What Comes in a Reborn Doll Kit?

Reborn kit is a kit that comes with all the supplies and instruments one needs to create a reborn doll themselves. Isn’t that cool? You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying everything yourself. It all comes in a package. 

There are different companies that make amazing reborn kits. The supplies may differ from kit to kit, but the purpose is entirely the same; to make reborning easy and convenient. So, what are you waiting for! Do many people wonder what is in reborn kits? 

Reborn kits come with different supplies that you need to make a reborn doll. It usually comes with the silicone body parts like the face, limbs, head, and arms. It also comes with other supplies that are necessary for the reborning process. 

These supplies include paintbrushes, paints, pellets for weight, sponges, glue, cable ties, nose drill bits, and many other supplies that are needed. 

What Comes in a Reborn Doll Kit?

Here’s a detailed list of supplies you can expect to come with a reborn doll kit: 


Reborn doll kits come with polyester. This is a very soft material that is needed for the stuffing of the reborn baby. This makes the reborn doll look stuffed to give the doll a realistic touch. 

Hair and Eyelashes

Reborn kits also have hair. This is usually mohair which is used for rooting hair onto the reborn dolls. For hair, some kits may have wigs or even human hair. However, mohair is the most commonly used hair for reborn dolls. 


The palette is used to mix the paints to make different shades or to mix the paint with thinners to make the settling process easy. Palettes that come with reborn kits can be made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. All perform the purpose well. 

Extra limb

Most reborn doll kits come with an extra body part like a limb. The sole purpose of the extra limb is only for practice. As all kits are different from one another, you may need to understand how many layers of paints you need and which color to use.

To be sure, you can practice on the extra limb and not make mistakes when performing on the actual vinyl parts.  

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Paint set

Reborn kits come with a whole set of paints that are needed for the whole painting process. Usually, most reborn kits came with genesis heat set paints.

However, with the recent concern with genesis heat set paints being toxic and not good for health purposes, kits now also come with air-dry paints. 

The paints come in many different colors so that all body parts are covered. Different color is available for the veins, creases, skin tone, and all other body parts.


Different sets of sponges are given with reborn kits. These sponges are used for dabbing paints to make them blend well. Cosmetic sponges are best suited for this purpose. 


You might wonder why you got stockings in the reborn kit. They are used for weighting purposes. As the weights that come with reborn dolls are heavy, they require something that they can be put into. Hence, stockings are used for putting weights in.

They are surrounded by polyester for stuffing and to keep the weights in place. 


As reborn dolls are ought to be realistic and human-like, they need to have some weight too. Hence to add weight glass beads or plastic beads are used. Most reborn kits come with glass beads. Reborn kits usually have weights of about 2-4 pounds. 


The reborn kit comes with a strong glue. This is needed for sealing the hair and also for sticking the eyelashes in place. 


Reborn kits have needles of different sizes. These needles are used for rooting the hair. This is an extremely critical stage and requires a lot of patience and concentration. 


Reborn kits come with brushes of different sizes. They range from tiny ones to bigger ones. The tiny ones are usually used for details purposes only.

Veins and creases are painted with the help of a tiny paintbrush only. Using thicker brushes is likely to smudge paint in these tiny places. 

The bigger brushes are used for painting purposes. Bigger body parts like the legs and arms are painted with a bigger brush. 

Razor comb

A razor comb is only given with those reborn kits that come with hair. The razor comb helps style the hair according to one’s liking. 

Toothpicks and cotton buds:

Toothpicks and cotton buds are given with the reborn kit to make the detailing easier. For the detailing of small places especially near the eyes, toothpicks are most efficient.

Hence, to add paint to tiny places without smudging the paint, toothpicks and cotton buds are used. 

Rooting tool

For the rooting of hair, needles need to be attached to a rooting tool. This makes rooting easier and faster. 

Instruction Manual

Most reborn kits come with a detailed instruction manual. The instruction manual gives step-by-step instructions as to what to do and what to use. The instruction manual comes with pictures and details to make the reborning process as smooth as possible. 


Reborn kits make reborning convenient for all. You don’t need to go through the hassle of purchasing each supply separately, you can just purchase a reborn kit. 

The reborn kit contains all the necessary supplies you may need to make a reborning doll. Different companies have different kits that may have additional supplies, however, the key is to make a reborn doll as conveniently as possible. 

Before buying a reborn kit, make sure the kind of reborn doll you want to make. Hope this article helps solve the most asked question about reborn kits, as to what reborn kits really have! 

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