Why Put Diapers On A Reborn Doll? (Cloth vs. Disposables)

Reborn dolls are becoming as natural as newborn babies, but why put diapers on a reborn doll? Yes, you know what, everything happens for a reason.

The reborn doll obsession knows no bounds. People have been excitedly buying clothes and accessories for them. Makers have followed the track and designed babies with freckles and specific private parts in various skin tones. So, now you can buy gender-specific reborn dolls too.

Why Put Diapers On A Reborn Doll? There’s reborn doll food available in the market, and so many fascinating things are yet to hit the market. But when it comes to diapers, people think they may not be needed.

But is it? Let’s find out.

Why put diapers on a reborn doll?

New parents get to learn baby basics by handling reborn dolls.

Before we answer the question of why put diapers on a reborn doll, let’s focus on the purpose of a reborn doll.

People buy reborn dolls for multi-purposes. Some women want to relive motherhood and fill the void in their life with these dolls. They help fill the void in the life of those parents who go through infertility, miscarriage, depression, and anxiety.

New parents get to learn baby basics by handling reborn dolls. These dolls are perfect for learning parenting basics. Children love to have these dolls in their collection because they look natural.

Playing with them proves beneficial to learning self-development and preparing for another sibling. But most importantly, reborn dolls are known to bring joy and comfort in life.

If you have a reborn doll, it becomes necessary to treat it like an actual baby. You can put on a diaper on a reborn doll to learn how to change diapers and feel that this doll is an infant.

But this is not it!

You’d need to change diapers because your reborn doll might be peeing in reality. Yes! You read that right.

Makers are coming up with reborn dolls that excrete poo and pee. Well, of course, it isn’t real. You won’t have to scrunch your nose and feel yucky about it. Usually, the doll’s food or water in their stomach comes out via the private parts.

It’s beneficial because it helps new parents, even aspiring nannies, learn how to change and put on diapers. It is an excellent addition to the naturalness of reborn dolls

Can a reborn doll get wet?

You’d be surprised to know, but a reborn doll can get wet.

Don’t worry. It isn’t real pee, and not all reborn dolls get wet. As reborn dolls become more natural, they begin to have private parts that serve a purpose.

Few brands are selling reborn dolls with private parts. These also excrete water that doesn’t harm the doll’s functioning. If a reborn doll is getting wet, you’d also have to change its diapers.

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Reborn dolls diaper changing

The reborn dolls’ diaper changing process is similar to real babies. You can practice diaper changing on these dolls if you have a baby.

The diaper changing process is pretty straightforward. You must dispose of the last diaper and use baby wipes to clean your doll’s private parts ‘. You can apply some baby lotion or powder with a small brush, as you would on an actual baby.

Gently hold the reborn doll’s legs and lift them to place the diaper beneath it. Secure the lapels from both sides. If you are using nappies, ensure they fit well so there won’t be any leakage.

What size diapers do reborn dolls wear?

A reborn doll’s diaper size depends on its size. But the standard size is similar to that of a newborn baby.

You can easily use a 22-inch diaper size for your reborn doll. It’s a 6-piece pack designed for 16-22″ reborn dolls. It is very similar to real diapers. You can learn diaper changing real quick with this single pack.

What size diaper should you use for your reborn 15-inch doll?

An extra small diaper would be perfect for a 15-inch reborn doll.

As reborn dolls don’t poop, the diapers can be reused often. It is ideal for getting your hands on something like SOTOGO 8 Pieces Doll Diapers. These are diaper-styled underwear in different colors, ideal for 14 to 17-inch reborn dolls. Its soft and breathable fabric won’t harm your doll’s silicone skin.

Reborn Baby Diapers Cloth vs. Disposables

Diapers Cloth vs. Disposables

The diaper cloth vs. disposable debate has been going on for years. Usually, parents have their justification for using either one of the two.

People using cloth diapers consider them environment friendly and cheaper compared to disposables. They are suitable for children’s delicate skin and protect them from rashes and allergies.

Disposables might not be environment friendly, but they are feasible if you’re carrying a baby for a long drive. It’s convenient for parents who can’t change diapers frequently.

But when it comes to reborn dolls, the cloth vs. disposable option is more complex than you think.

Here’s why!

Most Reborn Dolls don’t excrete FOR REAL. Thus, they don’t need actual disposables that would eventually go to waste. It would be best if you opted for cloth diapers that are both convenient and cost-efficient for you.

On the other hand, we have disposables that might not be as cute as cloth diapers but don’t add bulk under the doll’s clothing like cloth diapers.

And it accommodates their movements without any hindrance. Few doll owners worry about cloth diaper PUL lining rubbing on the doll and wearing off its paint.

Cloth diapers are hard to resist since they come in adorable colors and prints. You can have an entire collection of printed cloth diapers for your reborn doll. ALVABABY has been selling washable diapers in various cute prints.

But if you wish to learn to put on a diaper, disposable diapers from Pedolltree would be a great choice. They are available in prints, and as you won’t have to change them often, you can reuse these diapers for more than a year.

You might not go for cloth diapers because usually, they don’t fit dolls. Reborn dolls have different shapes; even the smallest size doesn’t fit them.

For convenience, disposable diapers would be a great option. But if you are all up for cuteness, cloth diapers aren’t a bad idea.

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Conclusion | Why Put Diapers On A Reborn Doll?

If you have your baby, you can buy both cloth diapers and disposables, which would work for your child, and a reborn doll. It is your chance to learn diaper changing and how to deal with an actual baby.

Reborn dolls serve as a perfect companions for adults and children. You can cuddle them, especially if your baby hates doing it. While you shower your love on them, don’t forget that reborn dolls require care. It might look fake, but it needs maintenance and your attention.

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