Best Potty Training Dolls 2022 (How to Teach Potty Training)

If your little one is on the verge of potty training, it can be hard to know what to do. Having your child watch you or your spouse (or even a sibling) is a great way to get the ball rolling, but not everyone is comfortable with that.

Potty training dolls are fantastic resources for potty training children. They allow children to mimic the caregiving you do and offer a way to demonstrate what’s going on without making anyone else in the family uncomfortable.

Let’s take a look at the best potty training dolls that may help you get started at this critical milestone in your child’s life.

The List: Best Potty Training Dolls

Each doll offers your child the chance to both pretend and understand what’s happening at this stage in life.

They’re fun and functional, durable and comforting, with plenty of accessories to make the process go more smoothly.

Drink and Wet Potty Training Baby Doll posable Dolls with Pacifier, Bottle, and Diapers Drink and Wet Potty Training Baby Doll posable Dolls with Pacifier, Bottle, and Diapers
  • female
  • Pacifier Bottle
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Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Paul Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Paul
  • male
  • anatomically correct bodies
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Potty Training with Tot On The Pot Potty Training with Tot On The Pot
  • female
  • activity cards store in the potty
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Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Alive Potty Dance
  • female
  • two language choices
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Melissa & Doug Mine Melissa & Doug Mine
  • female
  • pacifier accessory
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#1 Little Mommy Princess and the Potty

Drink and Wet Potty Training Baby Doll

The first doll is a happy little girl who comes with her own potty and features realistic sounds. Your child can practice helping the doll go potty and receive feedback for all his or her efforts. She’s made of durable plastic and cleans up quickly.

Accessories included are a sparkly sippy cup and a hand sanitizer accessory that helps teach the importance of bathroom cleanliness. The potty itself is bright pink and makes noises when you set the doll on the potty. She makes comments about finally learning to go on the potty and having no more diapers. The potty itself also makes noises when you «flush.»

It’s a fun, interactive option to potty dolls, one that’s durable and can withstand the enthusiastic play of a preschooler. The accessories are made of durable yet safe plastic that won’t degrade over time. The potty interior changes from a «dirty» surface to swirling blue water for extra fun realism.

Features We Love:

  • plenty of interactive learning phrases
  • potty water changes
  • hand sanitizer accessory is a wonderful teaching tool

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#2 Corelle Mon Grande Poupon Emma and Paul

Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Emma
Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Paul

Corelle is a big name in the doll industry, and their potty training dolls live up to that reputation. They don’t have silly sounds or interactive features, but they do offer a different level of realism, anatomically correct bodies.

These dolls come with a potty, pink for Emma and blue for Paul, plus similar color sippy cups that can be filled with water. When you «feed» the dolls and press on their bellies, they go to the bathroom in the potty, giving kids a realistic experience.

The doll is 14 inches and made with Corelle’s soft, vanilla-scented vinyl skin. The accessories are made of durable plastic, and the dolls also come with removable clothing, including a shirt, pants, and solid underwear.

Features We Love:

  • vanilla scented vinyl
  • simple but anatomically correct bodies
  • both boy and girl version available

#3 Tot On the Pot Activity Kit

Potty Training with Tot On The Pot

Tot on the Pot is an innovative way to encourage your children to go potty on their own without using unhealthy incentives like candy or screen time. It can help decrease the anxiety you have about potty training and help kids learn to go more quickly.

The plush doll doesn’t make any sounds or lights, but they are anatomically correct and come in both light and dark skin tones. The potty doesn’t flush, but the kit comes with a book designed to introduce young children to the process of going to the toilet and the potty houses activity cards that serve as simple rewards.

The set is designed to help your child learn to go in as little as three days and offers a simpler alternative to endless googling for the best way to teach your child. The activity cards have nearly zero preparation and use simple things you already have around the house to use as fun experiential rewards.

Features We Love:

  • available in both dark and light skin tones
  • activity cards store in the potty
  • full potty training system to make the process easier on both parents and children

#4 Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

Baby Alive Potty Dance

Baby Alive is one of the original «live» dolls, so their potty doll uses all the same tricks the very first Baby Alive dolls did. The doll is a sweetly smiling girl that comes with several accessories to make potty training clearer and easier.

The doll says over 50 fun phrases, and you can select not only the language (English or Spanish) but also the gender of your child as the caregiver (mommy or daddy). When you give her the bottle, it’s not long before she goes potty, giving your children a sense of cause and effect.

Other accessories include a brush for her hair, a bottle of pretend hand sanitizer or soap, and a fun sticker chart to mark either the doll or the child’s progress. She also comes with an outfit and underwear that you can change.

Features We Love:

  • choice of both «mommy» or «daddy» mode
  • two language choices
  • plenty of accessories

#5 Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Annie

Melissa & Doug Mine

The final doll is a sweet baby from Melissa and Doug. This option is a simple doll that comes with a potty, diaper, bottle, and pacifier. It’s great for children who are just now thinking of beginning potty training but haven’t made the leap yet.

Your child can choose the diaper or the potty with both accessories and feed the doll water to watch her go potty. She’s quiet and has opening and closing eyes. She’s a good, simple option for those who don’t like a lot of noise or interaction, but still want the child to begin thinking about the transition.

Her clothing is removable, and the hat is an excellent addition. The soft plastic body is easy to clean, and the clothing is very well stitched considering it is doll clothing. Both the pacifier and the bottle fit neatly inside her mouth.

Features We Love:

  • both diaper and potty options
  • pacifier accessory
  • good for younger kids thinking about potty time

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clear up some questions you may have about these dolls.

Why Should My Child Have A Potty Doll?

Best Potty Training Dolls 2022 (How to Teach Potty Training)

Realism can help your child work through some of the hurdles of learning to go on the potty. Sometimes children are afraid of what they don’t know, so having a familiarity through playing with a doll can reduce some of that anxiety.

Also, watching parents and siblings can be a great way to prepare your child for potty training, but not everyone is ready for that kind of thing. Dolls allow your child to «observe» without making other family members uncomfortable.

What Kind of Doll Do I Need?

The type of doll is entirely up to you. They come in a range of very simple to highly interactive dolls, but you aren’t obligated to go in one direction or the other. What is recommended is to follow your child’s personality.

Very young kids may not need all the interactive functionality of some of the more advanced dolls. The basic doll plus a potty and the possibility of feeding the doll water could be a great start to your potty training journey.

If your child is a little bit older, an interactive doll that talks and makes noises could follow him or her even after potty training is finished. Dolls that offer imaginative play are the critical factor here.

At What Age Is A Potty Doll Appropriate?

There’s no bad time to introduce a potty doll, but the best time would be when your child is walking and showing an interest in the potty. The doll will be most relevant now and could help encourage your child to take that interest to the next step.

After potty training is over, a doll can reinforce the concept and then later help your child practice caregiving skills long after potty training days are over.

Final Thoughts

Potty dolls are great ways for children to learn the basic concepts of what potty training entails. They encourage children to take the next steps and learn to go potty themselves, helping them (and you) leave diapers behind for good. They’re a vital part of your child’s imaginative play and choosing the right one can give your child a toy he or she values for a long time.

What stage is your child with potty training? Just beginning to show interest? In the active phase? Let us know in the comments below.

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