Breathing Reborn Baby Dolls Reviews

Breathing reborn baby dolls are the pinnacle of realism. They look and sound like an actual baby and make great toys or collector’s items. Some of them are even suitable for therapy dolls.

This list includes the best breathing reborn baby dolls, all made with the loving touch of master doll makers and each one includes that beautiful breath action that makes babies so soothing to hold.

Let’s take a look.

5 Best Breathing Reborn Baby Dolls: The List

Each doll is made with exquisite detail and comes with clothing or accessories that make it seem like a true to life baby.

Let’s find your perfect reborn lifelike baby dolls with breathing heartbeat.

The Ashton - Drake Galleries Sophia Breathes The Ashton – Drake Galleries Sophia Breathes
  • a heartbeat, breathing
  • a certificate of authenticity and a pajama outfit
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Ashley Breathes with Hand-Rooted Ha Ashley Breathes with Hand-Rooted Ha
  • a heartbeat, breathing, hair
  • a certificate of authenticity and clothes
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The Ashton-Drake Galleries – Ella Breathes When Touched The Ashton-Drake Galleries – Ella Breathes When Touched
  • a heartbeat, breathing, hair
  • a certificate of authenticity and clothes
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Linda Murray Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries Linda Murray Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
  • an awake newborn, a heartbeat, breathing, hair
  • clothes
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The Ashton — Drake Galleries Sophia Sleeping Doll

The Ashton — Drake Galleries Sophia Sleeping Doll

The Ashton — Drake Galleries Sophia Sleeping Doll

Sophia is another realistic, reborn baby doll from Ashton Drake galleries. This time, she’s a sweetly dreaming baby with adorable features designed by Linda Murray. She coos gently in her sleep and has a real heartbeat. Her adorable chest rises and falls as she breathes.

Sophia comes in a beautiful Ashton-Drake box. Almost every Ashton-Drake reborn doll in a box is wrapped with gift paper. You can notice her lying in her comfortable box. You have to untie the ribbons on her feet, tummy, and neck to take her out of the box.

Be careful while opening her ribbons. You do not want to press too hard on her chest as it can damage her breathing mechanism. You can notice a small hairnet over her head.

Remove the sheets from her hands and feet. You can now take her out. Carry her properly like you carry real babies.   

She has a weighted body for realism, plus a soft cloth body that lays realistically in your arms. She’s posable and includes hand-rooted hair to mimic the baby’s downy soft head.

You can read and feel the name of the artist, “Linda Murray” and the “A D G” letters for Ashton drake galleries at the back of her neck. It is a copyright mark and it makes sure that you have the right doll.

She’s not a toy, but a true collector’s item designed to interact and belong in your family. I like Sophia more than my other reborn dolls because of her smell. Her smell is so real. It is as if she is a real baby.

I like Sophia because she has really soft skin. Her eyelashes feel so real. Ashton-Drake did not make any mistake while rooting her eyelashes. Sophia is 19-inches long from head to toe.

Sophia’s small feet and baby butt make her more real. I like her outfit. Ashton-Drake has given her baby fuzz hair that makes her look like a blonde baby.

You can find the battery compartment by opening her back. You can change the batteries whenever you feel that she needs new ones. If you are looking for a reborn baby that breathes, coos, and has a heartbeat, you should definitely get Sophia.

You can move her arms. Unlike other breathing reborn dolls, Sophia has independent movable limbs. It means that you do not need to move both arms together. You can move one arm at a time.

Sophia has closed hands. I absolutely love her face. She has a pout and I just want to kiss her. She can last for generations. Her sound is a bit of a surprise.

She sounds like a real newborn baby. I did not expect her sound to be so real. You have to handle her with care because you can damage her breathing mechanism when you press down so much on her chest.

She has a top-notch breathing mechanism. Linda Murry has done a fantastic job with her hands and fingernails. Her design is so realistic that sometimes it feels as if a real-life baby is sitting in your room.       

She includes a certificate of authenticity and a pajama outfit. She weighs about five pounds and should fit into other newborn clothing if you decide to change her outfit.

She’s recommended for adult collectors and very responsible older children who understand how to take care of a doll like this one.

What we like

  • She is a lifelike baby.
  • She has a realistic sound.
  • She has a top-notch breathing mechanism.
  • She is poseable.

What we don’t like

  • She is too real.

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The Ashton — Drake Galleries Ashley Sleeping Doll

The Ashton — Drake Galleries Ashley Sleeping Doll

The Ashton — Drake Galleries Ashley Sleeping Doll

Ashley is another realistic sleeping doll from Ashton Drake, this time designed by master doll designer Andrea Arcello. Ashley is a sweet doll with a full head of hair and attractive features.

