How To Mottle A Reborn Doll? (Step By Step)

You need mottling sponges, paintbrushes, colors, and cleaner sponges to mottle your reborn doll. You can mottle your reborn doll by following a clear and simple procedure. Some reborn doll artists use a three-layer process, but I think a two-layer process is enough for a reborn doll.

Read the article below to know how to mottle a reborn doll:

How to mottle a reborn doll?

How To Mottle A Reborn Doll? (Step By Step)

You need several sponges to mottle your reborn doll. I use sponges of different sizes to mottle my reborn doll. You also need a cosmetic wedge to mottle your reborn doll. I use tweezers to pluck at my sponges.

Pattern your sponges for mottling

Edgings on your cosmetic wedge can create harsh lines. It depends on you how far apart you want holes on your cosmetic wedge. You can use your tweezers to create holes on your cosmetic wedge.

Generally, reborn doll artists place holes closer together to prepare a small reborn baby. You need a subtle mottling sponge for big reborn dolls.

A mottling sponge to prepare big reborn dolls contains more surface layers. That’s why reborn doll artists do not place too many holes on the cosmetic sponge.

Colors for Two Layers Mottling

I am using two colors for the first layer.

These are:

  • Crimson 01 Deep Bright Red
  • Titanium White

I use two colors for my second layer.

These are:

  • Lip Blush Nail Standard Red
  • Vein Blue

Step 1: Load your mottling sponges

You have to maintain the color and consistency of the paints. Now you can load your sponge with the paints. Do not let the paints enter the holes and cover only the top layer. Distribute the paint evenly on the sponge.

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Step 2: Start at the backside of her head

Start on the back of the head of your reborn kit. Divide her head into sections, and start doing them one by one. A clean non-mottling sponge can be used to blend out the paint.

Quick Tip: Do not mottle her ears

I reload the paint on my mottling sponge to paint the other sections. As a reborn doll artist, I do not like to mottle the ears of my reborn doll. If you want to mottle her ears, it’s your choice.

Step 3: Mottle her hands and arms

I like to mottle her hands and arms after mottling her head. Normally, reborn doll artists do not go over the palms of her hands and do not mottle her fingers. I like to cover all the areas of her arms.

Quick Tip: Check your progress

When you compare her mottled limbs with the limbs that need to be mottled, you will see a huge difference in their outlook. A mottled arm will look more realistic than an arm that needs to be mottled.

Step 4: Mottle her lips

I like to mottle her lips after mottling her head and arms. I use a paintbrush to color the lips of my reborn doll.

This color will outline the lips of my reborn baby doll. I use my cleaner sponge to remove the excess paint from the lips. You should use the cleaner sponge because you do not want to clog the creases.

I paint the right side of the top lip first, and then I paint the left side of the top lip. It is good if you outline the lower center of the lip.

Step 5: Paint the second layer

I use purple-like paint color to paint the second layer. I do not make runny paint, and neither do I make it completely dry. I like to maintain the consistency of my paint so that it may not flow over my reborn baby.

If you use runny paint, it will affect the quality of your reborn baby as you will have to use the cleaner sponge too often.

Quick Tip: Do not fill the holes on your mottling sponge.

Paint the surface of your mottling sponge. Do not try to fill all the holes as you want to keep the surface layer subtle.

Start repeating the process all over again. You should rotate your mottling sponge while pouncing it off her vinyl skin. It will make a realistic pattern on her skin.

Step 6: Paint the undertones.

Perform undertones after painting the second layer on your reborn doll. I start off with the center of the palms of her hands. I want people to see the thinned-out skin on the center of her hands. I also repeat the same process on the inside soles of her feet.

Step 7: Paint her nostrils, areas around her mouth, and eyelids.

You can use the same process for her nostrils and the creases of the mouth that lead to her nostrils. My reborn baby has closed eyes.

So, I am applying the color to her eyelids. I think that you should apply more than one color layer to her eyelids. You can blend it out using your paintbrush.

Step 8: Paint her nose.

A small amount of yellow paint can be applied to her nose, and then it can be dabbed on her nose through the mottling sponge. It makes your reborn baby more real.

Step 9: Go over her lips again.

In the end, you need to go over her lips and build a pigment on her lips. This concludes my mottling session. I suggest that you should mottle your reborn doll in the same manner.

What is reborn mottling?  

Reborn mottling is a process through which reborn doll artists use different colors to form skin spots and realistic skin tones for reborn dolls. You can see the effects of the reborn mottling on many reborn dolls available on the market.

Reborn doll artists think that mottling is a process that adds depth and realism to your reborn dolls. Reborn mottling for a newborn baby is different from the reborn mottling for a grown reborn doll.

Some reborn doll artists consider heating to be a part of the reborn mottling process, while others don’t. It depends on the type of paint you want to use for mottling your reborn dolls.

How do you take the shine out of a reborn?  

Reborn doll collectors know that it is super easy to take the shine out of a reborn baby doll. You have to take the shine out of your reborn baby when the vinyl reborn baby becomes shinier

Some people recommend using the matt varnish to take the shine out of a reborn. Other people think that you do not have to use a matte varnish on your reborn baby, and all you have to do is to use a magic eraser.

I say that you can use a magic eraser as it is easily available on the market. A magic eraser can be used for different purposes. I strongly feel that you should not use a wet eraser on your vinyl newborn reborn baby doll.

A squeaky eraser will be enough for the shiny areas of your reborn baby doll. Gently pouncing a dry magic sponge over the shiny areas helps reborn doll artists take the shine out of a reborn.

Sometimes, you can push a little bit harder, but you should not damage the vinyl skin of your reborn baby doll. The process can be different for ethnic babies, but it will surely work for your reborn doll. A magical eraser is effective for regular reborn dolls.

Final Thought  | How To Mottle A Reborn Doll?

How To Mottle A Reborn Doll? (Step By Step)

It is important for reborn doll artists to mottle the reborn dolls. Mottling reborn baby dolls gives more depth and realism to your reborn doll. It is a simple process.

You just need to follow the procedure outlined in this article. I am sure that you will face no problem while mottling your reborn doll.     

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