How To Remove Shine From Reborn Doll? (8 Steps To Follow)

Whether you own a reborn doll or not, you must know how to remove the shine from the reborn doll. You never know. This piece of knowledge comes in handy at some point in life.

Reborn dolls are shiny, and you can’t blame artists for it. Acrylic paints create that shine. Or it can happen when the oil from your hands transfers on their silicone skin. Now, this is not something to worry about.

Yes, the shine might not look good, but you can permanently remove it by following the correct tips from experts like us!

Let’s have an in-depth insight into this simple and easy process.

How to remove shine from reborn doll?(Step by Step)

Here’s a simple guide on how to remove shine from a reborn doll:

  • Gently remove all clothes of the reborn doll.
  • Look out for all shiny spots that need your attention. You can apply powder on the entire body, but specifically, shiny spots would help figure out the exact difference.
  • Take a soft makeup brush. Ensure the strands aren’t harsh on the doll’s skin and it brushes off easily without causing friction.
  • Dip the brush in shine, removing powder. Don’t immerse the brush, be gentle with the step.
  • Place the brush between your fingertips. Gently tap the brush on your doll’s shiny skin areas.
  • Make sure you are not rubbing or dragging the brush on the surface.
  • Take more powder if needed and tap it all over the reborn doll.
  • Your reborn doll is all shine-free and smooth for use. Dress it up as you want, and you’re good to go.

Some people use magical erasers instead of powder to remove shine from the reborn dolls. If you are using an eraser, it doesn’t work like other erasers. You don’t have to soak it in water either. Simple hold the sponge and tap it on the shiny areas slightly.

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How do you matte a silicone doll?

If you want to matte a silicon doll and look for ways to remove shine from a reborn doll, don’t worry! There are multiple ways to do that.

Matting is not only done to remove shine, but it also keeps the silicone clean. When you matt the silicone, it gets easy to slip other materials such as clothing against it.

Different materials can be used to matte a silicone doll. It includes talcum powder, corn starch, icing sugar, baking soda, sanding silicone, and silica.

Talcum powder is a cheap and readily available option. But it is entirely safe. Most reborn doll collectors prefer Talc Powder because it is readily available and safe.

Even though corn starch powder isn’t ideal for silicone dolls but is beneficial for sliding clothes on them, do remember that it adds a yellow cast on the dolls.

The above options are ideal for reborn doll collectors. Silicone tends to be sticky and rough. That is when you can see matting powder to make your doll smooth and soft.

But if you are a reborn doll artist, the process is for the typically nasty shine on a doll. Seal the entire with a slightly diluted mixture of Psycho Paint, and don’t forget to take off the eyes.

After thoroughly applying the psycho paint on all creases and body parts, use matting powder on it. Use a large fluffy brush to apply powder to the whole body. After putting the powder properly, leave the doll for 15-20 minutes.

Repeat the same process. And then it’s rinsing time.

Wash the doll properly in the tub or preferably sink. You don’t have to rub excessively. The water will do its work.

Make sure all the excess powder is adequately rinsed. Once washed, dry it properly. Use a cotton bud to dry the crease and fingertips. Put the eyes back, and your doll is properly matted.

What powder do you use for silicone dolls?

Several powders in the market can be used on silicone dolls. Most collectors choose the most accessible and convenient option: any baby talcum powder. You can use any brand of your choice, Johnsons’ or Caldesene.

You can buy Silicone Finishing Powder to provide lubricity and a unique finish to the raw silicone surface. Most powders are silicone safe, but to be on the same side, always inquire if it is safe. All powders specifically made for reborn dolls are generally safe.

To be safe, you can ask your vendor for further confirmation.

What powder is best for silicone?

If you’re looking for the best silicone powder for dolls, you must opt for Silicone Velvet Matting powder. It is a unique powder blend specifically manufactured for reborn dolls.

It is quoted as different from talcum powder and plain silica powder. It has tiny transparent micro bubbles that diffuse light and enables the silkiest protection.

It ensures all paint and colors of the doll remain intact. It is known for low abrasion and leaves behind a velvety feeling.

Even though the powder is made for dolls, you can apply it to your skin too. You can apply it to the doll after cleaning it with a silicone-friendly solvent. Make sure the doll is clean and free of oils before powder application.

How To Remove Shine From Reborn Doll?

Conclusion | How To Remove Shine From Reborn Doll?

If you own a reborn doll, you’d have to buy matt powder after a certain period. The oil and stickiness get unbearable after one point. But if you are scared that it would be harmful, then leave your worries down the drain.

Powders and specifically Silicone powders made for reborn dolls are safe. Talcum powders leave a lovely fruity fragrance that makes your dolls smell great. While making choices, don’t forget that you’d need the powder quite often.

Some collectors don’t powder their often, but it is recommended to do so. Try buying powder in large quantities, especially if it’s on sale. It would save you a lot of hassle.

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