A comparison of Razor A5 vs A6. Which one is best for you?

A comparison of Razor A5 vs A6

Your children have scooters, and they zoom down the sidewalk with the neighborhood kids, laughing and having a great time. They loved getting scooters, and you were officially the coolest adult on the block, but as they ride away, you can’t help wishing you had one of your own.

Good news! Razor makes scooters that can handle many adult riders and older kids as well. Two classic kick scooter designs feature larger decks for adults and a more substantial weight limit. Let’s break down the two designs to see which one’s right for you. You’ll be showing off your scooter tricks in no time.

Razor A5 LUXRazor A5 LUX
  • For riders up to 220 pounds
  • 8+
  • Extra-large, urethane wheels
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Razor A5 AirRazor A5 Air
  • Pneumatic 8″ wheels with 60 PSI
  • Extra-long 13.4″ riding deck
  • No assembly required
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Razor A5 Prime PremiumRazor A5 Prime Premium
  • For riders up to 220 pounds
  • 8+
  • Extra-large and wide kickboard
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	Razor A6Razor A6
  • For taller riders up to 220 pounds
  • 8+
  • Height of 42” (1067 mm), and extra-long 134” (340 mm) deck
  • Spoked, ultra-large 10” (254 mm) urethane wheels
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A5 and A6: What’s the Difference?

Both the A5 and the A6 are rated for ages 8 and up but they can accommodate weights up to 220 pounds. They’re both old school kick scooters and have extendable handlebars to customize for different heights. Let’s look at a few different features to help tell them apart.

Design and Materials

Both scooters use anodized aluminum for the frames, keeping them lightweight but still very sturdy. The handlebars adjust and come with padded foam grips to help with hand positioning and comfort for the ride.

The deck size is a bit larger on the A5 Lux, giving adults more space to get proper foot positioning. The A6 is streamlined, but if you have larger feet, you may need to be careful if you switch feet while riding. The frame is foldable for secure storage.

Razor A5 vs A6 Desk
Razor A5 air vs A6 Desk

The A6 also has an anti-rattle design to help smooth out the ride. The deck is slightly lower to the ground to help keep the ride balanced and more stable. The handle is less prone to rattling as well because of the design.

The kickstands aren’t much help on either model, and if you have the tools to remove them, we probably would. Leaving it on for your kids could help them to be more responsible with their kick scooters in general. However, if it’s for yourself, you may not need the kickstand and find that it gets in the way.

The A5 comes in a few different models including the A5 Lux, the A5 Air, and the Razor A5 Prime. The A6 is the only one in that line, but they’ve packed it with lots of features.


Razor A5 vs A6 Wheels
Razor A5 air vs A6 Wheels

Both sets of wheels are urethane, which is much more durable than plastic. They provide a lot of ride per kick, so you’ll go further, faster. They aren’t as comfortable as air-filled tires, but they’re more durable and won’t go flat.

The larger sized A6 (10-inch) tires can handle more obstacles and provide a smoother ride overall than the A5 (7.9 inches). However, some users have noticed that their wheels weren’t completely round on the A6, causing some minor bumps along the way.

Overall, urethane is an excellent mix of durability and comfort. They’re heavier and offer a lot of kick but won’t rattle around as much as plastic. Air-filled tires are very comfortable, but urethane provides a more efficient ride.


Both have rear-fender brakes that you engage by stepping back slightly on the fender. This action slows down your ride and helps the scooter come to a smooth stop. It’s not going to control your speed as precisely as hand brakes, but the rear brake is sufficient.

Choosing an A5 or an A6

Both scooters are excellent for older kids and adults. Their construction is a wonderful, old school design that will get you from place to place without rattling your skeleton to pieces.

Razor A5 LUX

A5 Pros:

  • larger deck for bigger feet
  • easily foldable
  • good wheel grip

A5 Cons:

  • rattles a bit more in the handle than the A6
  • not quite as smooth a ride
Razor A6

A6 Pros:

  • streamlined deck for a faster ride
  • doesn’t rattle in the handle nearly as much as A6
  • bigger wheels for a smoother ride

A6 Cons:

  • the deck is not as large
  • the kickstand doesn’t work very well

Get Outside with Razor

Scooters are excellent ways to get outside and moving. Whether it’s for you or your older kid, both A5 and A6 models are suitable for larger riders and offer a smooth ride. They’re durable and fold up for secure storage.

We’d get the A5 if you or your child have larger feet and need more room. On the other hand, we’d recommend the A6 if you go over rougher ground because of the anti-rattle frame and the larger wheels.

Riding a scooter provides the chance to practice critical motor skills and helps everyone get more exercise and more outside air. It’s a great option if you don’t have the space for bicycles and you need more stability than skateboards. You’ll be zooming around in no time.

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  1. Thank you for the in-depth review! I’m planning to buy my first kick-scooter, but the pavement in my area is mostly brick, so I think I’ll side with the comfort over speed : )

  2. any advice for the mom of a 7 year old? Her older sister is tall at 11 so we are getting her an A6. we want to upgrade for our 7 year also, but everything we see is rated for ages 8 and up. will it really be too much for her to handle?


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