About Us

TOYBOX Advisor is an online community platform offering high-quality product reviews and reports about the latest trends in the toy industry.

From time to time most of us (even if we don’t have children of our own) face the problem of choosing a proper toy for a kid. Do you want a toy to promote your baby’s motor coordination? Or are you in doubts about the size and color of the toy?

What to chose for a Christmas present or a birthday gift for your boy or girl? Will it be safe for your little one? Where can you buy it at the best price?

These and similar questions are vital for all parents. TOYBOX Advisor is here to help. Our reviews and tips cover many hot problems. We search the world for the best manufacturers of juvenile products to deliver the best results for you.

We also strive to facilitate your choice of exploring the current market offers to reveal the differences between similar products.

Our Values

Childhood is a time of wonder. Young children radiate curiosity that needs to be nurtured. Play can be a powerful way toward the development of your little ones in a way that is funny and natural for children. Play and study are intimately connected.

TOYBOX Advisor strongly believes that play is the foundation for all learning and development. It helps children gain fundamental skills that they will carry through school and into adulthood. That is why, we offer a forward-thinking, professional consultancy to help you get the right products in the right places.

Safety is another vital issue. Consider your child’s temperament, habits, and behavior whenever you buy a new toy. In addition, you must consider your child’s interests – you certainly don’t want to buy a toy your child isn’t going to play with.

The age levels for toys are determined not by intelligence, but by safety factors. Your 4-year-old toddler may like to play with a Lego Robot, but bear in mind the choking hazard! TOYBOX Advisor can help you see what others cannot – the current realities and future possibilities for your children.

We don’t accept sponsorship or offer reviews for advertising. So you can fully trust our unbiased advice. Our approach is a consultative one – all our reviews are open-ended.

We investigate consumer trends and market opportunities to list all pros and cons of the purchase. The final choice is with you!

How Do We Do It?

TOYBOX Advisor has brought together some of the best minds in the early childhood development and juvenile products industries. We combine consumer and retail data with industry expertise to guide you to the best possible choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every child an opportunity to play and develop safely. At the same time, we help parents find their way through a vast choice of juvenile products offers to keep an eye on families’ budgets.

We analyze the latest trends and shopping experiences to provide expert advice to all parents. Our team are personally involved in every process of choosing to buying.

We are open for your feedback and suggestions. Do not hesitate to send them via our contact form. Together we can make TOYBOX Advisor the best online platform embracing toy shopping experience.

Meet our Founder – Sarah Collins

About Us

Hi! I’m Sarah Collins. My kids are the main reason why I decided to start this website.

I’m the mother of two wonderful children. My oldest son John is 7 years old, and my daughter Jemma is a little seven-month-old girl. Having been a mother for the last 7 years, I’d like to share some useful tips with anyone who might be interested.

While in graduate school, I studied the importance of imaginative play on early childhood development.

Later I applied this research in pre-kindergarten classrooms where I worked.

I’m also President of Board of Strategic Planning for Children that researches and evaluates children’s social and emotional well-being. I am passionate about creating and enriching informational environments that provide access to information and expertise of best practices.

Ryan Cooper

About Us

I’m Ryan – TOYBOX Advisor’s expert in robotic toys, remote control vehicles, outdoor play, juvenile furniture and toys for boys.

Being father of 3 boys (the elder one is already 15), I realize now that toys can be magical, enchanting, educational, inspiring or … simply awful or even dangerous.

You don’t need to be expert in everything now if you are surrounded by people who have the wisdom of experience to share. I’d like to share my personal experience with you, warn you against some hidden dangers and give you toy selection tips.

Sydney Wilson

About Us

I’m a social media manager in TOYBOX Advisor. I am responsible for conceptualizing our values, creating captivating images and inspirational content.

I hold a degree in Sociology from St. Lawrence University.

My community work includes founding and developing Toy Library collection of 5,000 educational toys, resources, play learning spaces, and outreach programs. I love my job because it helps me pursue my passion for writing about children and supporting parents.

In addition to TOYBOX Adviser, I also freelance on topics pertaining to children’s health and parental care.