How Do You Make Reborn Food?

Did you know you can’t feed reborn babies real baby food? I’m assuming you aren’t aware because most people don’t even know if they are meant to feed reborn babies. 

In any case, there is a certain procedure and ingredients list to follow in order to feed your reborn baby. Feeding real baby food to a reborn baby can ruin the doll by either making it smell or lose its shape. 

If you are unsure about how to feed your reborn baby, here is everything you need to know!

Should You Feed Your Reborn Baby Doll?

Yes, reborn baby dolls can be fed. Since reborn baby dolls are meant to depict real babies, you can do everything with them that you’d want do with a real baby. That includes cleaning, washing, and even feeding. 

In fact, the reborn baby doll will feel more natural if you feed it, so I would recommend you do that. Unless you got it for your child. Even then, you can feed the doll to make it seem relatable for your child. 

As for what to feed a reborn baby doll, you can find reborn food on online stores. However, that can be expensive and might be out of your budget. As a result, I have something better for you: homemade reborn baby food. It is extremely simple and saves a lot of money as well.

How do you make reborn food at home?

Reborn babies can only eat reborn food that is specifically made for them. Here’s a list of steps that you need to follow to make reborn food:

Step One:

The first thing you need to get is an inexpensive or used baby bottle. You can easily find one for cheap at a dollar or thrift store. If you know someone who has babies, they might have an old one to spare, so maybe ask them. 

Step Two:

Next, you have to fill the baby bottle with water. If you want to make it seem like the baby has already been drinking, fill it to line 2. If you want to make it seems like the food is freshly made, fill it to line 4. 

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Step Three:

Take any white lotion lying around in the house and add three to four tablespoons to the water. Mix thoroughly well, so it all looks smooth without any prominent lumps. 

Step Four:

Take colored vanilla extract or food color and add it to the mixture. You can use a q-tip to efficiently add the drops. Make sure you don’t add too much or too less. Mix it thoroughly again, so everything settles down.

Step Five: 

Seal the bottle securely with the lid and shake it like you shake the bottle for real babies. It’s all set and ready to be fed to your hungry reborn baby!

How long does the fake baby food last?

Fake baby food is not real food, just like the baby itself. As a result, you don’t really have to worry about the food going bad. However, that does not mean it will last forever. 

Reborn food is made to look like real food. Most people won’t be able to tell if its real food or not. As a result, it has ingredients that can go bad. If you are getting readymade fake baby food, it will have an expiry date. 

In most cases, manufacturers provide a list containing precautions, which mainly include keeping the food away from sunlight. Moreover, you also have to keep it packed unless your reborn baby is hungry. Otherwise, it can react with air and go bad, just like real food.  

Can baby reborn dolls eat proper baby food?

Again, feeding proper baby food to a reborn baby is never a good idea. Real baby food is meant to be digested, which reborn babies can’t do. As a result, if you feed proper baby food to reborn baby dolls, it will eventually make the doll smell. 

Moreover, it can also disorient the shape of the baby doll since it’s a mold of synthetic materials. In fact, some reborn baby dolls aren’t meant to be fed at all. Manufacturers have clearly mentioned on the packaging what to feed and what not to. 

For instance, some baby dolls can eat reborn baby food while others can only consume water. As a result, once you know what’s suitable for your reborn baby doll, feed it water or solids accordingly. And only stick to reborn baby food or water. Experimenting with anything else, especially real food, will simply ruin the doll. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a reborn baby doll need?

Reborn babies are designed to represent a real depiction of real babies. As a result, they have several needs, which include:

  • Reborn babies should be treated as if they are real babies. You have to cater to all their needs and be gentle with them. In fact, be extra careful with them, just like you are with real babies. 
  • You should keep your reborn baby away from direct sunlight. You aren’t even supposed to keep them in excessively warm areas for longer as heat can spoil the material and their complexion. Moreover, the smooth baby-like finish of the reborn doll is also prone to damage from heat and direct sunlight. 
  • Keep the reborn baby away from any object that can leave permanent or temporary marks on them. Don’t bring them near such objects; otherwise, you risk damaging the outermost layer of the reborn baby doll permanently. 
  • Pets and children can damage reborn baby dolls, so that is another caution you need to take. Make an effort to keep them away from harm, especially from children and pets. 
  • Also, a word of caution for anyone who has metal implants such as heart pacemakers, or hearing aids, stay away from reborn baby dolls. These dolls have magnetic parts in them, which can disrupt the function of your metal implant. If you don’t have metal implants yourself, but people around you do, make sure to avoid bringing the doll near them. 

How do you seal a bottle for your reborn?

You can seal a bottle for your reborn baby just like you seal it for a real baby. This is because reborn babies are fed with the same bottles made for real babies.
As a result, there is nothing new you have to do. Simply put the lid on once all the ingredients are in. Close the lid shut and shake the bottle. 

What are those fake babies called?

Fake babies are famously known as reborn dolls or silicone babies. Some people also refer to them as lifelike dolls, given how realistically close to real babies they are. 

Can you treat a reborn doll like a real baby?

Reborn babies started gaining popularity in the 1990s when they were introduced as an alternative for people who can’t have real babies, don’t want one, or lost one.
As a result, reborn baby dolls were meant to replace a real baby. Therefore, they are designed to be treated like real babies. 

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