How to Use Baby-Born Interactive Doll

Baby-born interactive dolls are the most expressive dolls you can get. If your little ones intend to experience what it is like having a doll, the baby-born interactive doll might be the best option for them.

It continues to touch millions of hearts all across the globe. From the way it cries, to the way it laughs – every child who gets to hold it falls in love with the doll. 

One thing may lead to confusion, though: how to use baby-born interactive doll? For that, you might find benefit in reading some of the things mentioned below. 

How to Use Baby-Born Interactive Doll

Safety Tips

Most people think you can use a baby-born interactive doll the same way as a regular doll. But that is not the case.

Keep The Doll Away From Water

To avoid that, you must give clear and direct instructions to your children that they must not be inserting a baby-born interactive doll into water. 

Having a baby-born interactive doll float in the water will also ruin the doll. 

Keep The Doll Away From Electrical Apparatuses 

Yes – just as water can harm a doll, an electrical apparatus can do the same if it comes into contact with a baby-born interactive doll. 

Be mindful of this, especially when your doll is wet. Because then you run the risk of its batteries getting ruined. 

Do Not Use The Dolls Accessories With A Real Baby

Many people think it is okay to give their children the same accessories that come with a baby born when you purchase it.

However, people might want to distinguish between the two: a baby born’s accessories can never be used as toys. 

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Do Not Shake A Baby

Just as you would not shake a real baby, baby borns are sensitive as well. 

When you hand a baby-born interactive doll to your children, make them realize it as if they get a real baby. That way, they will also get accustomed to how one is supposed to treat babies. 

Let’s now discover how you are supposed to look after a baby-born interactive doll! 

Feeding It Water

Yes, these dolls can drink water as well. That does not mean you start giving them water too frequently, though. 

When you begin to feed a baby-born water, firstly, make sure that your children have turned the cap tightly so that it does not open. 

Make sure you hold the bottle, as well as the baby, in an upright manner. 

Holding the baby in an upright manner allows you the benefit of its diaper not getting wet immediately. 

Gently squeeze the sides of the bottle after inserting its tip into the doll’s mouth. A baby-born interactive doll can drink up to 2/3 of the bottle. 

You should keep in mind many other things if you wonder how to use a baby-born interactive doll.

Eating Porridge 

It might seem odd to you to hear that dolls can now drink and eat. But the entire purpose of this activity is to make you take care of them as though they are real babies

It includes feeding them food as well.

If you want to feed your baby-born interactive doll porridge, you will have to pour water into a bowl up to its 12ml mark.

Then, you should add the food packet given with the purchase of the doll and keep stirring until all the water gets absorbed – leaving behind a mixture with no lumps. 

After you have the mixture, you can feed the baby born!


To make a baby-born interactive doll cry, you will have to squeeze its right arm a few times. Make sure you do this only after the doll gets done with drinking water and feeding. You do not want it to dirty the pamper before it cries. 

Potty Seat

How does a baby-born interactive doll work? It is not too different from a real baby. 

Now, baby borns need to be cleaned after they dirty their diapers as well. 

For that, you need to, first of all, undress your baby born. Make sure the doll’s legs are bent when you place it on the potty seat.

If you want to make the doll pee, you will need to press the doll’s belly button once. Then, keep pushing until the doll gets done with peeing.

If you want to make it poo, you will need to do the same thing – just twice, though. Press the belly button of the doll two times and keep pushing until the doll gets done. 

Just remember: if the doll’s legs are not positioned correctly, the doll will not pee or poo. 


After you feed water to a doll, it will most likely pee if you lie it down. 

When that happens, take the diaper off and clean the doll. Let the diaper dry before putting it on again. 


Yes, a baby born can take a bath as well. But you need not submerge it underwater – that will harm the doll. 

If you want to bathe your baby born, you could take it to a bathtub or a swimming pool. Make sure the water is not too hot or cold, though.

One important thing you must keep in mind is to screw shut the doll’s back tightly before letting it into water.

Swimming pools can ruin your doll as they contain chlorine: if you leave your baby born for more than three hours in the water, the chlorine will end up bleaching your doll, leading to discoloration.

There will be occurrences that water might get into the doll as well. 

In such a scenario, you need not worry. You can use a screwdriver to open the cap at the doll’s back and drain out all the water inside it. To be sure, you can leave it like that for a few hours so that it completely dries up. 

After you bathe the doll, you can rinse it with fresh water.

How to Use Baby-Born Interactive Doll

Common FAQs

What do I do about the valve at the back?

You need to close the valve at the back before bathing your doll. 

Should my doll wear a diaper before feeding?

You could do that; however, there is no need for it. If you mistakenly lie your doll down while feeding it with its legs bent, it will pee.


All in all, baby-born interactive dolls are the best kind of dolls you can get. They laugh, cry, eat – no human could have imagined dolls could do that till now.

They allow you to have a wholesome experience. But, with that comes responsibility as well: baby borns need to be taken care of. 

It might lead to confusion for some people, making them think – how does a baby-born interactive doll work? You need not worry, though. With proper care, you will keep your baby born happy.

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