. It is safe, comfy, and efficient too. This is the hot seller in the market, and everyone wants one.

You probably have one and are wondering how you can assemble it and how fast you can ride it and show it off. Well, look no further; we got you covered. We have listed the process below; let’s see what it is!

How to assemble an Electric Razor Scooter

  • Take the scooter out from the box, check all of the parts, and examine and try to make sense of what goes where.
  • You should be able to find the plastic pouch that contains all the nuts and screws that you will be using to put together your scooter.
  • Begin by checking out the front wheel, if that is attached, then that’s a good start, but if it’s not, then that should be where you begin. It is fairly easy; it just requires the bolting of one screw. You can take help from the manual the company sends inside the box, shall you need it.
  • The company folds the scooter to make it easy to transport, so unfold it with the lever, just like you did with the manual scooter, and pull it upwards. This will open up your scooter.
  • Once you have pulled on the lever and adjusted the stem, put the lever back in its position and lock it simply by returning it to its original position.
  • Now come the handlebars. There are two simple screws you can bolt to get the scooter into place, and some models of the scooter don’t even need screws and simply unfold into place.
  • Undo the clamp to allow you to adjust the height of the T-bar, so you can adjust that according to your liking and preference.

How to fold a large Razor Scooter?

Folding a Razor Scooter has to be one of the easiest things to do. All you have to do is, you have to flip over the scooter upside-down.

While you hold the handlebar and press the joint release lever with the other free hand. Gravity will help you, and your scooter will be folded easily.

The method is pretty much the same for help with any scooter’s folding. You can go through them, as we have talked about them in detail. They are mentioned above.

How to unlock a Razor Scooter?

These scooters are cool and easy to use, making them fun for traveling and recreation. These are similar to skateboards but are the cooler and hip versions of them.

Their wheels are made with strong materials, but they can cause a problem when it comes to folding and unfolding them. Below we’ve written down how you can unlock a Razor Scooter.

Firstly, what you have to do is to pick up the scooter from the T-bar. Following that, you must pull the handles towards you while pushing the locking handle forwards. This locking handle is located near the edge where the footrest and the handle join.

Remember to plant your feet on the foot stand while you pull the handles towards yourself. You’ll hear a snap, which means that the scooter has safely locked itself into place.

What you now have to do is, you have to set the height of the T-bar to your liking by adjusting it from the metal clamp.

A safe way to check the safety is that the scooter is at ninety degrees and will not unlock or unfold when you are riding it.

Are Razor Scooters not meant to be folded? Is that the case, and is it true?

This is partially true because we have taught you the process of folding and unfolding the scooters, which means it is safe to be folded.

The manual ones are meant to be folded, so you can pack them up if you’re traveling or if you’re done playing with them and want to clean them.

However, this is not the case when it comes to electric scooters. Electric scooters aren’t meant to be folded; the most you can do with them is to use an Allan wrench and undo the screws and bolts.

The collapse of the handlebars is the only thing the electric scooters have to offer when it comes to folding and unfolding.

How do I adjust the height of my Razor Scooter? Is that possible?

Yes, it is very possible to adjust the height of your scooter because that varies with the heights of people. The process is fairly simple, and you can easily do it by following the steps we have listed down below.

  • You have to un-do the release lever and slide the bar up or down according to your preference. When the T-bar is at its maximum height, press the button below the lever to un-do the T-bar.

You can adjust the resistance of the release lever by using an Allan wrench to tighten or loosen the Allen bolt, which is found on the release lever.

Just make sure you don’t tighten it too much. As a rule of thumb, the lever should be able to be opened and closed by hand if need be. That is why it should not be too tight or too loose.

How To Fold, Unfold, Open and Close Razor Scooter?

Conclusion | How To Fold, Unfold, Open and Close Razor Scooter?

Razor Scooters are the hippest and top-wanted thing on the market these days; everyone wants them. It is free to use for people of all ages. We would recommend buying the best scooter on the market to experience the most of what these joy rides have to offer.

These are built with strong materials, and the simple and sleek design can catch anyone’s eye. It has racked up an astounding thirteen awards too!

We would only recommend keeping safety as a priority when you are using these scooters. Make sure that you and your children, or the children around you, who use scooters, are always wearing helmets and gloves. Make sure they are away from roads and are riding in scooter-friendly places.

Other than that, these scooters are on our wish list, and we can’t wait to get a hold of one and be the coolest cat in town.

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