Do Reborn Baby Dolls Have Private Parts?

Everything about the reborn baby dolls is one big question mark. For many people, the concept itself is indigestible. For others, it’s a hobby, an avenue to express motherly love, and an opportunity to teach children about the human anatomy at an early age.

We’ll come to the polar views later on but let’s address the question above- do they have private parts?

Initially, they did not have private parts. The reborn babies can with cotton in the penile and vaginal area. However, in the pursuit of perfection, the babies now come with a penis and a vaginal opening. 

This isn’t a standard and depends upon the maker of this product. 

If you are looking to purchase a reborn baby doll and private parts are a concern for you, then check what you purchase. Sometimes, it appears as a surprise to those who buy the product. 

The point here is that these babies are becoming as ‘real’ as the real ones. If you see one lying around on a couch somewhere, you can easily confuse it for an actual baby. 

And the manufacturers are working hard to make it as realistic as they can. These dummies can already breathe, produce sounds, and get a fever, pee, and poo. It’s almost as if one day they’ll just get up and walk and grow tall and eventually become adults!

Let’s discuss this in detail under another heading; for now, let’s move ahead.

Can You Use Baby Wipes On A Reborn Doll?

Yes, these dummy babies come in with a mechanism that lets them pee and poo. Thus, you can surely use baby wipes on them.

As many claims, these babies are designed to help people emotionally and to teach kids about human anatomy. So it’s only natural that these dolls do their natural excretion business so that people can connect them to reality as much as possible.

Plus, it can also help parents show their young ones how to wash their bums and penile areas once they relieve their waste.

The babies are made with silicone, so wipes will not damage their structure in any way.

What is the point of anatomically correct dolls?

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Have Private Parts (6)

What is the point? Are the human babies not sufficient?

Do the people want to stay in their ‘motherhood’ phase always and not watch their little ones grow?

Well, the answer that justifies the point of such lifelike dummies can’t ever be a straight one. But it seems that the only understandable point for this product is to help women feel an emotional connection with a ‘baby’ they can’t have. 

A lot of women use these to overcome sad causes that prevent them from having a child, like infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. Some also use it to overcome depression and anxiety.

These babies give some sense of purpose to women who are going through rough times. And even though the purpose is false, it doesn’t temporarily help them to be ‘happy.’ 

But people say that there are other reasons as well. One thing is a hobby. That seems absurd. While we aren’t here to comment on people’s hobbies, it really does make you question as to what’s the point of having dummy babies on your bed, lap, living room, or in your life.

Some people also say that it helps them teach about human anatomy to their young ones. This may be valid to some sort, but many people have derisive views about these dolls having sexual parts. So, this one isn’t a convincing point since children will eventually learn about the human body; there’s no other way about it.

We aren’t here to dismiss the reborn baby trend as something insipid, but other than the first point, nothing else makes much sense. Especially when you imagine the horrors that these babies can cause, which we shall discuss in the last part of the article.

Do children like to get a reborn baby doll as a gift?

Well, it’s hard to say because children can like or hate just about anything. 

So yeah, some children like these dolls as gifts and some don’t. Just like a plain doll that ain’t as lifelike as a reborn one. 

Are children fond of these gifts? That’s something that hasn’t been really answered yet. But it seems that they aren’t because eventually, they grow out of their likeness for these dolls.

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What are some positives and negatives about collecting reborn dolls?


Let’s discuss the positives first; a few women can find comfort with these dolls. This can be a coping mechanism to help them sail through the rough times. Although what mental troubles these products can cause in the long run is still a question to debate.

Moreover, studies have shown that these dummy dolls that look like human babies can reduce depression and anxiety, primarily in women. 

Other than that, there seems no need for such lifelike dolls. Even the plus points that this product has is for a really narrowed niche. But the negatives are many. 


Firstly, it can give rise to pedophilia. Many people see no point in adults playing with these dolls.

They even say that this behavior indicates a sick mentality.

Second, these dolls can be super creepy for those who are outside of the ‘appreciation community’ of these dummy dolls. Imagine walking into a human baby that looks and feels like a real one but gives you a horrible look with its dead eyes. 

Thirdly, it takes people away from reality. Whatever emotions and feelings we have to need to be processed without straying away from reality. People just think of short-term get away from the negative internal states, but the long-term repercussions may not be pleasant for everyone.

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Have Private Parts?

Conclusive Thoughts

While sure there’s a market for these dolls, their existence in our lives raises a lot of questions. On the face of it, these products aren’t really necessary and carry more harm than good. 

It’s just like a drug that helps you initially, but as you develop a deeper involvement with it, it gets harder for you to bounce back. 

With that said, the trend isn’t widespread enough to conclusively derive the mass impact of these reborn babies. It’s just ifs and buts and shots in the dark!

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