She has one curled-up hand to mimic the way a newborn sleeps, and the breathing feature is a wonderful touch. She has one open hand. Her arms go up and down together.

She has hand-rooted hair for lifelike realism, plus sweet eyelashes and hand-painted fingernails and toenails. She’s designed to lie in your arms just like a baby would with loose joints and a soft, weighted body.

Her outfit is a sleeper, but she also fits into newborn clothing should you decide to change her. She comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can read the name of her artist on the authenticity certificate. She comes with a little gift-card-like thing that carries her name, “Ashley.”

You can read everything about her doll artist on the certificate of authenticity. You will find Ashley’s picture on her certificate of authenticity. She has rooted eyelashes. You can read or feel the Ashton-Drake letters, “A D G” at the back of her neck.

I feel that Ashley is one of a kind doll. Normally, reborn dolls contain magnets for a pacifier. She does not contain magnets for a pacifier.

It is a really cool feature. We bought her for my friend. She has a pacemaker and Ashley does not contain magnets for a pacifier which makes her a perfect gift.

I personally like her skin. She has a very soft skin texture. She wears a nice shirt. You can pose her. We pressed her legs and felt something like a wire in her legs. I do not like her hair. She does not have soft hair.

You can notice the blushing on her hands and knees. There is a small floppy button thing behind her neck. You can see her breathing mechanism in her lower back. When you turn on her breathing mechanism, place your hand over her chest and you can feel her breathe like a real baby.

Ashton Drakes RealTouch vinyl skin. She’s an excellent collectible for those who don’t need a lot of features but would like to feel real newborn breathing.

Things we like

  • She has a lovely face.
  • She is poseable.
  • She smells like a baby.
  • She sounds like a real baby.

Things we do not like

  • She has a noisy breathing mechanism.

The Ashton-Drake GalleriesElla Breathes When Touched

Ella Breathes When Touched- So Truly Real® Lifelike, Interactive & Realistic Weighted Newborn Baby Doll 17-inches by The Ashton-Drake Galleries.
The Ashton-Drake Galleries - Ella Breathes When Touched

The Ashton-Drake GalleriesElla Breathes When Touched

She is a proud Ashton-Drake product. Ashton Drake has over 30 years of experience in reborn doll artistry. I heard she was designed by Sherry Rawn. She has a real touch vinyl skin.

Like all other Ashton-Drake dolls, Ella comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can notice her picture on the card. You can also read her name.

Traditionally, Ashton-Drake provides you with information about your reborn doll artist. Ashton-Drake ties the reborn dolls inside the box. Ashton-Drake has covered her hands and feet with a wrapping sheet.  

I love her features. As expected, she is adorable. You can freely move her arms. She has a realistic weight. I like her nose. She has open nostrils. She comes with a little surprise.

She has a white full-cloth body. Her cloth body is finely attached to her vinyl parts. She has a cream-color bottom. I liked the details on her arms and legs.

Ella looks so cute with her hairband, and her eyes, she is so adorable!

What we like

  • She has a full-cloth body.
  • Her face is so cute.
  • You can move her arms and legs.

What we don’t like

  • She is delicate.

Linda Murray Real Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Linda Murray So Truly Real Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
Linda Murray Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Linda Murray Baby Doll Breathes and Has Heartbeat by The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Baby Jayla is a beautiful reborn doll. Linda Murry has done a great job designing this beautiful reborn. She has a RealTouch vinyl skin. Her skin is so soft that you will feel like you are touching a newborn baby.

Baby Jayla is suitable for those who love colored reborn dolls. Ashton-Drake has packed Baby Jayla in a traditional Ashton-Drake box. Ashton-Drake has tied Baby Jayla with little ribbons.

She has wide open eyes. She has realistic weight. Her skin is amazing. You can touch and feel her soft skin. Ashton-Drake has covered her head with a hairnet.

She has beautiful hand rooted hair. I love her hair. You can see a little ribbon-type thing on her head which is actually a hairband. You can always change her clothes.   

She has a hand-painted face. She has a fantastic breathing mechanism. You can touch and feel her body moving while she breathes. She has a full-cloth body. Her full-cloth body is neatly attached to her vinyl parts.

I love the details over her vinyl parts. I like her skin tone. Linda Murray has given her detailed hands and knees. You can press and feel her vinyl parts.

Baby Jayla is a fantastic breathing reborn doll for doll collectors and lovers. You can spend hours and hours playing with her. She is an excellent companion who never leaves you alone.

She can last for years and years. You can pass her down from one generation to another. She has sweet lips. I like the way they have painted her lips.

She has open nostrils. It feels like she can breathe through her nose. I know that she is not a real baby, but she is better than any reborn baby. Her eyebrows are so realistic. It feels like you are looking over a real newborn baby.

