Which Baby Alive Doll Do I Get? Baby Alive Dolls Review

Children love to play with dolls, but they often wish their dolls could really do some of the things they see little siblings do.

While the strength of a child’s imagination can make any doll come alive, adding a bit of realism is usually a big hit.

Baby Alive dolls are a classic example of a realistic baby doll. At this point, there are so many versions of Baby Alive that you could find just about anything you want for any age range of child.

This list covers a range of Baby Alive dolls that do a variety of things so that you can find exactly what your child is looking for.

Let’s take a look.

The List: Best Baby Alive Dolls

The dolls are divided based on realism features, making it easy to distinguish between dolls that make noise and dolls that make a mess, for example. If you’d love for a doll to talk and laugh but don’t care for one that goes potty, this list has you covered.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Baby Alive Super Snacks
  • dual language
  • included comb, and she even has a bottle of pretend soap or hand sanitizer
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Baby Alive Lil'Sips Baby Alive Lil’Sips
  • doesn’t talk or make noise
  • simple diaper and bottle
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Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls
  • no noises
  • a sippy cup, a «blender» and diaper
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Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats
  • doesn’t talk
  • a pretend oven, two packs of jelly-like reusable food, a rolling pin, and a spoon
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Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles
  • mommy and daddy options for speech
  • fun noodle press feature
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Adolly Gallery 20 Inch Washable Adolly Gallery 20 Inch Washable
  • Hand-painted hair
  • Each baby doll has its own birth certificate which you can name her as you like
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Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Alive Sweet Tears
  • over 35 phrases in English and Spanish
  • a stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, juice box, reusable tissue, and a brush
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Baby Alive Once Upon A Baby Baby Alive Once Upon A Baby
  • sweet sounds and realistic diaper action
  • come with brushes, diapers, bottles, a stuffed animal toy, a book
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Baby Alive Dolls That Drink And Wet

Caring for potty dolls can be an excellent way for kids to learn to go potty on their own and then continue to care for a doll after that period is over, but be prepared for some mess at some point.

#1 Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

Baby Alive Super Snacks
Features You’ll Love:
  • dual language/mommy and daddy speech settings
  • includes hand sanitizer accessory

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is a realistic potty training doll that really pees in the potty after you feed her water from her bottle.

She comes in a variety of hair colors and skin tones and has two different language options for all her fun phrases. You can even choose how she refers to your child with a «mommy» and «daddy» setting.

She comes with an outfit with underwear, a simple potty accessory made of durable plastic, and her bottle. Your child can comb her hair with the included comb, and she even has a bottle of pretend soap or hand sanitizer, perfect for teaching your child about cleanliness after going to the bathroom.

The included sticker chart can mark her progress just like the process you’re using with your child.

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#2 Baby Live Lil’ Sips Baby

Baby Alive Lil'Sips
Features You’ll Love:
  • quiet, non-talking doll
  • simple diaper and bottle accessories

If your child is beyond the potty training stage, he or she may enjoy changing diapers just like mommy and daddy. The Lil’ Sips baby comes with a bottle and removable diaper.

Feed the doll water from her bottle, and she wets the diaper. She comes in a variety of skin tones and hair colors as well.

She doesn’t talk or make noise, making her perfect for households that have enough noisy toys. Instead, she’s a quieter option for children who are learning about caregiving just like mommy and daddy.

When the bottle is empty, children can play pretend with the diaper, making her an excellent accessory for the type of imaginary play children need to learn about the world around them.

Baby Alive Dolls That Eat And Poo

If your child is a little bit older, eating and going potty could be an exciting doll option. These types of dolls can teach children more about cause and effect and can open up dramatic play a bit more.

These dolls do require a bit more maturity because of the potential mess involved.

#3 Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls

Baby Alive Sweet
Features You’ll Love:
  • easy to mix food packets (plus adorable hand mixer)
  • no noises

Sweet Spoonfuls dolls come with a sippy cup, a «blender» and diaper accessories. You can mix up baby’s favorite food with water in the hand-operated blender and feed the doll from the spoon and the sippy. When the doll is ready, he or she poops and pees in the diaper.

The dolls come in both boy and girl options with a range of hairstyles and skin tones. The food packets are simple to mix up and are easily replaceable when your child runs out.

The dolls don’t make noise, so if you wanted to remove the mess, the dolls function well as simple baby doll toys.

#4 Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats

Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats
Features You’ll Love:
  • reusable food
  • oven accessory for «making» treats

If the thought of having to buy food packets isn’t a fun idea, this option uses a reusable food option. The doll comes with a pretend oven, two packs of jelly-like reusable food, a rolling pin, and a spoon.

Your child can feed the doll the treats, and she poops into her diaper (allowing your child to reuse them).

She comes with a comb and a diaper that’s easy for little fingers to get on and off. Her hair is soft enough to comb, and she comes in a cute outfit.

There are no noises, so no batteries to buy for the doll, but the oven does have a dinging timer feature.

#5 Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles

Baby Alive Super Snacks
Features You’ll Love:
  • fun noodle press feature
  • dual language/mommy and daddy options for speech

This version of Baby Alive also comes with reusable food and a noodle press, allowing your child to make fun noodle shapes to feed the doll. Once she’s fed, she poops into her diaper.

She says a variety of fun phrases in two languages and also allows you to choose a «mommy» or «daddy» setting to accommodate your child’s gender.

Her diaper is easy to use for little fingers, and once she’s pooped, your child can reuse the noodles again and again. She requires batteries but is an entertaining option for children who can be responsible with the reusable food.

Baby Alive Dolls That Talk

So you don’t want something that makes a mess, but you still want your child to have the option of a bit more realism. Talking dolls are great for children who are developing early language skills and can also help build social skills such as empathy.

