How to Add Hair to a Reborn Doll?

To make your reborn doll look as realistic as a reborn doll can, you may want to add hair to your reborn doll’s scalp. 

You need to root some hair into their scalp. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Following simple steps can make this quite simple. 

No one wants a bald reborn doll, hence follow the steps in the article to learn how to add hair to a reborn doll.

If you fail to do the tasks properly, it’s possible that your doll may end up looking funny and not right. You need to properly root the hair, use the right amount of hair, and the right thickness. 

Adding hair or hair roofing to your reborn doll isn’t hard, it’s just a bit time-consuming as it requires concentration and a steady hand. 

Here’s how to add hair to a reborn doll! 

Choose your Hair Preference

The first and most important step is to decide which type of hair you prefer to use on your reborn doll. 

Most people choose mohair for their reborn dolls, but again it entirely depends on everyone’s preference. Mohair looks very identical to an actual baby’s hair hence the reborn doll looks very realistic. 

The hair you choose is not like real hair. It’s much more durable and won’t break if you apply a bit of force or tension to it. 

So the question is, how much hair do you actually need to add to the scalp of a reborn doll? 

Again, this depends on a person’s preference. If you want thick hair, you may have to use more hair. But if you want to thin out hair, the amount of hair will be considerably less. 

This is entirely a personal choice and decision. Moreover, thick or thin, you would only require a few locks of mohair to root to the scalp of your reborn doll.

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Once you’ve decided the type of hair you’re choosing, you also need to decide upon the color you want. This may seem like an easy decision but do not take it lightly. 

The color you go with, you have to stick with that color. It isn’t an easy task to replace the hair later on. Once the hair is added to the scalp of your reborn doll, it’s there to stay. 

Yes, it is possible to change it back again after pulling it out, but without a doubt, the whole process requires a lot of effort and time. 

A little pro tip to help decide the color of the hair is to match it with the color of the eyes. See which hair color goes well with the eyes, that hair color is likely to look good on your reborn doll. 

This makes your reborn doll naturally attractive. 

how to root a reborn doll

Things Needed for Hair Rooting

The first and foremost, which has already been discussed is the need for hair to be put on the scalp. 

In order to put the hair, it is important to have a felting needle. It is necessary to use a felting needle and not the normal ordinary needle as the size of the felting needle is more convenient and handier. 

A felting needle is used to make holes in the scalp so that the hair can be added or rooted. Felting needles can easily be purchased from Amazon or any craft store. 

Felting needles are small in size and are used to create small holes without damaging the scalp of the reborn doll. This is really important to root hair into the reborn dolls. 

Another thing you may need to purchase to make roofing easier is a hair dryer. The hairdryer is used to heat up the scalp or vinyl before punching holes into it. 

Heating up the scalp makes making holes easier without any struggle. This isn’t necessary but a useful tool when roofing hair. It makes the whole process much easier and faster. 

Other things required include a multipurpose adhesive glue, a foam brush, and a micro root hair tool. 

How to Add Hair to a Reborn Doll

Steps for Hair Rooting

Once you’ve chosen the hair type and color, and you have all your hair rooting tools, it’s time to do the real task. 

Start from the top of the head. You need to take small amounts of hair and lay the strand of hair flat on the crown of the head. 

Once you’ve placed the hair on the section you’ll be working at, use a needle to push the hair through into the head in the direction you want the hair to go. 

If making holes is hard, use a hairdryer to heat up the vinyl so holes can be made easily. 

Some dolls already have holes made on the scalp but mostly you need to make them yourself. 

Make sure to hold the needle at a shallow angle because if you want the hair to look realistic, you can’t have the hair sticking straight out. That’s not how hair grows on a baby’s head. 

Make sure that you are evenly spreading the holes throughout the head in order to make the hair look even. 

Holes need to be made with care. If you rush the process and make the holes randomly, you may end up messing your doll up and you may not like how the reborn doll looks at the end. 

Once you’ve started to put the strands in, you need to trim the length of the hair strand according to your preference. 

Keep repeating these steps until you’ve filled in all the holes with strands of hair. 

You may want to look at your doll from time to time to see whether it needs more hair or not. If you think more hair is required, take the needle out and start making more holes and filling them with hair. 

Also, you don’t need to worry if you don’t get the hair right the first time. It’s pretty natural. Most people don’t get the hair right the first time around. It takes a few tries to master it. 

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of hair on your reborn doll’s head, add a coat of adhesive glue. This will dampen the hair. Use a foam brush to brush off any extra material that may be on the head. 

Once the roofing of the hair is done, you can style it however you want.


Follow these simple steps to add hair to the scald of your reborn dolls to make them look more realistic than ever. No one likes a bald reborn doll and may want to add hair. The steps are simple, they just require some concentration and time. You may not master it at once, but don’t give up.

Make your reborn dolls attractive and cuter than ever by following these easy steps of rooting hair to reborn dolls.

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