Best Dolls for Boys – Are there baby dolls for Toddler boys?

Boys typically get trucks and building toys for play, but dolls can be an essential part of your son’s life, too.

Dolls help teach boys empathy skills and help them develop critical nurturing skills that can benefit them in later relationships.

They’re also great for allowing boys to imagine and role play.

I’ve got some wonderful dolls to get your boy started. Some offer realism, and some are great for the imagination, but each one could help teach your boy a vital skill necessary for a well-adjusted life.

Let’s take a look.

The List: Best Dolls for Boys

Wonder Crew Superhero Buddy - Will Wonder Crew Superhero Buddy – Will
  • A superhero outfit, cape and mask, plus a matching cape and mask
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Wonder Crew Adventure Pack - Explorer Wonder Crew Adventure Pack – Explorer
  • Includes an explorer outfit and a matching accessory
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Wonder Crew Adventure Pack - Builder Wonder Crew Adventure Pack – Builder
  • Includes a builder outfit and a matching accessory
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	Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy
  • Includes a removable diaper, one-piece outfit with Velcro-like closure, and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to his mouth
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Playskool Classic Dressy Kids Boy Playskool Classic Dressy Kids Boy
  • This dress toy for toddlers featuring 5 getting dressed activities
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HABA Graham HABA Graham
  • Graham is one cool kid! He is a perfect addition to any doll family
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Adora PlayTime Baby Boy Doll Adora PlayTime Baby Boy Doll
  • The washable baby doll comes wearing a removable onesie sleeper outfit, a cozy baby blue hat and a baby bottle that fits perfectly in his mouth
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Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Boy Doll Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Boy Doll
  • The doll is handmade, 20-22inch, soft touch of vinyl, real feeling
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Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Boy Doll Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Boy Doll
  • Crafted from GentleTouch vinyl with a weighted cloth body
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La Newborn Nursery La Newborn Nursery
  • All vinyl, anatomically correct, movable arms, legs and head, 14′ inch life like smiling baby doll
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Wonder Crew Dolls

Wonder Crew is a line of dolls designed to introduce dolls to boys that look just like them.

They have a variety of options for each interest and dream your boy has. A licensed therapist created them – after hearing her son say, “boys aren’t allowed to cry” – as a way to help boys develop emotional maturity and understanding and to combat harmful stereotypes.

#1 Wonder Crew Superhero collection

Wonder Crew Superhero Buddy - Will

If your boy dreams of being a superhero, this line from Wonder Crew could be just the thing to spark his imagination. Wonder Crew dolls are 15 inches and have realistic skin vinyl head, hands, and feet. A soft body is great for cuddling and comfort.

The superhero collection comes dressed in a superhero costume complete with mask and cape. The package includes a matching cape and mask for your boy so that they can be matching best friends.

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#2 Wonder Crew Adventure Pack – Explorer

Wonder Crew Adventure Pack - Explorer

The adventure pack is a fun outfit collection designed to get your boy’s sense of adventure moving. It features an explorer shirt with the vest of real outdoor explorers printed on the front and a picture of a critical explorer tool, the binoculars.

It comes with matching hats for your boy and his buddy. The outfit is spot washable and has dark pants to complete it. It’s a fun way to get your child exploring with his adventure friend and creating possibilities.

#3 Wonder Crew Adventure Pack – Builder

Wonder Crew Adventure Pack - Builder

The builder pack allows your child to role-play one of the most popular jobs of all time for this age bracket – the construction worker! It features a fun outfit for your Wonder Crew doll and a matching safety vest for your child.

The outfit is designed to encourage imaginative play and bonding. It’s spot cleanable and simple to use with no small pieces for smaller children to choke on. It even has the hard hat to complete the entire outfit.

Soft Baby Boy Dolls

Soft baby dolls are useful for establishing emotional connections and helping your child learn about emotions. They’re great for teaching empathy and caregiving and could help explain new little siblings more clearly.

#4 Manhattan Toy Baby Stella – Boy

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy

The baby Stella is a soft doll designed to bring comfort and delight to your child. It features a soft head and hands with embroidered facial features and a fuzzy cloth for the skin.

The outfit removes to reveal the diaper, and the magnetic pacifier is a great accessory even for very young children.

