JD Bug Vs. Razor Scooter that will Help You Find

Owning a scooter has always been a sign of being cool.

We’ve all grown up zooming across the street and impressing other kids by showing off our scooters. The trend hasn’t died either; you’ll spot little kids in the neighborhood racing each other out on their scooties.

JD Bug and Razor might have caught your eye, and you probably looked up JD Bug vs. Razor scooter. If the kids have been whining for a long time about a scooter, but you’re stumped between choices, we’ll help you figure out the better one.

JD Bug brings you scooters suitable for all kids, and Razor Scooters isn’t holding back either, so scroll down for a thorough comparison between the two:

JD Bug Vs. Razor Scooter

Don’t take the topic lightly.

It might just be a scooter for you, but for the ones who’ll be lucky enough to get one, scooters are just about the most precious things.

Here is a detailed comparison between the JD Bug and the Razor Scooter:

Product Categories

With both JD Bug and Razor Scooter, you’ll find varying designs across models.

JD Bug Scooters

JD Bug Scooters

JD Bug offers scooters across three categories; Kidz, Street, and Xtreme.

  • The Kidz Scooter is designed to help kiddos under four steer safely.

With a safe and broad design, the Kidz scooter is the perfect choice for a beginner.

  • Street Scooters by JD bug are much more mature. For kids five and 5+ who believe they’re at the top of the world, Street Scooter boosts confidence.

Street scooters are designed with a longer stem and a sleek deck.

  • Xtreme scooters are for the brave darlings who dare to challenge the world and push its boundaries.

Xtreme scooters offer a frame that can adapt to dirt tracks and bumpy roads.

Razor Scooter

Razor Scooter

Razor takes scooters to another level; you’ll find scooters for toddlers, kick scooters, and electric scooters.

  • The Jr. Rides help your toddlers step out into the world and make it their own.

Jr. Rides have a broad deck with short handles, so learning to ride is easy, fun, and safe.

  • The Kick Scooters are for the cool kids on the block.

Kick scooters feature diverse designs to match each kid’s personality, so your children learn to love themselves.

  • Electric scooters are one of Razor’s most preferred products.

Electric scooters aren’t just for kids; they’re designed to handle the angst of teens and the maturity of adults.

JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter: Materials

JD Bug uses alloy/fork and steel for their Street scooters. Their Kidz scooter is built with an alloy frame and plastic deck.

Xtreme scooters are constructed with alloy/steel, with MS119T using Manganese steel.

Razor scooters for toddlers use an injected plastic frame and steel handlebars.

The kick scooters are mostly made of aluminum and steel, with the Carbon Lux Scooter using steel in its frame.

Electric scooters use Aluminum frames to keep the scooter lightweight.

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Design: JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter

JD Bug and Razor scooters feature ergonomic and comfortable designs that vary according to each model.

JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter: Toddlers

Generally, the TC11 JD Bug scooter for toddlers and the Junior razor scooter have a broad deck so kids can balance on the scooter.

Plastic decks are lightweight and safer for kids.

Razor scooters for toddlers use colorful graphics on their decks for appeal.

JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter: Kids

JD Bug’s Street scooters feature adjustable bars for ease and unique color combinations to attract the kids.

The Kick Scooters by Razor for kids aged 5-7 bring neutral color combinations which give a calm ambiance. The A+ Lightshow Kick Scooter comes with eye-catching, colorful LED lights.

Kick scooters for older kids have creative designs to suit your kids. The scooters use different deck sizes per model, so your child can find the perfect match.

Kick scooters by Razor also combine imaginative elements to create authentic designs.

The Flashback Kick Scooter is a fun, BMX-style scooter for adventurous kids.

JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter: Children and Adults

Xtreme by JD Bugs uses sleek designs and vibrant imprints that allow older kids to express who they are.

The deck is decorated with impressive graphics and joins the stem along a smooth curve.

Razor scooter takes it up a notch by featuring electric scooters for adults with various designs.

Some models are traditional with your classic straight deck and long stem, while others celebrate modernity by featuring upscale outlines and retro frames.


Each brand fixes the wheel according to the age it’s appealing.

For the youngsters, JD Bug uses PU-PP wheels and Alloy core/Resin core PU wheels for the heavier scooters.

PU-PP wheels increase durability and flexibility, while Alloy core/Resin core PU allows your kids to perform tricks safely.

Razor uses wide, slow-rolling wheels for safety for its Jr. Ride Scooters.

Kick scooters by Razor use urethane wheels for a firm grip and endurance, while electric scooters use variations of pneumatic wheels for easy travel.

