Why Is the LEGO Creationary So Expensive?

Everyone loves playing with LEGOs – whether you are an adult or a child. They have different board games as well, such as the LEGO creationary. How well is the LEGO creationary doing, though? And why is it so expensive? 

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The LEGO Creationary – An Overview

The LEGO Creationary is a three to eight-player game. It almost takes about an hour to get through a single match, and the game is pretty similar to Pictionary as well. 

The way you play the game is simple. You need to build something using the LEGO bricks, and if someone else correctly guesses that, you win a point. 

Similarly, the person who guesses what the other person is building also gets the point.

Why are LEGOs so expensive?

Before delving into why the LEGO creationary board game is so costly, let’s discover different reasons why LEGOs are so expensive themselves. 

Made with precision 

Despite mainly being a children’s toy, LEGOs are not cheap at all. They are made with sophistication and precise detail. 

Each mold within LEGOs is accurate and narrower than the width of a single human hair. 

The bricks of LEGOs are equally unique as well. Each LEGO appears to have three numbers that primarily exhibit what type of mold was used to produce it and the mold’s position as well. 

The production process is so smooth and flawless that in a million bricks of LEGOs, only eighteen are rejected for not meeting the company’s standards! 

For this reason, you need not get another LEGO set again!

If you lose a LEGO brick, you only need to look for the particular brick you lose – not get another LEGO set.

These LEGO sets, though expensive, are so durable that if you are bringing a set for your child right now, your grandchildren might be playing with it as well! 

The Size of LEGOs

Why Is the LEGO Creationary So Expensive?

The price you pay for getting a LEGO set also depends on the number of pieces within a LEGO set. It also has a lot to do with how rare a LEGO set you are getting. 

For example, if you are getting a LEGO set that has more bricks within it, the chances are that it might be slightly more expensive.

Similarly, if you get a LEGO set based on different themes, the LEGO set will be more expensive. The Taj Mahal Leg set costs hundreds of dollars because of how unique and rare it is. 

The LEGO death star costs about five hundred dollars as well. 

Choice Of Material

There is a reason why LEGO bricks are so durable: they are made with excellent quality material. 

LEGOs make use of thermoplastic – one of the most long-lasting and resistant plastics. 

The plastic that LEGOs are made of is called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is dependent on petroleum. 

As a result, whenever there is a hike in petroleum prices, the price of this particular plastic experiences fluctuations as well. 

That is why your foot hurts so much when you step on a LEGO brick. 

The raw materials used in the manufacturing of LEGOs also allow them to withstand harsh conditions in the assembling process. Despite that, LEGOs do not lose their practicality. 

That is how strong they are. 

The material that they are made of also makes it easier to clean them. 

Promotion Of Brand

LEGOs are not just toys that your child will play with for a few hours and then get bored.

They allow your child to be creative and do whatever they want to do with their LEGO bricks.

Their entire marketing strategy is also built on making you think that LEGOs offer you an experience that is so positive and fun, you might never want to miss out on it. 

That is why they can keep your child entertained for hours on end – a few adults as well. 

You could ask any adult who is a fan of LEGOs. They might have a story to tell of what their experience was like playing with LEGOs for the first time! 

Licensing Fee

The LEGO brand has successful collaborations with popular renowned brands.

Their first collaboration was with The Star Wars around 1979, making it LEGO’s first official licensed theme. 

LEGO also collaborates with famous brands such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Winnie the Pooh, and Marvel.

It comes at the price of a high licensing fee, though. 

Even though the consumer pays a small portion of the licensing fee, a large part of the high cost stems from the number of pieces in a set. 

Why Is the LEGO Creationary So Expensive?

Why Is It So Expensive?

Given the qualities of LEGOS that we discussed earlier, it is no surprise that LEGO creationary is so expensive. 

As it is a board game, it uses a rolling die and different cards as well. 

The LEGO bricks within it are also slightly higher than the quantity of LEGO bricks in a regular set, making it more expensive than other LEGO sets. 

The game consists of three hundred and forty-one LEGO bricks. As a result, the LEGO creationary gets to have more LEGO pieces than other LEGO kits. 

Due to the higher quantity of LEGOs, the LEGO creationary is more expensive as it has the same number of LEGOs as that of a mid-range LEGO building kit. 

Besides that, the game can now easily be considered an item worth collecting, as it came out in 2009. It also has various cards to make the game more interesting, making it a tabletop game. 

That might be a reason for its high price as well. 


LEGOs – tiny bricks of plastic that children, as well as adults, love to play with. 

Given the reasons that make LEGOS so expensive – high-quality inputs, brand building, and licensing fees – to name a few, it is no surprise that the LEGO creationary is equally expensive as well. 

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