Can Baby Alive Drink Real Water? Read Before Use

Baby dolls have evolved a great deal. They come with more features as well as more new operational functions. Baby alive dolls are a kind of an evolution of baby dolls. Baby alive dolls are precious and engaging. 

Baby alive dolls come with so many different features. Baby alive dolls can move their mouths, drink, eat, bathe, poop, and pee too. Baby alive dolls act like real babies but are animated and low maintenance. 

Many people have the question weather baby alive can drink real water or not. The answer is simple. Yes, they can. To further learn about this aspect in detail, follow this article. Not only does this article tell about the drinking habits of baby alive dolls, but also answers all important questions related to baby alive dolls.

Can Baby Alive Dolls Drink Real Water?

Yes. Infact, baby alive dolls love staying hydrated. This is one of the exciting features that baby alive dolls come with. Giving water not only entertains the kids, but it also ensures that the functions of the baby alive doll are running smoothly.

Giving baby alive dolls water involves the mouthing feature as well as the peeing feature. Hence, you should be ready with the diaper to keep your baby alive doll fresh, dry, and clean.

When you’re feeding baby alive dolls with their food, make sure to give them water in between. This helps to get the food moving inside the baby alive doll without any hindrance.

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Can Baby Alive Dolls Go in Water?

Can Baby Alive Dolls Drink Real Water

While baby alive dolls can drink water, doesn’t mean that they can go in water as well. Baby alive dolls are not made to be in water or take a bath.

Although baby alive dolls are made of durable materials, but they have a delicate system put in place. Especially the baby alive dolls that can talk, it’s highly advisable to not take these in water. Baby alive dolls that are battery operated, may stop working if water goes into them.

Clothes of the baby alive dolls can be washed, and the outer body can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. As far as the inside is concerned, feed baby alive doll with water and let the inside clean up on its own. However, DO NOT submerge baby alive dolls in water.

Can Baby Alive Dolls Talk? 

There are many different types of baby alive dolls. However, not all can talk. But the ones that do talk, those baby alive dolls are definitely chatterboxes. 

There are dolls that giggle, laugh from joy, say variety of different phrases in one or more languages, and there are also some that sing. 

Does Baby Alive Doll Eat? 

Baby Alive dolls eat a sachet of safe, non-toxic powder that turns into liquid form when mixed with water. It does not expire, but it is strictly for dolls only and is not intended for human consumption. 

 Kids have fun preparing formula in a bowl or one of the doll’s accessories, just like real babies. Not all Baby Alive dolls can eat, only some that come with the feature can eat. 

What is Baby Alive Food Made Of? 

The food that baby alive dolls can eat are coloured in different colours. It’s in powder form. It is non-toxic; However, humans are advised not to eat it in any case. 

Some of the food is made up of wheat. It is easy to make the powder mixture at home simply by mixing baking soda, cornflour, and a few drops of food colour. Once water is added to the mixture, it turns into liquid form. This can easily be consumed by baby alive dolls. 

Pro tip: Make sure to not make the mixture too lumpy. This can get stuck in the baby alive doll causing mold. 

Can Baby Alive Dolls Eat Real Food? 

No. Baby Alive dolls should advisably be given the food packets that come with. They are designed according to the type of doll you have and makes sure your doll can function properly. 

The packet food helps baby alive doll to easily pass the food out of their system.  Real food could damage the doll and is not recommended.

What Age Are Baby Alive Dolls For?

Baby alive dolls are precious, entertaining, and extremely loveable dolls. They are best suited for kids aged three and more. They are also loved by older kids who love playing mommy to these adorable dolls.

Baby Alive Dolls are very interactive and fun to play with. They ensure a fun playtime for kids even when they are playing alone. Baby alive dolls also help teach children different traits like caring, loving, and sharing.

Can Baby Alive Drink Real Water


Baby Alive Dolls are extremely playful, highly interactive, and beyond adorable. Kids love playing with baby alive dolls as they come with so many features. Not only can they talk, but also drink water, eat food, pee/poop, and sing.

Baby Alive Dolls can drink real water and have food which is specially designed for them. They can talk, sing poems, teach different traits, and many more features. For any questions that you have regarding baby alive dolls, give this article a read. It’ll definitely answer any questions that you are unsure of. 

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