Do Reborn Baby Dolls Pee and Poop? (How to Care)

Reborn baby dolls – the most realistic baby dolls one possibly could think of getting. They look like a real baby, and now act like one, too.

How realistic are they, though? 

Can they do everything that a real baby does? 

Do reborn baby dolls pee? 

Reborn baby dolls are unique in comparison to other baby dolls. They can 

look as close to a real baby as a doll could be. 

Given the close similarity, one question that you might often think of could be: do reborn baby dolls pee?

The answer is No. They cannot eat food or any other substances that would cause them to ‘poop.’ Nor do reborn baby dolls have the ability to digest food as real babies. 

So, if they are unable to poop, can reborn baby dolls even pee?

The truth is, there is a small space inside reborn baby dolls where all the water that you might feed your doll is stored. 

You can make your doll drink milk or water – reborn baby dolls can make it go out. It gives the impression as though the doll has peed. In reality, you can only see the liquid you feed your doll come out. 

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Reborn baby dolls that poop and pee

We have established by now, to some extent at least, that not all reborn baby dolls can poop. 

However, there are a few reborn baby dolls that can poop and pee.

They are not much different from other reborn baby dolls. 

You might find the baby alive happy hungry baby blond doll to be one of the cutest dolls. One unique thing about this baby doll is that it opens her mouth wide when you begin to feed her!

After eating, it can pee and poop. You can change its diaper when you want to then. 

The baby alive sunshine snacks can poop and pee as well. As fancy as it looks, it is one of the first baby dolls that can go for a dip in the water as well. 

It comes with a swimsuit, sunglasses, gladiator sandals, two solid doll food containers, ice pop mold and stick, fork or spoon combo, and a comb. 

When you are done feeding the doll, it can poop and pee – allowing you to change its diaper then! 

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Pee and Poop? (How to Care)

What does a reborn baby doll do?

Most people might not see any point in getting a reborn baby doll. Why care for a doll that looks like a real baby? 

It is not that simple, though. 

Reborn baby dolls are the source of happiness for many people who consider caring for them as a hobby. 

They are made with a certain delicacy and perfection that an artist inspires to have. As they look like real babies, when you touch a reborn baby doll, it feels as if you are touching a real baby as well. 

People who are into collecting reborn baby dolls might know what reborn baby dolls do. They give you a sense of connection and bonding that is not much different from other relationships one seeks in life. 

There are a lot of therapeutic benefits to caring for reborn baby dolls, too. 

Many people might find comfort in holding, cuddling, and taking care of reborn baby dolls. It allows them to feel connected, making them feel good. 

How to care for your reborn baby doll? 

There are many ways in which you can take care of your reborn baby doll. They are quite fragile and one might want to handle them cautiously. 

Handle with care

You might want to be as gentle with reborn baby dolls as possible. They are quite costly and if you do not handle them with caution, they can get ruined. 

Avoid sunlight

You might also want to avoid extreme sunlight from your doll. Sunlight can cause your doll to get discolored. If you can keep them away from sunlight, you can prolong the life of your reborn baby doll. 

Keep the doll away from children or pets

Children or pets do not know how to look after the doll. Pets, especially, might tug at them and pull them which can greatly ruin the doll. Children, too, might hand them inappropriately. 

Cleaning the baby

Cleaning your reborn baby doll is just as important as looking after it. 

If you find any sort of dirt that might get stuck in your reborn baby doll, you will find using a damp washcloth useful. It can easily wipe away different dirt particles. 

Using a small amount of baby wash can do wonders in cleaning your reborn baby doll as well. 

If your reborn baby doll has any strong stains that you want to go away, the baby wash will make sure they get wiped off completely. 

Try not to use too much baby wash when cleaning your reborn baby doll as it might be equally harmful. 

You might want to remember one thing, though: do not harshly clean it as it can ruin the doll. Scrubbing too strongly can cause your reborn baby doll to lose its colors. 

If you think you might not be able to clean your reborn baby doll because it is too dirty, you can always send it back to the artist. They always have a fix for it by either replacing the body or doing a thorough cleaning. 

Keep it away from electronic devices

Another useful tip you might want to remember is to keep your reborn baby doll away from electronic devices. 

Some reborn baby dolls come with magnets that can ruin devices and harm them. 

Try to avoid exposing your reborn baby doll to cell phones, tablets, and hard drives. Keep your reborn baby doll away from individuals who have hearing aids or metal implants as well. 


Getting a reborn baby doll might be one of the best things you can do if you consider collecting dolls as a hobby. Even if you do not, reborn baby dolls have a certain way of making you feel! 

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