How To Charge Your Electric Razor Scooter Without a Charger

Now that you have finally gotten your hands on this cool ride, you’re probably wondering how to charge it.

What the battery timings are and all the stuff related to the running and timing of this fantastic beast. It tops the charts with its sleek style, amazing performance and great safety features.

In order for you to go out and have fun, and have the ride of your life, you need to charge the battery fully. Like petrol fuels motor vehicles, the battery is the engine for your eco-friendly scooter.

This article aims to teach you about the correct method of charging your new ride, and the different methods to charging as well. So, let’s dive in and get to know your scooter a little better. Including the infamous question “How can I charge my razor scooter without a charger?”

How can I charge my Razor Scooter?

You’ve figured out by now that the user manual that came with the scooter, is no good, because it is missing a couple of steps, and doesn’t answer all your questions.

How To Charge Your Electric Razor Scooter 6 Steps Guide! (3)

But, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Let’s find out how to charge your scooter Razor Scooter, step by step.

Step One:

If you have recently taken your ride out for a spin, you would know that the ride tends to get a little hot, and that is the case with most electrical appliances.

So, charging it wouldn’t be a very good idea, instead let it cool down for at least an hour.

You can still charge the scooter when it’s hot, but the downside to that is, the battery life and efficiency will significantly be effected.

Step Two:

If you recently came back from a ride in rainy, snowy or muddy conditions, then it is probably a good idea not to charge immediately.

The reason being, it will be wet and the moisture can damage the scooter. What you should do is, you should leave the scooter be, and let the water dry off completely.

If you have somewhere to be, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get the scooter to get dry quicker.

Just remember not to use a hair dryer, because that will let water get inside your scooter, which will cause more damage. So, hair dryers are completely off limits.

Step Three:

If for some reason, your battery that came inside the scooter gets damaged, or breaks, then we advise you not to use any charger other than the one that came inside the box with the scooter, the original one.

If you do, then that will only serve to further harm and damage your scooter’s battery.

Step Four:

The ideal place to charge your scooter is some place that is dry, and cool. Avoid charging the scooter in direct sunlight.

Because that will lead to over-heating, and the battery may explode. Also, don’t charge the scooter if temperatures fall below 32 Fahrenheit.

Step Five:

You should read your manual and confirm, but mostly, you must first plug the charger into the charging outlet in the wall, before you put the charging end into the scooter. Once plugged in, a green light will confirm the status of charging.

If the green light does not appear, it means it could be faulty, the charger. Replace it with a new one, or get that one fixed. Remember to switch your scooter off while it charges.

Secondly, you can check to see if the charging cap is undone, because often that can come in the way and hinder the charging procedure.

Step Six:

Once there is a stable red light, let the scooter fully charge until it reaches 100% battery, which will be indicated by a green light.

You should never unplug your scooter before it fully charges, nor should you immediately take it out and start riding it after it has fully charged, give it some time to cool down.

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What about charging your Razor Scooter without a charger, is that possible, if so, how?

Your battery is what drives your scooter, and you have to charge it in order to ride it and have fun with it.

If your charger has been broken or has gotten damaged, then that’s alright, there are alternate ways to charge your scooter, and all you need is jump cables. We’ll teach you how to charge your scooter with them.

The First Step:

Begin by removing the battery of the scooter, you can do so by finding it under the deck of the scooter. To un-do the deck, use a screwdriver, and un-do the screws.

Once that is done, remove the battery from the scooter because if you charge it while it is inside the scooter with the jump cables, the heat that comes from it will damage your scooter.

The Second Step:

Disconnect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to prevent discharging. Remember to keep the battery in a place where there is no moisture or wetness.

And there isn’t direct sunlight. All these contribute towards the downfall of the health and functioning of the battery.

Now, connect the red cable of the jumper to the positive end and the black cable to the negative end of the battery, and switch the portable cable on to begin charging. 

After the charging is complete and has reached 100%, you will see a green light indicating full charge, then you can disconnect the cables safely.

Universal Power Adapter

You can also charge your scooter using a Universal Power Adapter. The technique is pretty simple and can be used to charge your scooter.

Find the cable and connect it to the adapter, the universal power adapter can connect to any port, and connect the wire and make sure it isn’t loose and is securely in place.

Turn off the scooter completely, including all of its features such as lights and radio. You will notice that a red light starts to show, which means that the process of charging has begun, and you should leave the battery to charge.

Once the battery has fully charged, you will see a green light, which means the charging is complete and that you can safely disconnect the charger from the scooter.

Why won’t my Razor Scooter charge?

There are a few reasons your scooter won’t charge, they could be any one of the following:

  • The first trouble shooting would be to check to see if the charger is connected the right way. Unplug and plug the charging plug to the charging port properly and securely.
  • Razor batteries fully charge in 8 hours, so you should charge for that time and see if the light turns green, if it doesn’t replace the battery with a genuine Razor battery
  • It is possible for the battery to not charge anymore if it is not charged in a long time. This happens when you haven’t used your scooter in a while, and these lead acid batteries need to be charged once a month, otherwise they lost the capability to charge and hold that charge. Like all batteries, lead batteries too have a life span, which degenerates over the passage of time.

How long does a Razor Scooter take to fully charge?

When you get your hands on the scooter, make sure to fully charge it first. The time is 12 hours for the battery to fully charge.

There will be a red light indicating that the battery is charging, and once the battery has fully charged, there will be a green light indicating that you can safely switch charging off.

