How to Get Ink Off a Reborn Doll?

Children ought to get marker lines or ink on their reborn dolls very quickly. Some people tend to throw the reborn dolls, thinking they aren’t of any use now. However, that’s not the case.

There are several different ways people can get rid of ink from their reborn dolls. People have often asked this question as to how to get ink off a reborn doll or is it even possible to refurbish the reborn doll anymore.

Of course, there are ways above everything easy ways which don’t require too much effort. Follow this article to find some ways of getting the ink off reborn dolls.

Different Ways of Removing Ink from Reborn Dolls

Benzoyl Peroxide 

Benzoyl Peroxide is the most common and effective way that is used to get rid of any stains from reborn dolls. Commonly also known as acne cream, benzoyl peroxide acts as a real secret ingredient to remove stains from dolls.

Make sure that it’s 10% benzoyl peroxide, as a greater concentration can cause some damages to the reborn doll. All you have to do is apply the acne cream over the ink stains on your reborn doll.

Once you’ve applied the cream, place your reborn doll in the sun, the parts with the acne cream facing directly towards the sun. Leave your doll in the sun for a few hours. 

It would be best if you had direct and bright sunlight, as that’s what’ll do the magic. Once you’ve kept it in the sun for a few hours, rinse off the cream with water.

You will see that all the ink marks will be gone entirely.

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Another alternative way of carrying this exact process is the use of plastic wrap and UV light.

The process again is simple. Use a toothpick or cotton bud to apply the acne cream over the ink stains. Once you’ve applied the acne cream, use Saran Wrap to cover the area you’ve applied the cream on. 

Leaving the area exposed may dry out the cream quickly. Hence the wrap makes the cream last for longer. To protect the reborn doll’s hair, cover it with some clothing so that UV rays don’t ruin the hair.

Leave the reborn doll under the UV lamp. Make sure to time the duration as vinyl skin can become deformed if kept for too long. 

Take regular intervals in between to let your reborn doll cool off for a bit. Extreme temperatures and UV light can affect the body of the dolls.

Once you’re done, clean the area with either a damp cotton swab or wash it with water. Some stains take longer than others; hence you can repeat the process until you’re delighted.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is another common ingredient used to clean off the stains from your reborn dolls. Not much is needed in this process either; all you need is water and baking soda.

In a bowl, add only one teaspoon of baking soda. Add only a few drops of water to form a paste. Not much water is required; hence, make sure you don’t make the paste too runny. Stir the mixture until you are satisfied with the texture.

Use a cotton swab, a cotton bud, or a small towel to apply the paste on the stained part of the reborn doll. You will immediately see the stain lightening. However, it may take a few applications before it lightens if it’s a big and dark one.

In the process, tie the reborn doll’s hair back and avoid putting the mixture in the reborn doll’s eyes. Getting the paste elsewhere can cause deformation and discoloration.

Using a damp cotton swap, remove the mixture from the affected areas. If your stains are stubborn, you may have to use benzoyl peroxide instead. 

Remove Using a Damp Cloth

Usage of a damp cloth is only helpful if the ink stain isn’t that dark. A wet cloth is all you’ll need to remove the stains if they aren’t stubborn ones.

All you need to do is wet the cloth and scrub with a bit of pressure on the affected area. It would be best if you kept doing this until you felt like your stain was lightening. If the ink stain begins to fade, this means that the colors aren’t stubborn and can be removed this way.

Use Rubbing Alcohol  

Rubbing alcohol does help get rid of ink stains from your reborn dolls. Just pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Carefully scrub the stained area. Make sure to tie your reborn doll’s hair, as rubbing alcohol is strong.

Once you’ve rubbed for a while, check if the stain is gone. If it is still present, remoisten the cotton ball. Repeat the process until you feel that the ink stains have faded.


These methods can be used on any type of doll. Reborn dolls are the trickiest ones as they are made of high-quality vinyl, and the chances of the dolls being ruined are higher.

However, carry out these steps with care and hope for the best results. Benzoyl Peroxide is most commonly used, with the highest rates of success. The method you use depends entirely on the severity of the stain on your reborn dolls as well as your personal preference.

For light stains, the use of water cloth and baking soda is preferred, whereas, for darker stains, the use of benzoyl peroxide and rubbing alcohol is preferred. Hope this article helps you remove ink stains from your reborn dolls, and you don’t have to throw them away even if they are severely stained.

Follow the simple steps and easily available ingredients to keep your reborn dolls clean and refurbished.

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