How to Make Soft Toys from Old Clothes

Stop! Please don’t throw away that old favorite jumpsuit, and don’t donate the dress your child wore on their first Christmas. There are ways to remake baby clothes.

All your favorite pre-owned baby clothes are used in cute crafts and crafts that will make long-lasting souvenirs for your family. Check out these nine cute crafts you can make from your child’s old clothes.

Stuffed animals

Do you know that you can make stuffed animals out of old clothes? Making soft toys from old clothes at home is not as difficult as you think.

All you need is a pattern, sewing skills, and padding. It’s easy to find patterns on the internet depending on what kind of toy you want to make.

Then gather supplies, including clothing, thread, scissors, sewing supplies, fillers, and additional decorative items to use, such as buttons or trims.

Follow the sewing instructions, and you are done. That’s it. We have beautiful soft toys to remember and new projects to show off.

Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake ‘Memory Bears’

Keep these precious memories forever.

Just because your child has grown out of clothes doesn’t mean you should throw them away! These are the best thing you can do after your child is older than a jumpsuit.

Artists and cunning mothers are turning these old baby clothes into teddy bears. Other parents will love this idea too!

These so-called “memory bears” are souvenirs that parents and children will keep for a long time. Besides bears, you can also experience other animals!

Memory Bears Made From Baby Clothes

Check out Etsy’s example of an artist transforming this little outfit into a cherished, creative bear that kids can hug.

This teddy bear from 4Monsters Merchandise is covered with a cute teddy bear face. We like how the artist embroidered the baby’s name and date of birth on the bear’s paw.

This handmade bear from CrazyLeggies is made out of a cupcake jumpsuit! so lovely

How about this cute stuffed toy stuffed bear covered in a beautiful blue and pink floral motif? We don’t have button eyes, so they make an excellent choice for toddlers who like to put everything in their mouths!

This product of MemoryBears2Treasure is made with various clothing patterns so that you can leave bright and cozy memories.

Remember we mentioned that baby clothes could also be transformed into other animals? Check out this plush elephant made from a sail-themed jumpsuit.

You’ll never know that he was once a jumpsuit! he is so cute.

This set from KourtneyKreations2008 includes a keepsake bear and pillow.

In general, it’s your responsibility to submit to the designer the clothes you want to use, but you don’t have to pay anyone else to make it a memorable bear.

How To DIY

If you have the sewing skills, you can buy patterns and instructions on Etsy for $3.99.

Sherri Sopochi, with many years of experience creating patterns and creating memory bears, advises:

Sopochi says the splicing helps prevent the jumpsuit fabric from bending. She also shared the following advice:

  • If you’re new to sewing, don’t forget to cut the two opposite pieces (one for each half of the bear) when using the pattern to cut the pieces.
  • Instead of adding padding to individual parts of the jumpsuit, try padding and ironing the entire jumpsuit before cutting (a huge time saver).

And you can always use other work clothes, hospital blankets, or two-piece pajama sets instead of jumpsuits.

You can even turn this special outfit into a pillow. Check out these patterns and guides shared by other seamstresses.teddy bear 5 pillow

For something extraordinary, parents often make commemorative bears out of the clothes Little Bundles of Joy wore when they checked out of the hospital.

We can only imagine we’ll never be buried in the attic!

Baby headbands

When using older children’s clothing, use a smaller piece of fabric and an elastic band that may be on your child’s old clothing to make the perfect baby headband for photos and everyday wear.

This project is straightforward and involves a little fabric glue. You may need to pull a needle and thread to add buttons or other embellishments; otherwise, you’re done.

Baby clothes quilts 

Are you an experienced quilter? Do you have anyone in your family? Then use all of these old baby clothes to make a beautiful souvenir blanket.

If you’re still learning quilting rope, it’s also an excellent opportunity to learn valuable skills from other family members.

If you’re not ready to make baby clothes patchwork quilts, you can also order baby clothes patchwork quilts from several vendors.

All you need to do is pack and send them your clothes, and they will return the finished patchwork duvet.

Wall art

It is a craft only for items you never want to give up. Think of things like the clothes your child wore when they returned home from the hospital or the clothes they wore at baptism.

The eyeshadow box for baby clothes is a simple DIY project that requires minimal materials. It can quickly be completed in an hour or two.

Hang up some new wall art in your nursery, and you’re done.

Doll clothes 

If you have a child who likes American Girl dolls (or similar), you already know how expensive, such doll clothes are. Thirty dollars? Doll shirt? It can build up quickly.

Fortunately, with a bit of stitching, you can turn your child’s old clothes into doll clothes.

Christmas ornaments 

You can turn your child’s old clothes into Christmas tree decorations for a small holiday project.

You can make dozens of these little trinkets with scissors, sewing tools, cloth glue, and some thread.

They look great on a traditional Christmas tree, but they’ll also love it as a festive nursery decoration.

A keepsake pillow

If you don’t have enough extra baby clothes to make the perfect patchwork duvet, you can try a souvenir pillow that goes well with any baby chair.

A simple pillow is a quick and easy DIY project if you already know how to sew, but otherwise, a pillow is a beginner project.

You can make a simple pillowcase or add a touch of style with additional decorations such as trimmings and ribbons.

New accessories 

Of course, your baby may no longer fit this jumpsuit, but it will fit in a cute baby beanie you can make out of jumpsuit fabric. A baseball cap may undoubtedly seem like a more difficult DIY task, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. All you need is a pattern, old clothes, interface (aka something challenging to make hat bills), and sewing materials.

Get crafting with easy projects that will use all those old baby clothes.

If you’re addicted to overgrown baby clothes or are about to be, feel free to challenge yourself with one of 9 projects to create a new souvenir, toy, or accessory, and be sure to love to enjoy the making!

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