The batteries are made to prevent overcharging, so don’t worry about that or overheating of any equipment. But we wouldn’t recommend overcharging, always plan charges where you can turn the charging off after the battery has completed charging.

How do I know my Razor Scooter is charging?

After you have plugged in the charging cable to the charging port, a red light will start to glow, which will indicate that the battery has started charging.

After a time of 12 hours, the battery will emit a green light, which will indicate full charge. You can safely disconnect the charging cable after the green light.

How much does a Razor Scooter charger cost?

You can find plenty of batteries online, we recommend copping one from Amazon. The batteries range from new to used ones.

The used batteries can be found from 10$, and the new ones can be found for about 25$. So, it’s not that expensive either, which makes it an excellent buy!

How to charge a Razor E-300 Scooter?

The standard charging time is 8 to 12 hours, after which a green light appears, but be vary, if the battery shows a green light shortly after being plugged into charging, then it has not actually fully charged.

Let it charge for 8 more hours.

You need to see whether or not your charger is operating as it should or not, and you can do so by doing the following:

  • Check the voltage of the charger, and make sure it is according to the requirement of your scooter. Razor scooters use 24 and 36 volts chargers.
  • When you plug the charger into the wall outlet, a green light should appear
  • Plug the charging end to the scooter and check for a red light, which would indicate the start of charging

Is it possible to overcharge your Razor Scooter?

only buy genuine Razor certified batteries and parts.

The good thing about Razor batteries is, that they are made to prevent overcharging, which means you don’t have anything to worry about. These batteries are designed to ensure there is no overcharging, or overheating.

That is why it is recommended to only buy genuine Razor certified batteries and parts. Moreover, there is a possibility that third party parts and batteries can be faulty, and they can damage your scooter, because they were not designed to the specific requirements of the Razor scooter.

Should I charge my Razor Scooter while it is on, or off?

Like many gadgets and appliances, it is not a good idea to charge them while they are on, this applies to mobile phones too.

It is recommended to not charge your scooter while it is on, instead you should plan charges when you are not going to be using the scooter, like for example, over night. Charge the scooter only when it is off.

Do Razor Scooter batteries come charged, or do I need to charge them first?

The thing with electrical appliances is, when you buy them, they have little battery in them, enough for them to function a little. But that’s not the case with Razor Scooters, you need to fully charge the battery before you take it out for the first ride.

So, the short and simple answer is, no, the batteries don’t come charged and you will need to charge them first.

We have mentioned the method of charging and how to charge the scooter. If you want to check the status of battery charging, look at the color of the battery, if it is red, it means the battery is charging.

If it is solid green, it means the battery has fully charged. So, on an average, the batteries of Razor Scooters take up to 12 hours.


What is the battery timing of these scooters? How long do they last after a full charge?

The great thing about these scooters is the amazing battery life, and the endless fun that comes with it. On a full charge, the scooter can last for up to an hour, maybe even more than that.

The battery life and timing varies from model to model, like for example the Razor E Prime Electric Scooter gives you a ride for 40 minutes.

The top speed it can reach is 15 miles per hour and is recommended for teenagers that are 14 years or older. A person who weighs 176 pounds or less can ride this scooter safely.

On the other hand, the Power Core E100 Electric Scooter has a better battery which can last for up to an hour, and it has 50% better and more ride time than the E100. It can allow users with weights up to 120 pounds and is for kids aged 8 and above.

Now comes the Power Core 90 Electric Scooter, which gives rides for up to 70 minutes, and has 75% better battery life than other scooters. The top speed is 10 miles per hour.

How long does it take to charge the E100 Electric Razor Scooter?

One of our favorite things about the scooter, apart from its sleek and beautiful design, the aesthetic sense and the cool look, is the amazing battery life this scooter has.

All thanks to the specially designed batteries. These scooters can give rides for up to an hour, and are a cool and fun way to move here and there.

The Razor batteries take about 8 to 12 hours to charge, and the E100 scooter takes 12 hours to charge. The ideal time to charge would be overnight, when you don’t plan to use the scooter.

Apart from that, when you plug the charger into the scooter, you will see a stable red light, which would indicate the start of the charging process.

After the charging has completed, there will be a solid green light, which would mean that the charging is complete and you can safely remove the charger.

How long does it take for the E175 Razor Electric Scooter to charge fully?

The E175 Razor Electric Scooter is one of the best and coolest scooters on the market today.

Everyone wants one, and for good reason too, because it is an excellent buy and is value for money, something you just don’t find these days.

Charging these scooters is fairly simple and easy, and these scooters can last for up to an hour after full charges. The E175 takes about 12 hours to fully charge.

Remember not to charge the scooter when it is on, and plan charges for when the scooter will not be in use, like for example overnight.

If your battery is damaged or needs replacing, remember to buy Razor certified and approved batteries, because third party batteries can damage your scooter.

How To Charge Your Electric Razor Scooter 6 Steps Guide! (5)

Conclusion | How To Charge Your Electric Razor Scooter?

The upkeep and maintenance of your scooter is one of the easiest. Just make sure you go through the article and have read the do’s and don’ts of this scooter.

There are a number of scooters on the market, and you can choose whatever you like. The timings of these scooters are great too, with time lasting up to seventy minutes on a full charge.

These are the new and hip ways to move about and go to places, while you look absolutely cool. These are much wanted and hot sellers on the market, so if you want to get one, head over to the nearest store, because they will definitely run out if you’re too late!

Happy riding!

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