Best Barbie Christmas Gifts for Kids – The Ultimate Guide

Barbie is a classic. She’s held more jobs, had more hobbies, and traveled more places than just about any other doll in the world.

She’s every little girl’s dream, and now with her modern styling, she encourages little boys and girls everywhere to dream big and be everything they can be.

Christmas is coming, and I’ve got the ultimate list of Barbie gifts for this year. Each one offers magical play and helps your children imagine themselves in her shoes doing and accomplishing everything they put their minds to.

Let’s take a look and make sure your children’s Christmas is absolute magic.

Best Barbie Christmas Gifts for Kids

The Ultimate List of Barbie Gifts for Year 2021

Barbie DreamHouse Barbie DreamHouse
  • 3 stories, 8 rooms, 70+ accessories, 360 play
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Barbie DreamCamper Barbie DreamCamper
  • The rolling RV vehicle transforms into a campsite playset
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Barbie Ultimate Kitchen Barbie Ultimate Kitchen
  • The Ultimate Kitchen playset provides kids with all the ingredients they need to prepare delicious dishes
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Barbie Glam Convertible Barbie Glam Convertible
  • Two seat sparkly pink car, wheels really roll, realistic seat belts
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Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle
  • This ambulance vehicle instantly transforms into a hospital playset
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Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Blonde Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Blonde
  • a beautiful red gown, sophisticated accessories, blonde curls and blue eyes are perfect
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Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Brunette Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Brunette
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Barbie Fashionistas Doll Barbie Fashionistas Doll
  • The line has plenty of choices for the body type, hair color, skin color, even ability.
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Barbie Careers Doll Barbie Careers Doll
  • Kids can play out their dreams and “try on” different roles with Barbie Career dolls – doctor, teacher, veterinarian, chef, musician, president & many more
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Barbie Skipper Babysitters Dolls and Playset Barbie Skipper Babysitters Dolls and Playset
  • This playset allows your kids to be babysitters for a day
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Barbie Pizza Chef Doll and Playset, Blonde Barbie Pizza Chef Doll and Playset, Blonde
  • Barbie pizza chef doll is fun with a pizza shop play set, three colors of dough and accessories that let kids make their own pizzas
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Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets
  • Barbie can help her best friend deliver three adorable puppies in this fun playset.
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Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll
  • The Barbie Rainbow doll has a tail that reveals a surprise when activated by water
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1. Best Gear

Barbie’s environment is just as important as her style. Here’s what your child is probably already asking for and what could be the ultimate gift under the tree.

#1 Barbie Dream House

Barbie DreamHouse

Barbie’s dreamhouse this year is an impressive three floors complete with a slide and a pool. Children can play from all angles with the open floor design, and it features eight furnished rooms with decorative stickers. A working elevator rounds out the architecture.

It has interactive sounds designed to keep children engaged. It has a whistling tea kettle, a sizzling frying pan, working oven light and toilet flushing sounds.

A lot of the furniture is two in one for even easier play. The fridge morphs into an outdoor food stand, and the kitchen sink becomes a barbecue, for example. It’s a wonderful, engaging toy that children will play with for years.

#2 Dream Camper

Barbie DreamCamper

When Barbie isn’t at her house, she’s in her camper! This fun accessory features an expanding play space with a pool, beds, hammocks, and bathroom. The back holds a table and chairs and kitchen area that can become outdoor furniture.

Children can play from all sides, and when playtime is over, everything folds into the camper for secure storage. It rolls and has space to fit four different dolls (sold separately).

It comes with furnishings, including bedding and other furniture, plus some food accessories such as smores and a fire pit.

#3 Ultimate Kitchen

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

For cooking enthusiasts, the Ultimate Kitchen playset is an excellent gift. It has multiple food molds so that your child can create all kinds of cooking creation with play dough. It features real sounds to go along, so fries sound like they’re sizzling and dough really rises.

It comes with over 20 food-themed accessories so your cook can get started. Clean up is comfortable with smooth services, and children can play from all sizes with the open plan. It also includes storage in the fridge and place settings so dolls can eat your child’s wonderful creations.

#4 Glam Convertible

Barbie Glam Convertible

What Barbie wouldn’t love a pink car? Barbie’s iconic wheels get updated with this pink sparkle convertible with room for two dolls. It features rolling wheels and a navigation decoration that looks just like mommy’s car!

The surfaces are easy to clean, and the interior features real fabric plus seatbelts for realism. The wheels are modern and smooth, allowing your child to push the car from one destination to the next. It’s fun and a classic piece of Barbie gear.

#5 Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

Unfold this ambulance for a full playset designed to teach kids what happens in dispatch and emergency! It features multiple areas of play with a waiting room, exam room, and check in station. It’s fully decorated with engaging stickers and folds up for easy storage.

