How to Fix a Toy Car Wheel? (Repair Broken Toy Car)

If you have a broken toy in your hand, you may want to consider throwing away or replacing the entire toy, no matter which part is broken. But there is some hope. This is because fixing toys is easy with the right tools.

Many people find that repairing broken toy parts, such as car wheels, is more cumbersome than simply throwing away the car and replacing it with a new one. The facts are different. Repairing plastic parts for toys is easier than you think. But it would be best if you fixed it correctly.

Manufacturers tend to replace their toy collections quickly, so it’s best to have the broken parts repaired to keep the group intact. In other words, it is possible to repair broken toy car wheels. Suppose you use a shovel or a solder gun with a flat tip (such as the Vaster solder gun) and weld it. The repair process is slightly different if you deal with another wheel or a broken axle.

How to Repair Broken Toy Car Wheels?

How to Fix a Toy Car Wheel

If you don’t match the wheels of your toy car, the other wheels won’t roll, which is more frustrating than no wheels in the first place.

The problem with most toy cars, especially Hot Wheel models, is that manufacturers tend to replace their toy collections quickly, so it’s best to have the broken parts repaired to keep your collection intact.

Also, other parts of the vehicle can fall off if something goes wrong, ultimately ruining the car’s look. Also, toy stores do not have repair services, and some parts, such as radio-controlled toy cars, are challenging to obtain.

The primary key to fixing toy wheels is understanding what kind of plastic it is and breaking it down into a liquid to mix with the rest of the surface to form a better bond. If you plan to use an adhesive, you must use an adhesive designed specifically for this type of plastic during repairs.

Materials you require

  • 24-gauge steel wire
  • Wire clippers
  • Soldering gun
  • Superglue
  • Solder
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Nail file
  • Ball pen hammer
  • Awl

Fixing a Hot Wheel toy car wheel

  1. Remove the wheel from the axle.
  2. Use pliers to cut a piece of 32 gauge wire. Make sure the length to be missed is precisely the same as the hot wheel undercarriage and protrudes from both ends by half the width of the wheel arches.
  3. Using superglue, attach one end of the wire to the center of one of the busbars.
  4. Then run the wire through the hot wheel axle hole.
  5. Use super glue to attach the second wheel to the protruding end of the axle and let it harden. But be very careful when soldering. If the pin breaks, the whole process must be restarted.

When repairing a broken wooden wheel

  1. It can be easily attached to dowels by drilling holes in all parts of the broken wheel.
  2. Add wood glue to dowels.
  3. Use masking tape to hold the wheel pieces together.

If you are repairing a broken axle

  1. Use pliers to unscrew the lock washer and remove the thrust nut. Remove the flat washers and wheel, then slide the axle out.
  2. Cut a new axle from a round steel rod. After installing it, slide the wheel and flat washers from the end. Place the lock washer behind the wheel.
  3. Place a thrust nut on the end of the axle and use a hammer to lock it in place.

How do toys work?

A toy is generally defined as an object that a child (or even an adult) can play with. A random visit to the toy store has a lot of different types of toys to show you. However, many toys have elements in common, and many can be repaired by following a few guidelines.

Even if you’re dealing with wheels, you should consider restoring some of your toy parts cases by case. Because a toy is original only once, and if a toy is damaged, its integrity can be compromised even if it happens only once. For this reason, it is always best to protect, especially if it is of great value to you.

The distinction between a restore and healing is that if you are changing certain parts, that could be a restore. In that instance, it is simple to determine that you may update a wheelset or axles if the wheels are broken or lacking, or you could create a standby set of wheels till you get suitable replacements for the lacking ones. This is vital because it’s also very tough to restore damaged wheels.

Many plastic toys and parts can break. The most common problem with toys on wheels is the loss of handle, axle, or wheels. However, the repair is not required in all cases, so the criteria for checking this are:

  • If your car or toy is battery-powered and won’t start, most likely, there is a problem with the charger or battery.
  • If there are any broken parts, you can use glue to fix them.
  • When plastic comes loose from a piece of metal or wood, you can drill holes in both surfaces and secure it with rivets and bolts.
  • If the shaft is damaged, replace it.
  • If your wheeled toy has lost its metal or wooden wheels, it can be replaced or repaired.
How to Fix a Toy Car Wheel


Repairing broken wheels on a toy car is problematic because it depends on how much damage the wheels are and whether other mechanical parts in the car have been affected. That’s why we explain the procedures for checking the different features and the different techniques to follow if you’re repairing different types of wheels.

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