Is Reborn Dolls Shop Legit? (How to Know)

Reborn dolls are extremely loved by people. But one problem people face is purchasing them. People question whether the shop or website they come across is even legit or not? 

This article talks about the legitimacy of reborn dolls shop and what to look for when buying reborn dolls from shops or websites online. 

 If a person wants to buy a proper reborn doll, it is highly recommended to contact the reborn doll artists directly. This is the best way to purchase a real and legitimate reborn doll. 

Reborn Dolls Shop/Website

The internet is flooded with websites that are fake and use pictures of dolls from real reborn doll designers. However, what they actually sell is nothing near to what they show actually. These fake websites just use these pictures to lure the customers into buying the reborn dolls and take advantage of people who are just looking for a shop to buy a reborn doll. 

 In our experience, we have seen many customers fall victim to this crime. When you order a doll, you will receive a package that looks like a simple doll that is poorly painted. In some cases, the customer may not receive anything at all. 

If you want to buy a cheap reborn doll, avoid the hassle. If you want to buy a legitimate reborn doll, the best way to do this is to contact the artists who specialise in making reborn dolls. This way you’ll be sure of the quality as well as the legitimacy of the reborn doll. 

Making a reborn doll isn’t easy and of course not cheap. It takes a lot of resources for an artist to create a reborn doll, typically over $100. It requires a lot of resources like vinyl, paint, hair, eyelashes, eyes, and other accessories to make the reborn doll look legit and real. 

After that, the reborn doll artist spends considerable time assembling and decorating the doll. So, it is a given, that a reborn doll won’t be cheap. If you think you can buy a reborn doll at a lower price than this price, you are mistaken. If you find a reborn doll shop offering these dolls at a lower price than the specified price, you are most likely being scammed. 

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How to know if you are being scammed?

The most common way to access fake websites is through email. Many scammers try to lure victims with scam emails stating that they might get amazing deals if they click on the link provided or that they have won a prize or other attractive email to attract people. Likewise, it makes you believe you can get a very cheap deal. This type of link encourages you to click on the link and exploit emotions such as lust and paranoia.

Email is not the only way to get scammed. There are many other similar cases that occurred related to different social media platforms. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you stay vigilant and verify the authenticity of a website before visiting it and specially before purchasing anything. 

Other factors to look for in websites to recognise if it’s a scam website or not includes: 

  • Look for grammatical inconsistencies. 
  • Look for simple spelling mistakes. 
  • Look at their privacy policy, contact information, and endorsements of the website. 
  • Don’t click on generic sounding links like ‘Check this out!’ 

Reborn dolls are expensive dolls. Hence, legitimate websites that sell reborn dolls won’t make such mistakes. When an expensive item is being sold, privacy policy and contact information is a must. They are always given so look for it to prove it the website is legit. 

Secondly, when so much is spent on the reborn doll itself, the artists make sure to spend enough on the platform they are selling these dolls on. Hence, consistent grammar and spellings are used through out. 


These are expensive products hence artists heavily invest in them. In order to ensure that you don’t get scammed at all, the best way to go is to contact the artist directly. This way the chances of getting scammed are extremely low. 

Secondly, a person needs to be extremely vigilant and look for any suspicious points about the website or the shop where the reborn doll is being sold. You can’t expect to go for cheaper options and expect them to be legit. Reborn dolls require a lot of resources and time, making them expensive. Hence, if you’re finding them at a very low cost, it’s probably because they aren’t legit. 

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