How Can I Become a Reborn Doll Artist?

Many people wonder if they can become reborn doll artists. Every such person knows that to become a reborn doll artist, it is really important to pick up the paintbrush and make your first stroke. This is not only exciting, but it requires a lot of confidence and nerves. 

However, it isn’t easy to become a reborn doll artist, but it isn’t something you can’t do. It’s completely possible to become a reborn doll artist. Mistakes are part of the journey into becoming a reborn doll artist.

With practice and constant patience, you can excel with time. Reborning isn’t as easy as people may assume. It requires a lot of patience and hard work. 

Reborn dolls are very much liked by children and their main purpose is to serve as toys for children. However, recently the use of reborn dolls has evolved. Adults have grown fond of these human-like dolls. 

Making a reborn doll isn’t easy. It requires a lot of precision, hard work, patience, and practice. Hence, one can gain the required skills for the creation of reborn dolls with time. 

Follow this article to learn how you can become a reborn doll artist. It may be a bit tricky, but do not lose hope! 

How to become a reborn doll artist?

There are several processes and techniques that come into play when crafting a reborn doll. Follow the steps listed below to become a reborn doll artist.


The most important part is to purchase the important vinyl parts of the doll that are required. This is a prerequisite for crafting a reborn doll. 

The vinyl parts come in a form of a kit that is used to create a reborn doll. The body plate that is going to be used to create the doll is entirely your own choice. Choose according to your preference, whatever you may like. 

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Assess Your Skills

Reborn dolls require a certain level of skills. It is important that you assess your skills while learning to make a lifelike reborn doll. You can notice the improvements in your skillset with the passage of time.

Do not lose confidence! You should try your level best to make a lifelike reborn doll. You should take care of certain things while you make your own reborn doll:

  • Polish your rooting skills
  • Select your paints.
  • Select your brush.
  • Source parts from a reliable manufacturer

 Make a list of supplies and tools you need for this amazing art. Remember consistency is the key because your skills will only improve with enough practice.

Social Network

I don’t know about you, but in my case, I had zero technical knowledge and I tried to know about reborn doll customers and artists. I joined several social media groups and communities where I saw different reborn dolls. I think that appreciating and learning from others’ work is a vital step to becoming a reborn doll artist.

The first time I saw a reborn doll, I fell in love with her. I think that you should love reborn dolls and their realistic features to become a reborn doll artist.

Purchase Supplies 

Once the preparation of the kit is completed, there are several supplies that are needed to make the process possible. 

The important supplies include: 

  • Paints: There are two options that a person can choose from when it comes to painting. The best-suited type of paint when crafting a reborn doll is either the air dryer paints, or the genesis heat sets paints. As the dolls have to be baked later, one must choose the type of paint accordingly. 
  • Mottling Tools: These include sponges that are needed. 
  • Eyelashes for the doll 
  • Plastic or glass eye for the doll. 
  • Drying tools: A rack would be needed for the drying and setting of painting. 
  • Hair: The most common type of hair used is either mohair or synthetic hair. 
  • An oven 
  • Stuffing: plastic beads, polyfill 

Painting the Complexion 

Firstly, the vinyl parts of the doll are dried. This is either done with soapy water (warm temperature) or, in other cases, with the help of rubbing alcohol. 

For the base coat, paint is applied to the reborn doll. To make your reborn doll look realistic, keep it mind you will require a number of layers of paint to get the perfect consistency and face of the reborn doll. The average amount ranges from 2-6 coats of paint. 

For their convenience, some artists bake the doll after every layer of paint is applied. This fastens the drying process. However, this isn’t always the case, nor is it necessary. Some artists even wait for 3-4 coats before baking. It depends on a person’s own preference. 

Once the base coat is done, mottling comes next. This is done to make dolls look more human-like, showing some blood flow under the reborn doll’s skin. Veins are painted after the second layer of paint for them to look discreet and realistic. 

Once the veins are painted, at a temperature of 255-265F, the vinyl parts are baked to make the setting of the paint happen. 

Wait for the doll to cool down. Once it is cooled down, creasing and blushing is fine in order to create an illusion of folds and color on the skin. It fills the face with life. 

After this, some detailing is done. This includes shading the inner side of the ears and the nose along with other areas. 

For the finishing look, use a sponge and dab the skin of the reborn doll with it. 


To make the reborn doll realistic, some fine details are made to the nails and the lips. Make sure you don’t make them too pink, as that gives an unrealistic look of a doll. Reborn dolls are nearer to reality. 

Touches are also made on the head, neck, forehead, and other body parts. Nails are touched up with a bit of white color to give a realistic and natural look. 

Texture and Seal

The texturing of the skin may prove to be one of the most difficult steps for any artist. You can bake the doll again using gloss or matte varnish. If the gloss is dry, apply after baking. Tears, wet lips and a wet nose adds life to the reborn doll, making it look as realistic as ever.


Once you are done with all the painting, it’s time for the exciting part, Rooting. With the eyes open, you have the option to either insert the eyes before or after rooting. Rooting requires time and practice. First, draw a hair plan. It makes the rooting process faster.

The direction of the root and the angle of the needle should be correct. You can also make eyelash roots, but some artists prefer artificial eyelashes and glue them together. After rooting, glue is added to keep the hair in place.

Assembling of the Reborn Doll

The reborn doll is stuffed with either polyfill or plastic balls to add weight. These are added to the lower body and head to make them look full and real.

Polyfills are added around the nylon pouches. This is done to secure the nylon patches and to make sure they stay in place. The arms and legs of the reborn doll are also packed, and a polyfill is added. Some stuffing is also added to the shoulder and hips.

Once the stuffing is added to all the required parts, all the different parts of the reborn doll are assembled with the help of plastic cable ties and laces. Once everything is where it is supposed to be, all extra cable is cut.  


I got myself a nice paint brush holder with a water bucket when I started painting reborn dolls. I recommend that you do the same. You can get a much better product, but I like this one.

I will not mention a particular paintbrush for you as I just go with the flow and pick whichever suits me. As you start painting, you will know more about your paintbrush.

I use a color wheel while painting my reborn dolls. You should get one too. Well, I use nail tees to remove extra paint from certain areas. Nail tees can get into tiny creases that your paintbrush cannot reach. Some people even use cotton swabs. It depends on your personal choice.

Choose your sponges wisely. There are many options available on the market, each sponge can be used for a different purpose. They are really useful while applying paint on vinyl.

I use cotton rounds to cover holes, and I think that it is better to use cotton rounds rather than plugs that can pop out anytime.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Artists who make silicone reborn dolls  

Silvia Ezquerra, Maria Lynn Grover, Kyla Janell, and Michelle Fagan are some of the renowned silicone reborn doll artists.

Who is the artist of benjamin’s reborn doll?

Tasha Edenholm made Benjamin the reborn doll of Ashton-Drake Galleries.

Who is the best reborn baby doll artist?

Silvia Ezquerra is a great reborn doll artist. 


If you are a reborn doll lover and want to become a reborn doll artist, the above-mentioned steps are just a starter. To become a reborn doll artist professionally, many other details are required. Just remember, becoming a reborn doll artist requires a lot of commitment and patience. It is a tricky job. However, it isn’t impossible. With practice and several tries, one can easily excel in this field.

Do not get disheartened by the mistakes you make. Use those mistakes to learn better and amend the mistakes for the future. Follow the steps mentioned to get started as a reborn doll artist.

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