Can A Baby Alive Doll Go In The Bath?

People who own baby alive dolls often find themselves pondering over the same question: could they wash their baby alive dolls? 

Truthfully speaking, it is natural to be hesitant in the beginning. But many models of baby alive dolls allow you to wash them properly. 

You can put them in a bathtub and scrub them. Shampoo the baby alive dolls, or clean them – they definitely love a nice, warm bath! 

How To Bath A Baby Doll

There will be times when you might feel your doll is not as clean as you want it to be.

In those times, it is best to give your doll a gentle bath.

Be wary of not submerging it underwater, though – most baby alive doll models are not suitable for that.

After purchasing it from the store, you can check for such details and what might be suitable for the doll on the manual you get with it.

Remove All The Clothes Off Your Doll

The first step in learning how to bathe a baby doll is realizing that you need to properly remove each item of clothing off your doll before letting it into the water.

It will create a mess if you do not do so and attempt to bathe it with the clothes on. 

The clothes will stick to the doll’s body, and you will have to wait for it to dry up eventually before using the doll again. 

Gently Let Your Doll Into The Water

This statement does not imply that you are letting your doll submerge underwater – it only refers to how you are supposed to place your doll when you let it into the water.

After you have successfully removed all clothing items from your doll, you might want to hold it and lay it down in the water with its face up. 

You will find your baby alive doll floating over the water – do not push it down to see what would happen, as submerging the doll could ruin it. 

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Grab Some Shampoo

This step is not absolutely essential in the process of bathing your doll, but it will add a lot of value to it.

Once you place your doll into the water, grab some scented soap or shampoo, put some of it into your palms, and apply it to the doll’s hair. 

You can, later on, wash the doll by placing it upright and rinsing it with water. 

Before putting on some shampoo and soap, though, make sure your doll’s hair is thoroughly wet.

You could also grab the doll with one hand and use the other hand to rinse buckets full of water over the doll. 

Do not use a lot of shampoo on your doll, though. You might also want to make sure it is thoroughly removed before you start drying your doll up. 

Clean Your Doll With Soap

As you get done with washing your doll’s hair, you might want to clean the rest of its body.

For that, use some soap.

After putting it onto your hands, gently lather it on the doll’s body. You might want to make sure that each part is covered with soap to clean your doll thoroughly.

For your ease, you could take out the doll from the water and apply soap onto it while holding it in both your hands. 

Look for spaces and areas where there is a likelihood you might miss out on applying soap, such as the space between the arms and chest, the doll’s feet, or the doll’s hands, too. 

After applying soap onto your doll’s body everywhere, you can gently put it back into the tub. 

As the doll sits in the bathtub, grab tiny buckets full of water and keep rinsing them over the doll so that all the soap is removed.

You will have to do it a couple of times before you will see it getting removed. You might also want to lightly rub your fingers against the doll to clean it thoroughly. 

Dry Up Your Doll

To dry your doll up, you should first take your doll out of the bathtub. The doll will be as happy as it can be after getting a sweet, warm bath! 

Then, use a towel to wrap it around your doll. When you get out of the bathroom as well, make sure you have turned on the fan so that the doll can dry up as soon as it can. 

Let it stay put with a fan on and a towel around it to speed up the process.

Put Some Clothes On

Now that your doll looks like you just got it from a store – fresh and new – it is time to adorn it with the most beautiful clothes. 

You can choose the cutest baby alive dolls’ costumes and find the perfect color for your doll before getting another one. 

If need be, you have the option of washing your doll’s clothes in a machine. Try to use a mild detergent that will not be too hard on your doll’s clothes. 

You might also want to make sure that you only use non-chlorine bleach to wash your doll’s clothes. You have the option of ironing them, too – make sure you do it gently with a slightly warm iron, though.  


Nobody had thought a time like this would come. When people got dolls that looked as real as babies, it was natural to take care of them.

That has happened because of how attached you got to baby alive dolls.

For that reason, asking how to bathe a baby doll is as genuine a question as one could ask. 

Cleaning, washing, rinsing, and scrubbing – these all are essential aspects of bathing your baby alive doll. 

Be gentle when you are taking care of a baby alive doll and bathing them, and make sure you do not submerge it underwater. 

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