How to Paint a Reborn Doll with Air Dry Paints?

There are many different kinds of air-dry paints brands available which are specially used for reborning. Artists familiar with air-dry paints prefer using those instead of using genesis heat set paints. Some reborn doll artists are so professional and have mastered air-drying paints that they make their own air-dried paints to their preference and use them for painting reborn dolls.

The advantage of air-dried paints is that you don’t need to heat the vinyl. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy a craft oven required for genesis heat set paint, this could be a good alternative. For beginners in this field of painting, this article gives details about every step required for painting reborn dolls with air-dried paints.

Steps to Painting Reborn Dolls with Air-Dried Paints

The process is easy; however, patience is the key. As a beginner, you may not get painting right at once, but don’t give up. You can master this in no time. It only requires some hard work and motivation. Follow the following steps to paint a reborn doll using air-dried paints successfully.

Step 1: Apply Varnish on your Reborn Doll

Firstly, you need to find the perfect varnish before you start painting a reborn doll with air-dry paint. You can easily find it from different supermarkets, and it’s also readily available online.

Shake the bottle well and pour some in a lid. With the help of a cosmetic sponge, apply it to the part of the reborn doll you want to paint. Pat the varnish unless all the bubbles are gone, and it starts to give a dried-up look. 

Spread it evenly on every part of the reborn vinyl doll. Please make sure you get it in spaces shaped like the lips and nose. Keep patting until you’ve covered all the area. Make sure not to apply a thick layer and get rid of all the air bubbles.

Once you’ve evenly applied the varnish everywhere, let it dry. You can repeat it once to ensure all the areas are covered and aren’t too shiny. Take your time, and don’t rush this process.

Step 2: Paint the Veins on your Reborn Doll

The next step is to paint. So as the first thing to paint, you should choose the veins. You should add some veins to the arms and legs of the reborn doll. 

The vein color is blue. To paint the veins, make sure to use the thinnest brush. Lightly add veins and make sure you don’t overdo it, keeping in mind it’s a baby.

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It’s better to add the veins to the legs and arms. Adding to the head makes it too complicated and might mess it up.

Once your paint is dried and you feel like it’s too dark, you could use a sponge to lighten it or add some water to make it lighter. It’s important to blend it well. 

Step 3: Paint the Flesh/Skin of your Reborn Doll 

Now it’s time to paint the flesh. Add a bit of water to the paint to adjust the consistency. You can use the skin color according to your preference. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply skin color to all the body parts. For detailing and small spaces like the toes, use a paintbrush.

This step requires a lot of layers for the color to show. You might not see much colors at first. But don’t lose hope. It’ll require some layers of paint for the color to show.

Just apply the paint and dab it for the paint to evenly spread out. Repeat this for all the other parts too. Just keep dabbing until you’re satisfied and the paint is even. 

Step 4: Paint the Creases of the Reborn Doll 

Now it’s time for the creases to make your reborn doll look real. Wherever there is a crease on the body, add this color there. It’s darker than the skin color to make it visible.

Apply the crease paint with a paintbrush and dab it with a cosmetic sponge to get the extra paint off. This helps to add dimension and color to your reborn doll.

Step 5: Add Detailing to the Reborn Doll

Now it’s time for some detailing. This involved adding color to the lips, cheeks, nails, etc. Use a sea sponge for applying blush to the reborn doll. It helps to add color. Then use the cosmetic sponge and dab the paint so that it’s not too bright.

For the blush, the color is usually different shades of pink. Add more to the cheeks to give a natural effect. Babies’ faces are usually pink so add some color to their chin, nose, and forehead.

Keep repeating this step and add more mottling. It depends on a person’s preference. More layers, more the color. Similarly, add some color to the mouth.

The mouth might require more effort as there is no defined lip line. Add some tint to the lips to make them look real. 

Add some color to the bottom of the feet and other body parts. Knees are usually more blushed, so add more color there. Just keep adding color as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the durability of air-dry paint? 

The durability is good. Some parts may start to smudge after a while, but the durability of the paint is good, and chipping of paint isn’t expected.

Why use air dry paint over genesis heat set paint?  

Many reborn artists have switched to air dry paint over genesis heat set paint due to health concerns. The health risks with genesis heat set paint include the fumes from baking the vinyl, which can lead to respiratory problems and breathing issues. In some cases, it has also been proven to cause cancer. Hence, air dry paints are concerned way safer.

Air dry paints make reborn dolls look much more realistic. The finish that the reborn dolls give is softer and nicer to touch. The finish a velvety, which is very soft, just like a real baby.

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