Gotrax vs Razor Electric Scooter that Will Help You Choose

Buying your child’s first scooter and sandwiched between gotrax vs. razor electric scooter debate?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

Electric scooters are the most inexpensive and sustainable way of adding fun to a child’s life. Unlike push scooters that require significant effort from your end, electric scooters run on a battery and motor.

Primarily, it is safe and serves as an excellent outdoor activity for children who otherwise spend most of their time on Tv or mobile screens.

Razor started the electric scooter craze in the 90s and introduced the world to the scooter life. Gradually, Gotrax followed the steps and made its mark in the industry.

The competition is high, and the budget is fixed. Whose side do we pick?

 Let’s find out together!

Gotrax vs. Razor Electric Scooter: What makes both better?

Razor Electric Scooters have been insanely popular among children and adults for the longest time. Since 2000, the company has amazed the world with its exciting and innovative scooters.

 They are suitable for people on a tight budget. And once you spend money on it, your kids will efficiently operate it without difficulties. It isn’t high-maintenance, which makes it even better to use in the long run.

 Razor Electric Scooters run on batteries. They don’t exhaust fumes, which makes them environment friendly.

The small size and lightweight are additional features that make these scooters convenient and easy to carry around. Children can take these scooters to the nearby park. If you’re going on a holiday, you can fold some models and place them in the car’s trunk.

Like Razor, Gotrax is -among the most budget-friendly electric scooter brands. It adds tremendous value to your money. Your child can enjoy rides and scoot around the streets with swag within a limited budget.

They are manufactured with high-quality material and ensure reliability. Razor and Gotrax have their special edition of scooters for kids and adults.

They are manufactured, keeping safety concerns in mind. There is an array of ranges to choose from. You can order your favorite scooter in any color, size, or shape with a single click.

Recommended Electric Scooters for Kids

Razor Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter


Razor Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter

Razor Sweet Pea Scooter, made with alloy steel, is designed for riders aged eight or more. It has an 8-inch wheel with a  front brake.   A 100-watt motor powers it,and you can drive it at a  maximum speed of 16 km/h.    

Its all-steel frame makes it around 13.05 kgs. A kid can drive it around ruggedly without any worries.   Its particular pneumatic tire is designed to facilitate smooth rides on rough surfaces.      It has a  total run time of 40 minutes.   It has a 90-Day warranty.

GoTrax GKS Plus

GoTrax GKS Plus

GoTrax GKS Plus

The famous Gotrax GKS plus is well-known for its glowing light. It has two wheels, 6 inches each. The scooter is made of Aluminum   The glowing light of the scooter adds more to its physical outlook. It is easy and fun to ride.

It weighs around 17.5 pounds.   It is powered by a 150 W motor and accelerates up to 7.5 mph.   Its unique gravity sensor technology makes it safe and easy to control.

Children are safe because of its soft silicone hand grips and deck pad.     It comes with a 30-Day money back warranty.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter 

Razor E200 Electric Scooter 

Razor E200 Electric Scooter 

It’s the finest electric scooter in the entire collection. It offers a perfect blend of durability and performance without compromising on quality.   It is made with alloy steel with a rear hand brake that makes it ideal for children above the age of 13 with a maximum weight of 154 pounds.  

It is powered by a 200W chain-driven motor with an additional 24V lead acid battery.   The scooter has a range of 8 miles with an average speed of 12 miles per hour. Children can scoot around for about 40 minutes.    

This scooter is only suitable for flat areas. And it can’t handle weight beyond a certain weight, so be cautious about that.

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Gotrax GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter

Gotrax GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter

Gotrax GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter

The famous GKS Lumios electric scooter is a sight for sore eyes. It is the number one preference of children and parents.   It has an aluminum frame that makes it easier to carry around. Its neon LED wheels make it stand out among all electric scooters.  

It is powered by a 150 W motor that helps reach a maximum safe speed of 7.5 mph.    This 9kg scooter takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge. So, if your kid runs out of battery, they must wait some time.    

The scooter is specifically designed for children aging 6-12 years old with a  maximum weight of 154 lbs.   You can easily install this scooter by cracking a few screws; your child is good to go. If your child is riding an electric scooter for the first time, be there for supervision.

 Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

 Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

 Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

With a unique, innovative power core technology, the Razor Power Core Electric Scooter is made with Polyurethane.   Without requiring any maintenance, it is powered by an 85-watt motor that helps in smooth acceleration of 16 km/h.  

Compared to most electric scooters, this model has a run-time of 80 minutes. You can recharge its 12V sealed lead-acid battery  Riders enjoy a safe, stable ride due to its rear-wheel drive. Even though the tires are made of solid rubber, you won’t have to fill them with air EVER!

Gotrax GKS PRO

Gotrax GKS PRO

Gotrax GKS PRO

The GKS PRO Electric Scooter is one of a kind. It’s a fun scooter for children aged 8-12.   Its gravity sensor technology makes it safe for kids to ride, providing a comfortable riding experience.  

It is powered by a 150 Watt 6″ Motor that helps in speeding up to 9 mph.   It comes with no hassle as it is easily installed without additional cables.   GKS Pro is popular among the masses for its simple yet beautiful design that looks amazing on the roads.  

Young boys and girls brag about its unique lightweight shell and comfortable platform. Some might even use it for going to school.   Once its battery is down, it would take 5 hours to charge.

Electric Scooter FAQs

Which Gotrax Scooter Has More Pickup?

 The GKS Plus scooter has more pickup than the standard GKS scooter.

What Is The Price Range For The Gotrax Scooter?

Gotrax electric scooter has a starting price of $99.99. If you need a better-looking scooter with additional features like GKS Luminous, it would be $40 expensive. GKS Plus is the most expensive Gotrax scooter sold at $230.

How To Test An Electric Scooter?

Children can test a scooter better than adults. Let children between the age of 7 and 10 try the scooters and let them have fun.
But this must be done under adult supervision, wearing a safety helmet and pads. Children will eventually give an honest impression of the scooter.

How To Choose An Electric Scooter For My Kid?

Before choosing an electric scooter for your kid, you have to consider three factors. Their weight, age, and budget matter a lot. Most scooters have a weight limit of 120 pounds.
Children less than eight years old can’t run a  scooter. The budget is all onto you. If your child is using the scooter to go to school, check the maximum distance limit of the electric scooter.

Do Electric Scooters Have BlueTooth Connectivity?

Yes. Razor Sonia Glow is among the famous scooters that have a BlueTooth connection. It helps with security.

Why Are Razor Electric Scooters Popular?

Razor electric scooters are known for their distinct shapes and robust motor. Some models have large batteries that allow covering large distances with high speed.

Can Adults Ride Razor Electric Scooters?

Razor has an entire range of scooters specifically designed for adults. They are powerful and large enough to cater weight and size of adults. 
Gotrax  vs  Razor Electric Scooter

Conclusion | Gotrax vs Razor Electric Scooter

No matter which electric scooter you will use, you must follow basic safety rules. Ideally, children under the age of 8 should not ride electric scooters. And above that, everyone should wear helmets with a chin strap and elbow and knee pads.

Electric scooters aren’t just a great outdoor activity for children; they also become an ideal present for kids above the age of 8.

You can choose any electric scooter as per your liking. However, Razor Electric Scooters have a wider range of scooters compared to Gotrax. But, if you are bringing budget-specific, gotrax is a better and safe option.

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