Her one hand is closed and the other one is just so real. She is so poseable. You might like to take pictures with her. She is a star of my reborn collection. I won’t like to lose her anyway.

Her fingernails are just so beautiful. Linda Murray should be awarded for designing such a realistic, lifelike doll. I love her features and she has a very cute face. You should definitely get her for yourself and your children.  

What we like

  • She has a cute face.
  • She has kissable lips.
  • She has a realistic breathing mechanism

What we do not like

  • She is too detailed.

Reborn Breathing Dolls for Sale

There are very few reborn dolls available on the market. Ashton-Drake has maintained the quality and supply of breathing reborn dolls on Amazon. You can find dolls designed by renowned reborn doll artists such as Linda Murray on Amazon.

Reborn Breathing Mechanism

It is my hobby to collect reborn dolls. So I look over several reborn dolls and check their parts. I am a crazy reborn doll collector that is why I checked the breathing mechanism for reborn dolls.

A quality reborn breathing mechanism requires money. I have explored several breathing mechanisms inside my reborn dolls and I know that high-quality reborn breathing kits last longer than cheap copies.

You will also like to check the material used to form the reborn breathing mechanism inside your reborn dolls. Heavy duty reborn breathing mechanism gives a heartbeat too.

It is actually possible for a reborn breathing mechanism to have a heartbeat due to the sound box used for the breathing mechanism. Good sound boxes come in different models. You have to select the right one for your reborn doll.

Silicone Breathing Reborn

It is difficult to find good silicone breathing reborn dolls in the market. I personally feel that Ashton-Drake has a fine line of breathing reborn dolls.

A quality reborn doll will always carry a fine reborn breathing machine. Reborn breathing machine along with the sound box can make your reborn more real than any other doll.

How to make a reborn doll breath?

While there is a shortage of reborn dolls in the market, you can also make your reborn breath by installing a breathing mechanism. You need a breather box for your reborn baby dll.

Purchasing Your Reborn Baby Doll

If this is your first reborn baby doll or your first breathing reborn baby doll, you may still have some questions about how to choose and what to look for.

Let’s get everything cleared up.

What Are Reborn Baby Dolls?

Originally, reborn baby dolls were repurposed dolls in which the artist carefully removed paint and features and repainted the doll to resemble a newborn infant. These one-of-a-kind dolls sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars and some still do.

The term has evolved over the years to include dolls explicitly designed to look realistic, not necessarily ones that are one of a kind.

Galleries include a reborn section of dolls that are realistic and have features such as heartbeats, breathing, and sounds.

How Do I Choose A Reborn baby Doll?

There are a few things to consider when you choose, and not all have to do with the doll’s look. Let these things guide you to your perfect reborn doll.


Reborn dolls aren’t cheap, but they don’t have to cost you a grand. A good reborn doll is likely over $100, but that isn’t a hard and fast rule.

You should give yourself enough room to buy a doll that has all the features you’re looking for but not one that’s prohibitively expensive.

If this is your first doll, it might be best to choose one on the more affordable end of the spectrum.


Breathing dolls aren’t the only special feature you could choose. You can also find ones with a heartbeat that you can feel through the chest and sometimes hear if you listen close.

Other options could be posable limbs or cooing sounds. You definitely want a doll that’s weighted, but if you’re in the market for your first doll, the breathing action is a great extra feature splurge.


You can find sleeping dolls and awake dolls. Some are newborns, and some are slightly older babies. They come in all sorts of different ethnicities with different hair, eye, and skin colors.

Find a doll that you love and that resembles you or resembles something you are fond of.

How Do I Care For My Reborn Doll?

Be especially careful of hair and eyelashes. Many of these features are actually hand rooted so any brushing should be gentle. Never wash your baby with harsh soaps or anything that could alter the paint.

If something gets onto your doll, clean with water and a mild soap without submerging. You can wash the clothes of most dolls, but try to avoid getting any part of the doll itself wet.

Make sure you take precautions with food or drink around the doll and make sure children understand how to care for the doll if they’re the recipient.

Breathing Reborn Baby Dolls Reviews

Final Thoughts | Breathing Reborn Baby Dolls Reviews

Breathing reborn baby dolls have a touch of magic. They’re intended for collectors, but definitely not something you’ll want to display behind glass. Instead, their best features come out when you’re holding them in your arms just like a real baby.

Getting into the world of reborn dolls can be a rewarding experience, and we recommend that you find your perfect look with features you fall in love with.

That way, your doll is nearly a part of your family and ready to offer delight and comfort whenever the need arises. Fall in love with your reborn doll and always have that feeling of a beautiful, newborn in your house.

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