Reborn Doll Car Seat And Strollers (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Every toddler goes through a phase of being obsessed with pretend play. My daughter has recently taken up the feat of caring for a baby of her own – in her case, a reborn doll. And mind you, the pretend game must be accompanied by every realistic accessory. 

This includes car seats and strollers! When she asked for one, I was quite clueless about how to choose a reborn doll car seat and stroller. After all, a quick Amazon search is enough to show that there is a tad too many options out there!

So, I went on the journey of doing thorough research. To avoid the hassle, I have combined a list of the best car seats and strollers for reborn dolls!

Reborn Doll Car Seat Reviews

Just like you want your baby to be safe in the car, your child might want the same for its life-like toy. This is why you must choose car seats that firmly hold their precious toys in place. Here are five reborn doll car seats that might make your little one happy!

Casdon Baby Huggles Doll Car Booster Seat

Casdon Baby Huggles

If your child is in love with pink and purple shades, they might like the car seat provided by Casdon Baby Huggles. The product is suitable for three-year-old children and above and can be used as an accessory for reborn dolls, with a maximum height of 45 cm.

Notable Features

This car seat features an adjustable headrest. This makes it usable for dolls, regardless of their head size. Therefore, if your reborn doll is particularly heavy-headed, you don’t necessarily have to worry about compressing its head cruelly into the seat.

Also, dolls are quite lightweight and hence prone to slipping away from the seat by a mere brake or speedbump. Casdon Baby Huggles comes with hand buckles that secure the doll in place. Since, as a parent, you wouldn’t want to carry an additional unnecessary load, the fact that the seat is quite lightweight (0.59 kg, to be exact) is another plus.  

The Drawbacks

One of the main drawbacks of choosing this car seat is that it comes unassembled and can be quite challenging to put together. If you aren’t a DIY expert, know that the assembly part will be a bit of a headache. Since the car seat is made for dolls, it won’t be as durable as usual car seats.

Joovy Toy Car Seat – Pink Dot

Joovy Car Seat

The Joovy Car Seat comes with a fun, colorful polka-dot design, which children are much more likely to be attracted to compared to subdued patterns. The car seat can be used to fit dolls of sizes up to 22 inches. As per the company, the aim of the car seat is to teach children passenger safety during their pretend play adventures.

Notable Features

One feature that stands out in this car seat is just how realistic it is! Just like a reborn doll is eerily similar to a real baby, the same is true for this toy car seat. It has fully-functional features that imitate an actual car seat, like a five-point harness system and adjustable handle.

Also, the seat itself can be locked securely into any given vehicle through the latch restraint system. This ensures that your little one’s baby is safe throughout the journey.

The fact that it is machine washable and the polka dot fabric can be removed for cleaning means that you can safeguard the hygiene of your child while encouraging creativity.

The Drawbacks

One thing that might deter you from choosing this car seat is the presence of a big warning label on top of the car seat cover. It does dim the aesthetics of the accessory a lot, which children might not appreciate.

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Adora Zig Zag Baby Doll Car Seat

Adora Zig Zag Baby Doll Car Seat

Unlike other reborn doll car seat options available, Adora succeeds in offering a gender-neutral accessory that takes away femininity from such pretend playing adventures. The car seat carrier is appropriate for ages two and above. It advertises that it can fit dolls of up to 20 inches in height.

Notable Features

The zig-zag design of the car seat, which features white, cool mint, and gray color, is surely an excellent symbol for gender-neutral accessories. This makes the car seat an attractive accessory for both young boys and girls.

For parents, the machine-washable removable car seats are probably a great addition. When you add this to the presence of a handle that can be used to carry the seat around, the seat seems like a convenient toy for parents to maneuver as well.

Moreover, apart from its ability to be buckled into a real vehicle, the handle of the toy car seat can be rotated to be converted into a stand.

The Drawbacks

While the manufacturer claims that the car seat can fit dolls of up to 20 inches, reborn dolls of this height do not fit into the seat comfortably. In fact, it is quite impossible to adjust large dolls on it. Instead, it is more suited for smaller dolls.

Joovy Toy Car Seat – Blue Dot

Joovy Toy Car Seat

You might have noticed that the previous Joovy Car Seat we mentioned was unabashedly feminine, with its pink base and vibrant polka dots. The manufacturer has also provided an alternative for boys with Blue Dot. Again, this car seat can fit 12 to 22 inched reborn dolls.

Notable Features

The car seat comes in a polka dot design, with shades of yellow, blue, and green in the forefront. Since the product complies with the CPSC safety standards of the US, parents can rest assured knowing that the accessory will not be harmful to their little ones.

The car seat is padded to provide a realistic touch. This is further achieved by the various safety and functional features of the doll car seat, including the buckles and latch system. Its handle is quite ergonomic, making it a comfortable toy to hold on to, both for adults and children.

