7 Best Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

Dolls don’t often have the one piece that actually distinguishes boys from girls, anatomically correct parts.

If you’re ready for your child to have a better understanding of his or her body and aren’t afraid of a little science, an anatomically correct doll could be a good choice.

These dolls may be surprising at first, but they can help introduce basic concepts such as anatomy, cleanliness, and simply answer questions children have about their and other people’s bodies.

This list of anatomically correct dolls could be an excellent choice for your curious child if you’re willing to try something new.

Let’s take a look.

The List: Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

La Newborn Boutique La Newborn Boutique
  • A hospital bracelet, diaper, and belly button gauze, a birth certificate
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Toys La Newborn Toys La Newborn
  • An outfit and blanket
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La Newborn Boutique La Newborn Boutique
  • A hat and a booties
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	May God Bless You May God Bless You
  • Diapers and socks
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Linda Webb Charlie Linda Webb Charlie
  • Clothes and bracelet
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Tinneke Janssens A Lovely Gift Tinneke Janssens A Lovely Gift
  • A diaper, hat, socks, nipple
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#1 JC Toys La Newborn Boutique — Realistic 14 dolls

La Newborn Boutique Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

JC Toys’ La Newborn Boutique dolls are adorable, realistic looking newborns that come in girl or boy options. They feature three different face types, one peaceful, one crying, and one yawning, plus a hospital bracelet, diaper, and belly button gauze. It also comes with a birth certificate that counts as a certificate of authenticity.

Each doll is anatomically correct and provides children with a realistic looking newborn. The faces were designed by master designer Salvador Berenguer.

The skin is unscented, and each face is painted with realistic wrinkles and lines. It’s suitable for children ages two and up and can be spot cleaned easily with a soft cloth.

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#2 JC Toys La Newborn 15 dolls Designed by Berenguer

Toys La Newborn

Our second set of anatomically correct baby dolls comes in four different sweet dolls in boys and girls. The line is designed after European dolls and features a sweet smile and accessories that include an outfit and blanket. The skin is unscented and can be cleaned gently with a soft, damp cloth.

The doll’s arms and legs are posable, and the hat and booties match the outfit and blanket. Your child can pose the doll and practice dressing and undressing the doll.

The doll line is made in Spain and is suitable for children ages two and up.

#3 JC Toys La Newborn Boutique dolls — Realistic 15

La Newborn Boutique

JC Toys Boutique dolls is another line of anatomically correct dolls that come in a variety of boy and girl dolls. The dolls feature different facial expressions and come with sweet outfits, including matching hat and booties.

The soft vinyl skin is detailed and is easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth. It’s suitable for children ages two and up and has been safety tested.

The facial expressions and coloring vary across nine different dolls designed by master designer Salvador Berenguer.

#4 Ashton Drake «May God Bless You, Little Grace» Lifelike Doll

May God Bless You

Ashton Drake’s collectible doll is a lifelike, anatomically correct baby doll designed by master designer Tinneke Janssens. It’s designed and carefully painted by hand to resemble a real newborn. She has hand-applied hair, and her skin is a soft vinyl that’s as realistic as can be.

The newborn is a beautiful, collectible doll intended for adult collectors and older children who know how to take care of dolls like this.

This doll is suitable for display but is also made for holding and changing diapers. She’s spot cleanable with a soft, damp cloth and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

#5 Linda Webb’s «Charlie» Lifelike Baby Doll from Ashton Drake

Linda Webb Charlie

Linda Webb’s doll is an ultra lifeline baby boy that’s anatomically correct and comes with a few accessories. He’s a sweetly sleeping newborn with lifelike features including little eyelashes and hand placed hair.

The skin is Ashton Drake’s soft to the touch vinyl that feels like newborn skin. It was a nominee for an award for excellence and has beautiful details including a realistic outie belly button. The fingernails and toenails are hand painted.

The doll is perfect for collectors and lays well in the arms when not on display. It’s intended for adult collectors but older, responsible children could also benefit from a doll like this.

#6 Ashton Drake Lifelike Baby Girl «Early Arrivals» Doll

Tinneke Janssens A Lovely Gift

Ashton Drake’s Early Arrivals doll is another collectible designed by a master artist. It’s anatomically correct and features beautiful lifelike details and is handcrafted with RealTouch vinyl. The skin has a velvety feel just like a baby’s skin.

The adorable details are hand painted, and she has sweet details such as hand-painted fingernails and toenails, hand placed eyelashes, and rooted hair.

It’s a fine collectible that’s intended for adults and responsible older children. It looks great on display or laying in your arms where she belongs.

