Do Baby Alive Dolls Need Batteries?

Baby dolls bring a notable change to our ideas of what dolls could do. They are dolls that can poop, pee, breathe and eat. 

After seeing this, it is natural to wonder: do baby alive dolls need batteries to function? What is it that allows them to perform these things?

Keep reading to find out more! 

Do all baby alive dolls need batteries?

Baby alive dolls need batteries to operate. However, not all baby alive dolls need them. 

It is easy to distinguish which baby alive dolls need batteries and which do not. 

The baby alive dolls that can sing, talk, eat and drink – such baby alive dolls will need batteries to function. 

Looking at what tasks your baby alive doll can perform helps you decide. 

Your baby alive doll might not need batteries if it is a simple doll that does not talk, eat, drink or sing. 

How do you change the batteries of a baby alive doll?

Do Baby Alive Dolls Need Batteries1

If you wonder whether your baby alive doll needs batteries or not and are confused, one helpful thing might be locating its battery component. 

Turning the doll around and looking at it might help you find the battery component.

Within the battery component, you will find a set of batteries. However, you will need to unscrew the battery component to change them. 

Only then will it open. 

When you are done unscrewing the battery component, you can take the old batteries out and discard them if you wish to. 

Depending upon what kind of a baby alive doll you have, you might need to change the batteries accordingly. 

When you have placed a set of new batteries within the battery component, you can screw shut the battery component again.

You might want to ensure you do so correctly, so it does not open again.

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Do batteries come with a baby alive doll? 

Since not every baby alive doll requires batteries, you do not always get batteries upon purchasing a baby alive doll. 

You can easily tell whether a baby alive doll requires batteries by locating its battery component within which its batteries will be placed. 

However, it is still not guaranteed that you will get a set of batteries with it.

The manufacturers usually mention what kind of batteries a baby alive doll might need on its packaging – or if it even needs one. 

For this reason, not all baby alive dolls come with batteries. 

The ones that do will even have a special note on the packaging, indicating what kind of batteries a baby alive doll would need.

For many baby alive dolls though, a four AA or a three AA set of batteries would be enough – as indicated by the packaging.

How do you wash a baby alive doll with batteries?

Do Baby Alive Dolls Need Batteries2

If your baby alive doll has batteries, you might not want to wash it. Washing your little doll can cause its batteries to get ruined.

There are other ways you can clean up your baby alive doll.

Use a toothbrush

If your baby ailve doll has batteries, you can use a toothbrush to clean any dirt accumulated in its hair, skin, and clothes.

A toothbrush can easily clean away any sort of dirt from your doll.

However, you might want to use a soft toothbrush. A soft toothbrush will gently clean your baby alive doll without scratching its skin or removing its paint.

Use a washcloth

Using a washcloth is also beneficial for cleaning dush and dirt off your baby alive doll.

You should not submerge your doll within the water – this can be a reason for your batteries’ malfunction.

For this reason, use a damp washcloth. If you wish to, you can also add a little soap to the washcloth so that your baby alive doll smells nice.

Use q-tips/swabs

One particular advantage of using a q-tip/swab is that it is much more efficient in cleaning small spots or areas that your washcloth might not be able to reach.

Baby alive dolls with batteries

As we are already discussing whether baby alive dolls need batteries or not, here is a list of two baby alive dolls in the market that contain batteries.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Baby

The baby alive super snacks snackin’ lil baby is an adorable doll that will make you swoon over its cuteness.

One special feature of this doll is that it can eat.

It also comes with unique accessories that will make the experience of owning a baby alive doll even more enjoyable!

You might also want to put on a diaper on the super snacks snackin’ lil baby as it can poop as well. This will make you feel like you are caring for an actual baby.

Some of the accessories it comes with include cute outfits, a spoon, two cans of reusable food, diapers, and a comprehensive instruction manual to guide you through any problem you might face.

Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Doll

The baby alive sunshine snacks doll is similar to the snacks snackin’ lil baby.

It also comes with batteries that allow it to poop, pee, and eat.

Along diapers, the sunshine snacks doll also comes with reusable food, sunglasses, gladiator sandals, two solid doll food containers, an ice pop mold and stick, fork/spoon combo, and a fancy comb.

It is suitable for children above the age of three. They will love the idea of owning a doll that poops, pees and allows you to change its diapers.

Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Doll

The baby alive lulu achoo doll is a unique doll.

Unlike other baby alive dolls, it contains the feature of being an interactive baby doll.

This allows it to have more realistic characteristics similar to a real baby!

The baby alive lulu achoo doll moves its hands up whenever it sneezes. Is that not adorable?

Besides the batteries, it also comes with a playset that includes a doctor station, an attached stethoscope, two charts, a play thermometer, a tissue, a spoon, a comb, and a little bottle!

Do Baby Alive Dolls Need Batteries


Do baby alive dolls need batteries? Whether it needs batteries or not is easy to figure out. All you need to see is if your baby alive doll contains a battery component to store batteries.

A baby alive doll with batteries allows your doll to have unique features that regular dolls might not have.

It can poop, eat, drink, and have its diaper changed.

We hope you liked reading this article!

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