How to Get Water Out of Baby Alive Dolls? (Ways to Protect)

When you’ve had your baby alive dolls in the pool for long or have given them a shower, it is very common that water might stay in them. If you shake your baby alive doll, you will hair a lot of water from the inside. 

A lot of people are concerned with this area. They wonder how to get all the water out of the baby alive doll. There are a lot of different tricks tried to get rid of this problem. For those who have baby alive dolls, they are all built in the same way. 

To learn how to get rid of all the water from your baby alive doll, follow this article for some tricks and hacks to accomplish this nightmare. 

Steps to Get Water Out


Firstly, you must’ve noticed all baby alive dolls have a hole in the bottom. So, the easiest way that comes to mind is to shake the doll so that the water comes out of the hole. People don’t see the problem with this but this might not be the best or only way to go. 

What happens is, when you shake the doll, the water starts gathering in the legs. The water that gathers in the legs cannot be expelled by shaking. This is because the hole is above the legs. Getting the water out of the legs is very hard. 

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Tilt and Squeeze

To get the water out of the legs, you need to tilt your baby alive doll and hold the leg up. Then squeeze the leg a bit so that it bends and the water is pushed from the leg to the stomach. Tilt it again and water will come out of the hole. 

The ridges at the side of the legs should be facing down when trying to get the water out. Repeat the same steps with the other leg. Water will come out smoothly. Repeat the steps until you’re sure all the water is out. Keep pinching the legs so that the water comes out fully. 

You need to keep working at it and tilting it to successfully expel all the water. Pinch the leg until all the water is out. The last thing you want is to have water in your doll as it gets moldy inside. 

There’s also another kind of baby alive doll. What happens is the water gets stuck inside the head. You could shake the doll but that doesn’t seem to work. A hack or tip to get the water out from these dolls is to drill a tiny hole at the back of the head. It should be super small. 

All you have to do is squeeze the head and the water comes out of the drilled hole. This was a tricky one but drilling this hole was an effective and efficient way. Keep squeezing until you’re sure that all the water is out of the head. 

Ways to Protect your Dolls from Water Damage

Dolls that go in water have a risk of developing fungus and mold within their body. Fungus develops when water has stayed in the doll for an extended period of time. When dolls develop fungus, it poses as a health risk for children.

Here are some ways to protect dolls from developing mold: 

  1. Fully dry your dolls out. 
  2. Avoid immersing your dolls in water fully and that too for extended periods of time. 
  3. Avoid the extremities of temperature (Too Hot or Too Cold) 
  4. Store your dolls in dry places. 
  5. Avoid letting dust accumulate in your dolls. 
How to Get Water Out of Baby Alive Dolls

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get all the water out of your dolls? 

It is extremely important because water store within dolls for long time periods start developing mold and fungus which is dangerous of kids. The dolls even start smelling bad. 

How to get rid of mold in your dolls? 

You can get rid of mold with the help of water, bleach, hair dryer, and a towel. It’s a multi step process. For steps in detail, click here!

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