#7 A Little One To Love» Anatomically Correct Baby Boy / Girl Doll

7 Best Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls
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Our final anatomically correct doll is a sweet newborn that comes in both boy and girl versions. Each one is handcrafted using Ashton Drake’s RealTouch vinyl, a lifelike skin that feels just like a newborn’s skin. The eyelashes and hair are hand rooted, and toenails and fingernails are delightfully lifelike.

The doll comes with a diaper and outfit plus birth certificate that doubles as a certificate of authenticity. It’s intended for adult collectors of reborn style dolls, but it could also be an excellent gift for a more responsible child that understands how to care for dolls like these. It isn’t intended to be a typical toy.

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Choosing An Anatomically Correct Doll

Your newest anatomically correct doll is a unique collectible for you or a wonderful, educational doll for your child. Choosing the right one requires a few different considerations.

Let’s answer a few questions you may have about these dolls.

What’s the benefit of an anatomically correct doll?

Curious children often wonder about their bodies and other bodies as well. An anatomically correct doll could be a way to get children interested in biology.

While it may be shocking at first, if a child has an outlet for questions, it could be a great way to teach children without embarrassing anyone else in the family.

Anatomically correct dolls could also help teach children about basic hygiene. These dolls can be a great visual aid for those concepts in a clear manner and allow the child to practice basic hygiene by caring for the doll.

Should I be worried about giving my child an anatomically correct doll?

There is no evidence to suggest that children are harmed by seeing anatomically correct dolls. In fact, children who have a clear understanding of their body parts could be less likely to be in danger from other children and adults because they have the language and knowledge to identify tricky situations.

Children understand secrecy, so creating an air of shame around body parts could encourage them not to tell you about things that happen to them.

This doesn’t mean you should run out and get an anatomically correct doll, but openly discussing your child’s body in a positive and informative light could be a great way to bond.

What do I look for in anatomically correct dolls?

There are lots of different types of anatomically correct baby dolls out there. If you’re deciding on which one is best, consider a few different things.

Age of Your Child

If you’ve got a two-year-old, a collectible reborn style doll from Ashton Drake could be a little much. Those are beautiful dolls, but they’re delicate and expensive.

Doll companies that make anatomically correct dolls specifically for children can give you a durable doll that can stand up to the enthusiasm of your young child.

Older more responsible children may be ready for a collectible style doll. If your child knows how to take care of a more delicate doll with custom paint or clothing designed to be hand washed, a collectible doll could be a great choice.


The newborn dolls on the first part of our list don’t come with many accessories. The dolls resemble newborns just born with the hospital bracelet and diaper. Other dolls come with accessories such as a full outfit, bottle, and blanket.

If you’ve already got a lot of doll accessories, then a doll with just a handful of things could be a great way to cut down on the clutter.

If this is your child’s first real doll, you may want to consider what accessories come with the doll itself and go for something more.

Physical Description

Anatomically correct baby dolls come not only in both boy and girl styles, but they also have a range of ethnicities, hair and eye colors, and facial expressions. The point of the doll is realism, so if your child wants a doll that resembles the family, this is totally possible.

Facial expressions can vary from awake, happy dolls to crying dolls to peacefully sleeping dolls. It may be a great option to allow your older child to go through the choices to choose the perfect doll for him or her.

For younger children, you may need to think about whether your child will benefit from a doll that’s the opposite or same sex as your child or a doll that looks like your child or nothing your child. These anatomically correct dolls are beautiful additions to the collection.


Collectible, reborn style dolls can be quite pricy. If your child is older and responsible or if it’s for you, these dolls could be a showstopping addition to the doll collection.

They’re worth the price for the realism, but if your child is younger, you may worry a lot about ruining them accidentally.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options that are still realistic but can withstand the enthusiasm of a toddler or younger child.

Whatever your budget, there are most likely dolls that can accommodate your child’s needs and wishes without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Anatomically correct dolls may take some getting used to, but there’s nothing wrong with a doll showcasing correct body parts.

It’s a great way to explain differences to your child and answer questions while allowing your older child to learn proper hygiene and a little about science.

The dolls on our list are high quality and would be wonderful additions to a toy collection or a great surprise as a first real doll.

Your child is sure to love the realism, and we think you’ll appreciate all the benefits of having a like this in your child’s collection.

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  1. I was so shy and easily embarrassed even as a child (despite growing up in a very open family), so I was thoroughly shocked upon seeing anatomically correct dolls in the toy store. I remember that my mom asked me if I wanted one to my collection and I vehemently declined. Looking back, it’s really funny.


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