Rider’s Weight Capacity

Here is an overview of the weight capacity when it comes to JD Bug vs. Razor Scooter:

JD Bug Vs. Razor Scooter

Which Brand Is Good?

“Is Razor scooter a good brand?” “Which is better, JD Bug or Razor scooters?” “Should I buy a JD Bug scooter or a Razor scooter?”

These are probably the questions running along your mind. To figure out which brand is the best for you, here is a quick comparison

JD Bug: Pros and Cons

The following benefits and drawbacks to the JD Bug will help you find the ideal scooter:


  • Friendly designs help kids open up to the world
  • Lightweight material makes it easy for kids to handle the scooter
  • Colorful graphics and a fun shape give the scooter a cool look
  • PU-PP wheels last longer and are more secure


  • Products are more oriented towards kids than adults and older riders
  • There is only one model for kids under the age of 4
  • Scooters weigh a minimum of 2.4 kg, which can be difficult for kids who are still relatively young

Razor Scooter: Pros and Cons

A quick overview of the pros and cons of Razor scooter is:


  • Designs are trendy, diverse, and can suit people of all ages
  • Razor is the only one among the two brands to offer scooters exclusively for adults
  • The design and materials vary according to age, maximizing protection; so concerned parents won’t have to worry about their toddlers getting hurt by the handlebars
  • Razor uses colorful combos, neutral shades, and dark themes across different models to give its scooters range


  • Razor scooters rely on the same shape for some of its models, which may be unappealing to some
  • Razor scooters can be costly, which drives away potential buyers
JD Bug Vs. Razor Scooter

Conclusion | JD Bug Vs. Razor Scooter

A careful read of the comparison above will tell you there’s no wrong choice between the JD Bug and Razor.

You have to buy the one that describes who your child (or you) is best.

JD Bug has a gentle and unique approach to scooters for kids and ensures that every kid gets to enjoy their ride.

Razor’s diverse models and scooters for adults tell you that there’s no age limit to the fun.

If you’re searching, “is Razor scooter a good brand?”; the answer is yes. Razor is an excellent brand that is known to please people.

But don’t underestimate JD Bug; JD Bug and Razor are equally great brands.

If you want to know which scooter brand suits you best, don’t look into which brand one-ups the other, but check which brand ticks all your boxes.

If you’re buying for toddlers who are still balancing on their feet, Razor scooters are the better option because they use wide wheels and broad decks, which make it easy for a kid to balance.

If the kids tend to be rowdy and naughty, JD Bug’s Street scooters are the best because they are built to handle ups and downs.

Similarly, Kick scooters by Razor have fascinating designs that attract friends, so if you’re buying for an introvert, they’re your best pick.

JD Bug’s Xtreme is for the tweens and the children who want to be independent and strong.

And if you’re buying a scooter for yourself, Razor’s scooters for adults prove that you don’t have to be a kid to have fun.

As you can see, you can get the scooter you need from whichever brand you think is the best for you.


What Ages Are JD Bug Scooters For?

JD Bug Scooters are recommended for kids aged 4-12. Kidz by JD Bug has only one scooter, the TC11, for kids under the age of 4. JD Bugs’ Street scooters are recommended for kids aged 5-8, whereas JD Bug’s Xtreme scooters are for kids aged eight and older.

Can You Overcharge a Razor Scooter?

If you’re getting an electric scooter by Razor, you might be worried about overcharging the battery.
After all, it can be easy to forget your scooter is on charge.
It is recommended that you charge your scooter for no longer than 24 hours, but if you accidentally leave it plugged in for longer, it won’t damage.
Razor scooters can handle a little extra power, but that doesn’t mean you overcharge it every time.

How Heavy Are JD Bug Scooters?

JD Bug Scooters are 2.7 to 4kg heavy.
The Kidz scooter is only 2.57kg heavy.
The Street scooters are 2.4 to 3 kg heavy, except for the MS185F, which weighs 4.27 kg.
Xtreme scooters weigh around 3.5 to 4kg.

How Fast Do Razor Scooters Go?

Electric scooters by Razor can go as fast as 10 mph to 18mph, depending on the model.

What Company Owns Razor Scooter?

Razor USA manufactures Razor scooters, but the Razor USA company was co-founded by the JD Corporation and Carlton Calvin.
The JD Corporation is the same company that founded JD Bug.

Can Adults Use Razor Scooters?

One of the few things that make Razor a favorite brand of many is its electric scooter for adults.
The electric scooters are built to easily carry an adult across each model’s radius and attract many customers.

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