#6 Baby Born Interactive Baby Doll Party Theme

Realistic baby doll

She is a multicolored interactive baby doll. She is adorable because she exhibits 9 lifelike features. Kids love her party outfit. Unlike other interactive dolls, she has her slice of birthday cake and a candle.

You can feed your baby doll. Do not let her cry because she has real tears. You will have to change her diaper whenever she pees or poops. Do not forget to give her a bottle whenever she feels hungry.

You can take her to any party. She wears a cute party dress. Do not forget to bathe her while preparing her for the party. She is highly photogenic, as she poses for a variety of photographs. You can pose with her as long as you want.

She is a truly huggable baby doll. You do not have to worry about her authenticity as she comes with a birth certificate. She likes her pacifier, and she sits on her potty seat.

She can wear her diaper and enjoy her nap time as long as she wants. She has movable arms and legs. She can wear an 18” doll dress.

You have to clean her so that she may not get moldy from the inside. She should be sitting on her potty seat while you try to empty her. It would help if you moved her arms upwards near her head to empty her.

You can use clean water to empty her. She needs at least 15 minutes on her potty seat for cleaning. You should shake your doll to make sure that she is empty.

  • Multicolored
  • Nine lifelike features
  • Huggable
  • Party dress
  • Water bottle
  • Birth certificate
  • Potty seat
  • Movable arms and legs
  • She needs care and attention.

#7 Baby Alive Sweet Tears

Baby Alive Sweet Tears
Features You’ll Love:
  • excellent for teaching empathy
  • two language and gender options

Sweet Tears is an excellent doll for teaching empathy. She comes with several medical accessories for your child to check on her when she isn’t feeling well.

She makes crying noises and even cries real tears. As your child cares for her, she’s soothed and stops.

She comes in a variety of different skin tones and colors and can speak over 35 phrases in English and Spanish to mommy or daddy. She comes with a stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, juice box, reusable tissue, and a brush.

#8 Baby Alive Once Upon A Baby

Baby Alive Once
Baby Alive Once 2
Baby Alive Once 3
Features You’ll Love
  • unique outfits and book accessories
  • sweet sounds and realistic diaper action.

The special edition Baby Alive dolls each come with unique fantasy-themed outfits, an individual story, and a fun personality with lots of sounds. The dolls are designed to teach early social skills and also a love of reading with an illustrated book and a magical key.

The dolls come with brushes, diapers, bottles, a stuffed animal toy, a book that tells all about each doll’s story, and a necklace with a charm used to unlock her book.

She really pees in her diaper when fed water from her bottle and has over 15 sweet sounds when your child interacts with her.

How To Choose A Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive has so many different collections of dolls that it can be difficult to know which is the right one. Let’s take a look at a few things you should keep in mind when you make your decision.

How Old Is Your Child?

  • Dolls for a 1-Year-Old
  • Doll For 2-3 Year Olds
  • Doll For My 4 To 8 Year Old

Young toddlers probably can’t manipulate diapers just yet, so the potential for mess and frustration is high for dolls that go potty.

Instead, dolls that talk or have realistic facial expressions can help your child develop early social and linguistic skills without having the frustration of trying to clean up a mess or remove a diaper.

Older, potty training toddlers could benefit from having potty dolls because they help establish a routine and teach your child what to expect from potty training.

Some people are uncomfortable with children watching them go to the bathroom, so a doll is an excellent way to demonstrate what happens without embarrassing a sibling or older family member.

Older children are able to handle the mess and manipulate the accessories without getting frustrated, so dolls that do a range of realistic things from talking to going to the bathroom (and feeding more than just water) can be excellent ways to develop critical social skills.

Dramatic play is essential at this age and children could be ready to take on the role of mom or dad just like they see in their own families.

What Actions Are Most Important?

Which Baby Alive Doll Do I Get? Baby Alive Dolls Review

Not all realistic dolls make a mess. Not all lifelike dolls make a bunch of noise. It’s important to decide what actions are most important to you and go from there.

If you hate the thought of having to buy new food packets each time your child plays, you can use reusable food or just water for peeing dolls, for example. If you hate the noise, you can find a doll that doesn’t make any.

If you don’t want a mess, dolls that make sounds and facial expressions are good options. If talking annoys you, a doll that just makes baby cooing noises could be a good compromise.

There are ways to get around things that annoy you or aren’t convenient without nixing the idea of a realistic doll altogether.

What Accessories Do You Want?

Realistic dolls can be in simple packages (think a diaper and a bottle) or complex sets that encourage full play (the medical kit and feeding tools, for example).

The most important part is that your child is able to manipulate the accessories without having to ask you or get frustrated.

More complex accessories are excellent for older children who need more complex practice for their fine motor skills. Just manipulating a bottle into a doll’s mouth could be all the fine motor challenges a much younger child needs, but older children can dress dolls, make small amounts of food, and comb hair in ways that allow them to stretch their skills.

Why Should My Child Have A Realistic Doll?

Dolls can teach children essential skills like social understand and language skills. Dolls that respond to your child’s actions are excellent ways to encourage early language and teach empathy as your child cares for the doll.

The other aspect of realistic dolls is that children get practice with cause and effect, both in the short term (feeding water causes a wet diaper, for example) and in the long term (taking on the role of caregiver and everything that entails).

Dolls that encourage focus and allow children to build on skills as they learn through play is a wonderful way to help children discover their abilities and who they are.

Final Thoughts

A realistic doll could be a gift that catapults your child’s abilities to the next level or just becomes that special toy that your child loves.

These Baby Alive dolls can be as simple or complex as you can handle and are an incredible way for kids to build language, social skills, and caregiving understanding.

What kid of Baby Alive doll is perfect for your little one? Let us know in the comments below.

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