It features realistic lights and sirens plus interactive toys like a gift shop that appears behind the television. Smaller accessories include health tools like crutches, a stethoscope, and a medical bag, plus the exam chair. There are over 20 in total and all store neatly inside the ambulance.

2. Best Dolls

Barbie dolls themselves can help your child imagine what it would be like to be someone else and to try on different roles for the future. Here are some of my favorite lines of dolls to choose from.

#1 Barbie 2018 Holiday Dolls

Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Blonde
Barbie 2018 Holiday Doll, Brunette

The 2018 Holiday doll continues the Barbie holiday tradition with a beautiful red dress and formal accessories. The dolls come in the classic blonde or African American with a traditional afro style.

The dress is full and features multiple layers that call back the very first-ever holiday doll. A sparkling tiara and multilayered necklace give just the right amount luxe while a bracelet detail completes the look. Holiday Barbies are the ultimate collectible, and the package comes with the doll, stand, and certificate of authenticity.

#2 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls

Barbie Fashionistas Doll and Fashions

Barbie recently created a line of dolls designed to celebrate diversity, not just in hair or skin but also in body type. The line of Fashionista dolls is designed not for fantasy, but to allow each girl to find her mirror.

The line has plenty of choices for the body type, hair color, skin color, even ability. It features realistic outfits and fun accessories so that your child feels seen and included. Check out the entire line for dolls that look just like real women do.

#3 Barbie Career Dolls

Barbie Careers Doll

Barbie has had every career under the sun, including one of the most recent, “Computer Engineer Barbie.” She’s traveled the globe and done meaningful work everywhere she goes. No matter what your child wants to be when he or she grows up, there’s a Barbie that’s been there.

Career dolls often come with accessories that mimic the uniform and tools of the career. Doctors have coats and stethoscopes. Computer engineers have a computer. Even NASA got in on the action with an astronaut doll designed to travel the universe. Career dolls help your child imagine what the future will be like and walk in someone else’s shoes for a day. It’s a vital part of learning and play.

3. Best Playsets

To round out the list, Barbie playsets help deepen the imagination and help your child find interests and stay engaged. Plus, they’re great social toys for more than one child.

#1 Barbie Skipper Babysitters Dolls and Playsets

Barbie Skipper Babysitters Nursery Dolls and Playset

Skipper is a wonderfully responsible babysitter, and that’s evident in this line. You can find both boy and girl babysitters with playsets like bath time accessories, like a phone, notebook, and child’s toy.

The dolls wear clothes similar to what big brother or sister would wear and have a practical edge to them that babysitters would need. It allows your child to step into that role and explore what caretaking might mean.

#2 Barbie® Pizza Chef Doll and Playset

Barbie Pizza Chef Doll and Playset, Blonde

Who doesn’t love pizza! This specialty kitchen set includes the classic brick oven for baking crispy pies along with the playdough to create whatever pizza you might want. It has all the accessories to create pizza and comes with both a plate and a pizza box for takeout.

The conveyer belt slides the pizza along to create the dough, toppings, and cheese. Realistic check-out details allow your child to play the full scene. It comes with a Barbie wearing a pizza shop uniform and includes some storage for accessories.

#3 Barbie® Newborn Pups Doll & Pets

Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets

Barbie can help her best friend deliver three adorable puppies in this fun playset. Pushing on mama dog’s back helps her deliver babies. Once they’re delivered, you can splash them with cold water to open their eyes and reveal a sweet colored heart to tell you if it’s a boy or girl.

The delivery tray doubles as a pet bed. The set comes with a doll in cute shorts and a graphic tee with bendable legs to help deliver the puppies.

#4 Barbie® Rainbow Lights Mermaid™ Doll

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Our final set is a magical mermaid with colored lights and a color-changing tail. When you turn the mermaid tail to “on” water sensors detect when the tail is wet, triggering the light display as your child swims the doll through the water.

If you don’t have water available, your child can push a button on her necklace to bring the tail to life. The doll includes a fun tiara and pink-streaked hair. The toy makes bathtime fun and helps create hours of entertainment for your child.

Bring Barbie to Your Holiday Celebration

Whatever your child loves, there’s a Barbie that celebrates it. Barbie has so many experiences, and with both realistic and fantasy Barbies, your child should have no trouble finding something to play. The sets encourage social development and critical thinking skills while collecting Barbies can encourage sharing.

The doll line offers so much to collect and so many playsets to bring your child’s imagination to life. It’s hard to go wrong with the classics, and whether it’s the Dream House or a doll that looks just like your child, your Barbie gift is sure to be the biggest hit under the tree.

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