How to Measure a Baby Doll for Clothes?

 Dolls come in various sizes as well. Some are larger than the other dolls, while some have a smaller size. With these differences, it can be hard to find clothes of the right size for your doll.

What is the solution, then? It seems to be a very easy one: if you measure your dolls the right way, you will be able to find clothes for them as well.

Common Sizes

 Before learning how to measuring dolls, it would be better for you to learn the usual sizes that baby dolls come in. They fall into four categories: a large baby doll, a medium baby doll, a small baby doll, and a mini baby doll.

Large Baby Doll

A large baby doll is approximately 19”-23” tall. The length of its body parts is longer than baby dolls that come in other sizes as well.

A large baby doll’s chest usually is 16.5” wide. Its waist is approximately 16.5” wide as well. Its hips are 17.5” wide, and its head and neck circumference are 15” and 8.5”.

Medium Baby Dolls

 A medium baby doll is smaller than a baby doll of a large size. It is usually 14”-16” tall. For this reason, the dimension of each body part differs from that of a large baby doll.

Its chest is 13” wide; the waist is approximately 12.5” wide, with the hips being 13” wide. Its head and neck circumference are 12.25” and 8”.

Small Baby Dolls

A baby doll with a small size is easy to carry around. It only happens to be 12” tall. Its chest is approximately 12” wide. The waist being approximately 11”, its hips are bigger than the waist with a size of 11.5”. Its neck and head circumference are 7” and 11.75”.

Mini Baby Dolls

 A mini baby doll is the smallest doll you will witness. Its small size allows you to carry it very. It is only 8” tall. Its chest is 7” wide, waist and hips – both have a dimension of 4.5”, and the neck circumference is 3.5”. 

How to Measure a Baby Doll for Clothes

How To Measure A Baby Doll For Clothes

The first thing you would need to have is a tape measure. Try picking a tape measure that is flexible in size and not too stiff like a handyman tape measure. Those tape measures will not be beneficial as they will not bend around the doll for you to measure its length.

 If you do not have a tape measure, there are other options you can consider as well. You can use a string. Wrap it around, say, the waist of a doll and insert safety pins at the points the string meets together.

 Then take the string away, and use a ruler to measure the length of the string. You would then have two distinct points where the pins would be. You could also use a pen/pencil to mark the string. But that comes with the risk of transferring ink onto your doll and ruining it.


Start off with the waist of your doll. You should wrap the tape measure around the waist of your doll. Both ends of the tape measure should meet together.

 Be wary not to include the hair of the doll since that would give an inaccurate measurement. Look at the point the ends of the string meet, and you would have the length of your doll’s waist.

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Turn the doll’s arms up so that they are stretched out. From the shoulders of a doll, use your tape measure and hold it against a doll’s wrist to measure the length of its arms.


The chest is measured in a similar manner to a doll’s waist. You only need to hold the tape measure against your doll’s chest. Then, wrap it around till the point its end meet together.

That is where your length would lie. Look and you would have the length of your doll’s chest.


Measuring the length of your doll’s legs with a tape measure is easy.  If you are not using a tape measure you can use a string again.

Put it against the legs of your doll and insert a pin at its top. Insert another pin at the point where the string touches your doll’s ankle and put the string away. Grab a ruler and see how long your doll’s legs are by looking at the readings on the ruler.

How to Measure a Baby Doll for Clothes

Standard Baby Doll Sizes And Clothes

We know how to measure a baby doll for clothes. Let’s consider what clothes fit baby dolls of various standard sizes now.

28-inch Baby Doll

A 24–inch baby doll can fit the clothes of a one-year-old real baby.

24-inch Baby Doll

If you are wondering what size baby clothes fit 24-inch dolls, we have the answer for you. They usually fit the clothes of a six-month-old real baby.

22-inch Baby Doll

What size baby clothes fit a 22-inch doll? It can fit the clothes of a three-month-old baby.

18-inch Baby Doll

Are you also wondering what size baby clothes fit 18-inch baby dolls? The answer is that they fit the clothes of infants weighing no more than five to ten pounds.

How to Measure a Baby Doll for Clothes

Clothes For A Baby Born Doll

A lot of people think: do tiny baby clothes fit a baby born doll? Well, this question is not that easy to answer. But, any clothes or outfits that measure 28-33cm would be fine for a baby-born doll.


Measuring a baby doll to find clothes of the perfect size might seem odd to a few people out there. But, it gets essential when you want your baby doll to look the best.

You get attached to your baby dolls – some may even grow fond of them. Taking care of them, looking after them, and making sure they look good is what any doll-owner would wish for. This is why dolls’ clothes come in so many different sizes. It is to make sure your most beloved doll gets to wear the most beautiful clothes!

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