How To Reroot Doll Hair Without a Tool? (Step by Step)

Some dolls have poor-quality hairstyles or improvised “haircuts.” The doll’s hair cannot grow back, but it can be cut! Re-rooting replaces old doll hair with the necessary hair, saran, yarn fibers, tinsel, etc.

There are many ways to turn hair over, and the two most common are the knot method and the rooting tool method. This tutorial explains the knot method, a slow but beginner-friendly method of pulling a doll’s hair. It also includes an adorable used Ethan doll with a neatly separated head from the body.

What you need:

  •  Doll
  •  Large point sewing needle
  •  Hair (old wigs are suitable)
  •  Scissors
  •  Pliers
  •  Tweezers (optional)
  •  1 cup of water (optional)
  •  Towel (optional)

Let’s jump right into the stepwise guidelines

How To Reroot Doll Hair Without a Tool1


Get ready for work. Remove as much of the doll’s head and original hair as possible. Remove the hard part inside the throat using tweezers. The pattern of the holes in the head determines the doll’s hairstyle and can be changed to a different hairstyle.

Choose a few strands and set them aside separately. Longer strands are much better: remember that the final length is half strands (so 12″ hair will be 6″ after rooting again).


Thread the needle. Soak one end of the skein in a glass of water. Divide a thin section of hair and pass the wet end of the needle through it. Then attach the needle to the center of the hair like a “needle necklace.”


Sew the cover. Then, you need to insert the needle into the hole in the head. To increase pressure, cover your hands with a towel. Remove the needle from the throat. You may need to use pliers to pull the needle through your throat.


Tie a knot at the end of your hair. After cutting the needle,  tie loose hair tightly.


Pull the connector. Insert the plug into your neck. Repeat for each hole.

You have now perfectly learned the knot method! However, it is not my favorite method because it takes forever! Still, this is useful if you do not have a reboot tool.

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