The Drawbacks

The car seat is not as sturdy as one would like it to be, considering how aggressive toddlers can get with their toys. However, since the product is made from plastic and isn’t a real car seat, there is only so much one can expect in terms of quality.

Bayer Design Baby Doll Deluxe Car Seat – Polka Dots

Bayer’s deluxe car seat

Bayer’s deluxe car seat is gaining quite a lot of praise for its design. The car seat is suitable for reborn dolls of heights up to 46 cm. It is suitable for use by children between the age range of three to seven years.

Notable Features

The key distinguishing feature of this reborn doll car seat is the canopy. Unlike other car seats on the list, this one features protection against the sun and wind, thereby being as real to the actual version as possible.

The product also comes with integrated seat belts to firmly hold the toy in place, despite the shaky nature of the car journey. It is also compatible with certain prams like Vario 18467AB to create a two-in-one solution.

The ergonomic handle, along with the light weight of the car seat, makes it a convenient toy accessory to move around with, both for the parent and the child.

The Drawbacks

Although the handle is a helpful addition to this car seat, it turns out that it is not as durable as one would like it to be. It breaks quite easily, rendering its purpose useless. However, the rest of the car seat is much more durable than the handle.

Best Reborn Doll Stroller Reviews

Apart from a car seat, another popular demand of children is to get a reborn doll stroller of their own. After all, their babies deserve to be pampered just as much, right? Here are some reborn doll strollers that might be helpful purchases.

Joovy Toy Caboose, Doll Stroller, Doll Accessory, Pink Dot

Pink Dot Caboose

For those of you who prefer the Joovy Pink Dot Car Seat, you might want to accompany it with a similar Pink Dot Caboose. The stroller can fit three reborn dolls, each of height up to 20 inches.

Notable Features

This doll stroller might get mistaken for a real one, considering how great of an imitation it is! It comes with a seat adapter, a compact fold as well as a snack tray for the dolls. The front wheel is quite easy to steer, making it movable by a toddler.

Additionally, there are two positions the front seat can take while two positions the footrest can take for comfortable strolling. The five-point harness system holds the doll firmly in place. The handles are padded as well to ensure that the hands of your toddler don’t get sore.

To fit three dolls, there is a sit and stand design in place. You can fit the dolls by making one of them sit in the front seat, one on the rear bench seat, and one standing doll on the platform. The fact that the entire stroller packs compactly makes it ideal for storage as well.

The Drawbacks

Despite the cool wheels, young children often find it hard to maneuver this stroller. Therefore, while it is advertised to be appropriate for young kids, it is best suited for seven-year-olds and above.

Kookamunga KIDS Doll Stroller Pram Deluxe

Kookamunga KIDS Doll Stroller Pram Deluxe

This doll stroller is quite visually pleasing with its pink and grey design. It is made for large reborn dolls or stuffed toys with heights up to 20 inches.

Notable Features

Right off the bat, one of the cutest things you get in this stroller is a diaper-changing bag! This makes the whole pretend play even more real than before. Apart from this, an under-storage tray is present in the pram for kids to put their dolls’ essentials beneath it.

The retractable canopy makes it quite perfect for strolling outside the house since it offers protection against the dust, wind, and sun. The handle can be adjusted and is padded to offer a soft grip. The pram is made from an aluminum frame that helps in adding durability to the accessory.

The Drawbacks

Unlike the Joovy stroller, the bassinet part of this product cannot be repositioned. So, it does somewhat limit the possibilities of pretend play.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Baby Stroller

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Baby Stroller

For parents looking for a simple and conventional baby stroller for their child’s reborn doll, you might want to give Manhattan Toy Baby a try. This stroller is meant for 15-inch and 12-inch dolls.

Notable Features

This stroller is full of colors, making its design a popular choice among children. It is equipped with plastic wheels that are quite sturdy and easy to move. Since it does not have any heavy elements, it can easily be operated by young children.

The collapse mechanism of the product is very straightforward. The addition of sliding plastic locks keeps the stroller in place once collapsed, making it an easy stroller to store and carry in your car.

The Drawbacks

Compared to other strollers on the list, Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Stroller is very lightweight. This makes it quite flimsy against the wind. Therefore, this stroller is best suited for indoor fun.


It is quite hard to pick one stroller and car seat that is universally the best from the list. After all, each one of them comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Which is ideal for you will depend on how much weight you assign to each of them.

For starters, if you are looking for an indoor stroller, you wouldn’t find Manhattan Stroller to be inadequate. On the other hand, if your child demands things that imitate real life to the tee, you might have to invest in the Joovy car seat and stroller!

So, think about what you (and your little one) are looking for and which item would best serve that given need. Choose accordingly. Do share in the comments if you have specific experience with any of the products mentioned above. 

Happy driving and strolling!

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