Can you reuse teething toys?

As it’s known, children tend to grow up very quickly, and there are many items of infants that are barely used, but the baby outgrows it. The best way to utilize these items is to reuse them. Let it be baby clothes, shoes, cribs, or other baby items. The practical thing to do is to use it rather than throwing it away.

Hence, the answer is simple. It may seem like the best option and good on the pocket, but it isn’t advisable to reuse a teether. Follow this article to learn more about babies teething toys and why one can’t reuse them?

When should you give teething toys to your baby? 

A teething toy is a device given to babies when they are going through the whole teething process. It relieves the discomfort that comes to them when growing new teeth. Teethers are made of rubber or silicone so that they are easy to chew on and bring about comfort. They are filled with water or gel.

Teething is a fascinating process for parents; however, at the same time very uncomfortable for babies. Some get fussy when they grow teeth, while others cry a lot. Babies tend to experience pain when their teeth come out of their gums.

Babies tend to start growing teeth around the age of 4-6 months. However, this varies from baby to baby. Some tend even to develop them sooner than four months. Babies love chewing when they are developing teeth.

Teething can be scary for parents as babies chew on just everything. It can sometimes raise many health concerns as germs may enter your babies’ body. Hence, it is best to provide them with sanitized and hygienic items to chew on.

A clean and soft teething device helps support your child’s teething process and reduces the discomfort they are likely to feel. 

Signs that your baby may be teething include:

  • Excessive drooling 
  • Fussy and irritable 
  • Swollen gums 
  • Baby feeling feverish 

Different Kinds of Teething Toys You Can Give Your Child 

When a baby starts to teeth, parents need to provide them with some sort of support. The process of teething isn’t as easy as it may sound. It’s rather painful and uncomfortable for the baby. Hence, it is advisable for parents to give their babies teethers. 

Teether is quite different from a pacifier. Teether is used as an item for babies to chew on. While pacifiers, on the other hand, are given to babies for sucking. There are different teething toys you can give your child. 

Here are some of the most popular kinds used by most people: 

1. Teething Rings 

Teething rings are far more traditional than other teething devices. These are basic teething support devices that are made up of soft solid plastic. They are mostly filled up with some fluid or gel, which is safe for children. They help reduce the tenderness in babies’ gums when they are teething.

2. Teething Toys 

Teething doesn’t have to be boring. Nowadays, there are different teething toys available out there that you may choose from. They are usually made out of rubber which with super soft and chewy. Teething toys are typically textured so they don’t hurt the baby.

There are also some exceptions to teething toys out there. These teething toys are 2in1; a toy from one side and a teether from the other. This is a fantastic option. It keeps the child busy and gives comfort to the teething process.

3. Staged Teethers

As the name suggests, teething comes in different stages. This is when the tooth erupts out when it starts to show, and when it starts to grow. As teething happens in various stages, staged teethers support your child’s teething journey.

Staged teethers come as a pack of 3-4 teethers, each for the specific teething stage. With staged teethers, you can fulfill your baby’s needs while teething.

4. Teething Jewellery

These teething toys come in different forms: a necklace or even a bracelet. Teething jewelry is made of soft baby-friendly material. However, this type of teethers isn’t recommended as they can cause strangulation.

5. Novelty Teethers 

Novelty teethers are not like any other teethers. Their designs aren’t constrained and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. These teethers come in different forms like food items (Pizza, Apple, or Banana). This will be super comforting and soothing for your baby’s gums.

Can Teething Toys be Reused?

The main question is whether or not teething toys can be reused. For people, it might be easy on the pocket, but pediatricians don’t recommend teethers to be reused. As teethers go into the mouth of the babies, it isn’t advisable to be reused.

When teethers are kept or stored for too long, mold is likely to grow on them. This is highly not safe for a baby. This can lead to many different stomach problems for your child. Teethers are supposed to be chewed upon, they can get damaged, and germs can go into the damaged area of the toy.

Hence, it is best to get a new teether for your baby and avoid reusing an old one. A new teether doesn’t cost much, but reusing one can compromise your baby’s health. For your baby’s health, buy a new cleaner teether for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a teether is good enough? 

The definition of good differs from person to person and on your babies’ chewing habits. However, you’re supposed to make sure that the teether is durable and can withstand any kind of chewing. 

What are teethers made of? 

Teethers should be made of non-toxic, durable, food-grade, BPA free and safe material. Most teethers are made of 100% silicon, while rubber and plastic teethers are also quite common.

How often should teethers be washed? 

For your babies’ hygiene and safety, you should wash the teethers regularly. Teethers can easily be washed by hand or even in a dishwasher. 


When a baby’s safety is in question, it should always be a top priority. A parent always chooses products that are useful as well as safe for the use of kids. It’s better to spend a handful rather than compromising on the safety of your child. 

Hence, after discussion, it is clear that reusing teethers can be extremely dangerous for your baby. Teethers shouldn’t be reused and should be on the purchase list of every baby’s parents.

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