What Is The Difference Between Realborn Baby and Reborn Baby?

Many people claim that they don’t see any difference between realborn baby and reborn baby. You might not see a difference, however, the two are different in some aspects. Follow this article to learn about the several differences between realborn and reborn baby. 

What is a Reborn Baby?

A reborn baby is a doll that has been manufactured and transformed by an artist. They are made to resemble a real baby or a human infant. The aim of the artist is to make these dolls as real as they can. Reborn kit is sculpted from clay by a sculptor. 

What is a Realborn Baby?

Realborn babies are different from that of reborn dolls. Realborn dolls are made of extremely high definition digital pictures of real babies. These pictures help capture the innocence and beauty of real human babies. While reborning is a process, realborn describes a certain kind of kit. Realborn dolls aren’t sculpted by clay. 

Difference between Reborn and Realborn Dolls

There are many differences between reborn dolls and realborn dolls. People might not see this; however, they do exist. 

The difference between these two is that a reborn doll’s sculpt is made of a lump of clay by a sculpting artist. Hence, to create a reborn doll, a sculptor starts with a big, solid lump of clay and carves all of the details out of clay for this vinyl kit. 

Moreover, what’s actually done is that they create an entire new born baby by hand by sculpting it out of clay. Once that clay mold is sculpted, it’s poured into the vinyl molds. 

These vinyl modes are then sent out to artists who them bring these clay sculptors to life by reborning. Artists then paint the dolls and they are reborn. 

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Hence, reborn doll is simply when you take a vinyl kit and you paint it to look life like. To buy reborn kits, you need to buy these from an actual reborn store or retailer. There are a lot of fake copies out there that make fake reborn dolls. You need to be careful when purchasing these kits. To know more about legit reborn dolls shop, Click here!

Now coming to real born babies. Rather than having an artist sculpt from clay, you take a picture of an actual live human baby and do a 3D scan. They create a kit from an actual human baby. 

Real born babies come with a birth certificate. They have a seal on it to ensure the authenticity, a logo, and the picture of the actual baby. Once the scan is done, vinyl molds are created. 

These vinyl modes are then sent out for artists to paint and bring to life. Only one artist is required in the creation, which is the artist that’ll paint. 

So in simple words, company creates molds with the help of a 3D scan of a real baby and send out to an artist to paint the mold. The painting artist brings the baby to life. 

While reborn baby requires two artists, realborn baby only requires one. 

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