How Can You Tell If a Reborn Doll Is Real?

Telling if a reborn doll is real isn’t that hard. However, scams in the reborn doll community are very common. Those who are new to the reborn hobby and may not know what they are getting themselves into.

There are many companies that falsify information and steal reborn dolls sculpts from legit artists. They remake them with their own material and add their name to it. Many companies pose that they are selling legit dolls when in reality, they are just scams.

There is a thing called fake reborn dolls and it’s very common. As reborn dolls are expensive, no one would want to get scammed if they are spending that much money. 

It really all comes down to the quality of the reborn doll. If you spend $100-200 on a fake one, you could simply just add a few more and manage to get the real deal. Many dolls pose as real dolls but the quality of legit reborn dolls from reborn artists is just way different and can easily be differentiated. 

Main point of this article is to give pointers as to what you should look out for and how you can tell the difference between fake and real reborn dolls. 

Key Features of Fake Reborn Dolls

  1. They are not going to be as detailed painted like the real reborn dolls. Fake reborn dolls lack realism. 
  2. Most of the time the hair is going to be a kind of wig and if it’s rooted hair, it won’t be of good quality and likely to be synthetic. 
  3. Materials used to construct the fake reborn dolls aren’t really that good. Low quality or questionable material is used to construct these fake reborn dolls. 
  4. The quality may be so poor that they might not even be health approved. No one knows what’s in the material that is used. 
  5. Price is going to be low which is impossible for reborn dolls. You can’t get a brand-new reborn doll below $200. There can be an exception as to when collectors sell their dolls at a low price or artists who just started sell them at a lower price. Making a reborn doll costs a lot, usually near $300 and above. 
  6. Fake reborn doll is most likely to come from oversees factories like Chinese or Korean. There won’t be any product photo variations, probably only one picture of the doll. 
  7. Fake reborn dolls come with no certificate of authenticity. Sometimes companies are smart enough to provide a forged or fake copy of a certificate. Fake reborn dolls come with no paperwork. 

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Key Features of Real Reborn Dolls

  1. Wherever you’re buying from, a company, artist or anyone, it’ll come with a certificate of authenticity from the artist that sculpts the doll as well as a birth card that is signed by the artist. 
  2. You will definitely know who sculpted your doll and who painted your doll. 
  3. Real reborn dolls are weighted. They are weighted with polyfill and fine glassed beads. This makes the doll look and seem to be real. 
  4. Real reborn dolls are painted with either air dry paints or genesis heat set paints. 
  5. Real reborn dolls are priced above $200. You can’t find a real reborn doll cheaper than this as the whole process of reborning is an expensive one. 
  6. The quality of real reborn dolls is exceptional. You can tell by the quality whether the reborn doll is real or not. The detailing is thoroughly done and the material used is high quality material.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What places should you watch out for when buying real reborn dolls?  

You should definitely avoid websites like Ebay when buying authentic reborn dolls. Others include, AliExpress, and many such websites. You should buy from real artists as that’s the safest way. 

How can one find out where a doll is coming from? 

Every trusted website that is selling reborn dolls, will have an ‘

“about us”, “shipping”, “FAQs”, and “contact us” option at the end. One of these options will help find out where the doll is coming from. 

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