It’s designed like a baby and encourages your boy to take care of it the way he sees mom and dad do with a little sibling.

It’s great for comfort and is easy to clean to keep colors fresh and bright. It measures 15 inches and is rated for ages one and up.

#5 Playskool Classic Dressy Kids Boy Plush Toy

Playskool Classic Dressy Kids Boy

For toddlers learning the ins and outs of dressing themselves, this doll could be a great option. It features all the standard pieces a toddler would encounter with clothing – buckles, ties, zippers, and snaps. It can help your toddler practice excellent motor skills and learn a few things about how to dress.

The doll is soft and great for comfort. It has a carry clip to make transport easy, and none of the clothing comes off. No pieces to lose or things to choke on. It’s recommended for children ages two and up and is spot cleanable if things get messy.

#6 Haba Graham Doll

HABA Graham

The Graham doll is a soft option with removable clothing and shoes. It’s intended for children ages 18 months and up so that they can begin to learn about dressing and have a soft friend for comfort.

The doll teaches necessary dressing skills and helps children practice excellent motor skills as they dress and undress the doll.

He has a beanbag bottom so he can sit up on his own and has the option of other outfits and accessories, which are sold separately.

Realistic Baby Dolls

Realistic baby dolls are great for teaching personal skills like grooming, caregiving, and empathy. They can help your boy develop emotional bonds and role-play being a parent or big sibling.

They’re great teaching tools and could offer your child lots of fun along the way.

#7 Adora PlayTime Baby Boy Doll, Little Prince

Adora PlayTime Baby Boy Doll

The Little Prince is a realistic doll with a lifelike body that uses a soft vinyl material for the skin. The doll is weighted for realism, and the eyes open and close. It has a fresh, baby powder scent and comes with a sweet outfit and hat.

The doll has a weighted bottom so it can sit on its own and it even sucks its thumb with a positionable arm. It’s machine washable and safe for toddlers to use and carry around.

The doll comes with a bottle accessory, and the clothing is removable to change out or wash.

#8 Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Boy Doll

Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Boy Doll

Aori’s handmade doll is a lifelike baby with a weighted body and positionable limbs. It features a removable outfit and soft-touch vinyl arms with a soft cloth body. Its eyes, eyelashes, and hair are all hand set with lots of realism and small touches.

It comes with a fun outfit, a teddy bear, and a magnetic pacifier. The doll also fits into newborn clothing. You can spot clean the doll if things get dirty.

It’s excellent for helping boys learn empathy and caring, and it could also help you teach specific emotional skills. It’s a more realistic doll and suitable for children ages three years and up.

#9 Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Boy Doll Finn & Sparky

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Boy Doll

This reborn doll is a full accessory pack with a sweet baby boy and friend. The doll features soft-touch vinyl skin with hand set hair, eyes, and eyelashes. It was created by one of Paradise Galleries master doll designers and has a weighted body for realism.

The accessories include a baby bassinet, full sleep outfit including a hat and booties, and a bottle. Plus, a sweet dog friend, Sparky, is included. There are nine accessories in total, including a bottle, so your boy can practice caregiving with full support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should boys play with dolls?

Dolls are great for developing emotional maturity and empathy. Your boy can practice caregiving, use the doll to role play, and use it in otherwise imaginative ways. Dolls can be excellent learning tools and vital to a boy’s development.

How do I choose the right doll?

Age is a significant factor in your decision. Younger children shouldn’t have any loose pieces and benefit from a soft doll for comfort. Older children love accessories that look like what they see in the world around them and can handle dolls with removable outfits and realistic bodies. You can also choose based on your budget.

My boy plays with action figures. Does he need a doll too?

Action figures are great for fantasy, but a doll can be a critical part of your child’s comfort and learning experience. They encourage your child to care for them and to express emotions. Action figures inspire action, a different type of play. The two can be complementary.

Best Dolls for Boys - Are there baby dolls for Toddler boys?

Dolls for Boys

Boys need emotional support just like girls. We want them to grow up to be well-adjusted and caring, so a doll toy could be a great place to start.

They’re easy to use and a classic toy that every child loves. Soft dolls offer comfort, and realistic dolls allow your child to play realistic caregiving games and try on different roles.

Whatever you choose, a doll is an excellent option for the boys in your life.

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