How to Take Care of a Reborn Baby Dolls?

Reborn baby dolls – not many people would know what they are, but if you want to practice what it is like to have actual children, getting a reborn doll might be helpful for you.

They are delicately made and are very different from other baby dolls. They also happen to hold a high level of resemblance with real babies.

A lot of sweat, effort, and time goes into making them as well. For this reason, They must be taken care of in the best manner possible.

How to take care of a reborn baby doll

Top 9 Tips for a reborn baby doll

#1 Willingness to spend money

It might sound like a discouraging factor for you, but if you want to get a reborn doll, you must be willing to spend a lot of money.

Unlike other baby dolls, Reborn dolls are not particularly cheap: it can be costly to spend money on the doll itself and its accessories.

#2 Avoid any source of heat

The best possible way you can avoid your reborn doll from getting damaged is first to make sure they are not exposed to the sun. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause your reborn doll’s color to become faded and its limbs to break.

This is so because reborn dolls are made of vinyl, a highly sensitive material to the sun’s UV rays. Not only the sun but any source of heat can cause it considerable harm.

#3 Avoid areas where it is too cold

Just as too much heat can ruin your reborn baby doll, steer away from an area where it is too cold as well for your reborn baby doll. Places such as storage facilities and basements might temporarily seem like a good option to store your reborn baby doll in.

However, they also happen to get too cold. So, ensure your doll is properly packed within a box to keep it from getting too cold.

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#4 Have the necessary accessories

Doll Accessories

To gain an experience that might seem closest to having an actual baby, you might have to go the extra mile. Once you get a reborn baby doll, ensure you have all the necessary supplies your reborn baby doll would need – blankets, clothes, bottles, diapers, etc.

#5 Keep away from items that will discolor your reborn baby doll

Some items are made in such a way that they leave a color on the items/things they are placed on. As reborn dolls are made of vinyl, some objects or even a particular piece of fabric might leave a stain on them.

To avoid them, you might find benefit in trying out particular clothing items on a piece of vinyl before checking if they leave a stain or not. This way, your reborn baby doll will have the least likelihood of getting stained.

#6 Keep pets and children away from your reborn baby doll

Pets and Dolls

Pets, no matter how trained they are, can get excited after seeing a reborn baby doll. They might also think it is a toy to chew on, play with, and throw around.

You would not want your reborn baby doll to get damaged this way. Not just pets, but children and kids might also not know how to take care of a reborn baby doll. They might throw a reborn baby doll around and play with it in such a manner that it harms them.

#7 Keep the doll away from sensitive metal items

Many individuals and people make use of external materials such as hearing aids and metal implants to live life.

For this reason, giving them a reborn baby doll can have bad consequences. Reborn baby dolls often come with magnets within them, which can lead to issues for people and your reborn baby doll.

#8 Treat the doll as if it is a real baby

By far, this is a tip you might have the most benefit from. Making sure you treat your reborn baby doll as if it is an actual baby will make life easier for you.

This could imply creating a schedule, to begin with, what your reborn baby doll needs. You will change its diapers, feed it, move it around, put it to sleep, clean it – these things are essential for a baby, and if you are confused about how to take care of a reborn baby doll, this will be helpful for you.

#9 Styling essentials for a reborn baby doll

As the hair of a reborn baby doll is delicate, a hard brush will damage its hair. Look for a brush with soft bristles so that your reborn baby doll’s hair does not experience and damage.

If you want your reborn baby doll’s hair to remain in place, one useful tip would be to run your fingers through its hair – that will keep straighten it and also remove small dust or dirt particles.

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Take Care of Reborn Baby Dolls


The idea of getting a reborn baby doll might seem odd to a lot of people. Why go through all the trouble for a doll, after all?

However, in knowing how to take care of a doll, you will know its true benefits. It will give you a very good experience of what it is like to have an actual baby.

Making a schedule for your reborn baby doll, changing its diapers, ensuring it is kept away from sources of heat – these things will get you accustomed to the act of taking care of an actual child as well.

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