How to Clean Baby Alive Doll Mouth? (Unclog Baby Alive Dolls)

Alive baby dolls are loved and played with all around the world now. But a major issue people face with them is cleaning them once they are clogged.

Follow this article to learn about the best ways as to how to clean baby alive doll mouth or how to clean a clogged baby alive doll’s mouth? 

There are different types of clogs. Some can occur while feeding while others can be more serious like clay and wax.

Some alive baby dolls also have mould stuck in them. Hence, there are easy ways to clean alive baby dolls in all such instances. 

How to Unclog Baby Alive Dolls: Clogged During Feeding 

This usually happens when your food is not liquid enough and is chunky, which causes it to get stuck. For such instances, you need a clean glue bottle or a syringe.

If your alive baby doll has a speaker or any battery-operated features, you would want to cover that to prevent any damage. 

Be sure you’re careful with the hair and tie them up before unclogging the baby alive doll. Lean your alive baby doll over the sink or a big bowl diagonally.

Put the glue bottle or syringe in the opening of the doll. Most alive dolls have these openings at the bottom. 

Make sure to push the water by force.

 The time it takes to unclog depends entirely on how bad the clog is. Bang the back a bit to make sure the clog is out.

You could also put the syringe or glue bottle from the mouth, whichever suits your purpose. Don’t worry if it takes more than few minutes, no need to panic. 

To make sure you’ve got everything, repeat this a few times. Clogs can be stuck here and there and may require effort to fully get rid of them. If not fully unclogged, the dolls can get seriously clogged in the future. 

Flush your alive baby doll out until the water coming out is totally clear. 

How to Unclog baby Alive Mouth

How to unclog baby alive doll: Drink and Wet Dolls 

This is a little bit easier than the last one. There is no speaker or any other technical feature to protect. Take a towel and keep by the neck of your doll. This is just for precautionary purposes. 

Of course, start by tying the hair of the doll. Lean the doll over a sink or a big bowl at a 45-degree angle. Take a bottle or a syringe, whichever is easily available for you, both fulfil the purpose equally. 

Align the syringe or bottle to the opening of the doll. This is usually found at the bottom of most dolls. Squirt the bottle to make water go in by force, making the clogged material to come out from the mouth. 

Repeat the process until the water comes out clear. It could make time to unclog the doll depending on the severity of the clog. Please make sure to rinse your dolls out well. This is an essential step. 

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How to Unclog Baby Alive Doll: Severe Clog or Mould 

Dolls being severely clogged or that have mould, need extra care and steps to get them cleaned up. To unclog severely clogged dolls, this trick will work wonders for you. 

What you’ll need is baking soda and white vinegar. Don’t give your baby alive dolls straight up baking soda, as it’s powder and is likely to clog your dolls even more. 

Add water to the baking soda. For drink and wet dolls, the mixture is to be thinner while for the rest it can be fairly thick. 

Start with feeding your doll the mixture of water and baking soda. Followed by feeding them with white vinegar. You will see a reaction taking place and bubbling taking place. This reaction is what will unclog the dolls.

Repeat the whole process through the bottom as well to get rid of the clog fully. 

Another Easy Way on How to clean a clogged baby alive doll 

Another easy way to unclog a baby alive doll is by the use of warm soap water. When water isn’t coming out due to some kind of clog, this way could be the easy way to go. 

Put some soap inside a bottle and warm it as much as you can. Mix the soap and water properly together. Put the soap water through her mouth and pat the bottom. 

Repeat this over and over until you can get her unclogged and water comes out. This could take some time depending on how bad you’ve clogged the doll. 

If this still doesn’t work, try blowing into her mouth as hard as you can until you see something coming out. This could be disgusting but worth a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can baby alive eat real food?

Don’t feel your baby alive dolls real food as this will make your dolls smell bad and also severely clog them up. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps if you clog your baby alive dolls. 

What can baby alive dolls really eat? 

Some baby alive dolls can’t eat anything at all and can only drink. Hence, they should only be given liquids to avoid clogging. Make sure you know what your doll can eat. 

Do I need to put a diaper on the doll before feeding? 

You can put a diaper on before feeding your baby alive doll but it isn’t a necessary step. If the legs are bent, the doll won’t wet itself. 

While unclogging the doll, what to do if the hair is ruined? 

There are many different ways to fix your doll’s hair depending on the type of their hair. You could use a fabric softener, boiling water, shampoo, and many other ways to fix their hair. 
How to Clean Baby Alive Doll Mouth? (Unclog Baby Alive Dolls)


If you’ve clogged your dolls, no need to worry. There are some simple steps you can follow to unclog your dolls in no time. 

All you need to do is have some patience and apply some pressure to flush out the clogs inside your baby alive dolls.

Hope this article helps solve your cleaning problem when it comes to baby alive dolls. If you have any additional comments or suggestions, feel free to comment! 

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