How to clean baby doll’s face: 11 clever ways to do it!

Nothing brings joy or an instant smile to a child’s face faster than a new toy. Young girls love to roleplay mothers with their baby dolls, but too much wear and tear on a doll can be costly, time-consuming, and tiring. In addition, as the doll becomes more and more loved, it also becomes dirty.

Grease, dirt, markers, and ink start appearing on the baby doll’s face over time, leaving stains. Cleaning your child’s doll quickly and adequately is essential because it is well-loved, but you must be careful not to expose them to unsafe cleaning ingredients.

Buying new baby dolls can be expensive, so people tend to save dollars through thrifting, and we all know that as much as we can find a pretty baby doll this way, it may not be in the perfect clean, hygienic condition.

So, without any further ado, let’s look into this article and see what ideas it has for us to take care of the lovely baby dolls before they turn into Annabelles with all that stain, dirt, and grease.

Wiping ink from the Baby Doll’s face:

Apply toothpaste to the baby doll’s face and let it sit for five minutes. Then, wipe it off, rinse it with tap water and get ready to see the magic.

Of course, toothpaste is used for hygiene and keeping the teeth clean; however, little did we know it could prove itself as a valuable tool to wipe off the ink from the baby doll’s face.

Shocked? We are too!

The baby doll’s face seems dirty, dull, and old? Here is what you can do:

Take a cotton pad and some micellar water. Dip the cotton pads into the micellar water, rub it over the baby doll’s face to clean and see the difference yourself.

Micellar water contains a mild detergent that forms giant micelles, which are aggregations of molecules, and this water is used as a cleansing solution.

This will help remove dirt and dullness from the baby doll’s face giving it a freshly bought look.

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How to clean the doll’s eyes?

Remove as much of the unpleasant white matter as possible. Next, apply a few drops of plain alcohol to kill any residue.

Next, place the doll face down on some towels to allow any remaining liquid in her eyes to drain out. This way, you can easily clean the doll’s eyes.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is another excellent at-home product for removing permanent markers. Re-wet the cotton ball or cotton ball with the cleanser and wipe the affected area of ​​the doll’s face with it.

While the methods will remove the marker, they can also remove the coloration to add details to the baby doll’s face.

Cotton Swabs

If there are other paints/marking on the baby doll’s face that you don’t remove, use cotton swabs and follow the cleaning steps carefully to make sure they have not been rubbed off with a marker pen.

Permanent Marker

If the above methods don’t work, another trick is to overwrite the permanent marker with a dry erase marker. Hopefully, this should result in the permanent marker erasing along with the dry erase marker.


Deodorants might also help clean the baby doll’s face as it contains alcohol content which helps remove the permanent marker or other stains.

Baking soda

Baking soda is terrific in removing dirt and stains, so you can easily clean any stains from your baby doll’s face by using baking soda. It would be best if you created a paste with baking soda and water.

You do not need much to wash your doll’s face. Apply it to the baby doll’s face using an old clean toothbrush, a cotton swab, or a small towel.

Keep rubbing it, and you’ll see the stain fading slowly and when it completely vanishes, clean the area of the color with a damp cloth or cotton buds.

Damp Washcloth

Scrub the stain with a damp washcloth. If your ink stain isn’t particularly dark, this may be all you need to do.

First, make sure the washcloth is clean. Then, take care to protect the baby doll’s hair, eyes, and cloth body before cleaning.

Next, dampen the cloth, and scrub with pressure on the stain. Do this for a while, continuously checking the color.

Hopefully, the stain will begin to fade as you do this. But, again, this works best for faint ink stains.

Clean Magic Eraser

Try a Clean Magic Eraser to clean your baby doll’s face. You can easily find this in the cleaning supply section of most grocery stores in your area.

The Magic Eraser is pretty big, and you’ll most likely be cleaning a small area of your baby doll’s face; feel free to cut it into smaller pieces.

Put water on the Magic Eraser, and start scrubbing the stain. After you wash for a bit, use a dry towel to dry the surface.

Benzoyl peroxide

You can use Benzoyl peroxide, an active ingredient presents in most acne products available in the market.

First, head to your nearby grocery store and look for creams with at least 10% benzoyl peroxide. Then apply the cream to the baby doll’s face where the stain is and rub it.

Next, cover it with plastic wrap or cling film to protect it. Next, you can leave your doll under sunlight or UV light to activate the bleaching effect present in the benzoyl peroxide.

This won’t impact the baby doll’s skin color, but it will help remove the face’s stain.

Acetone and Peroxide

Sometimes accidents happen, and the marker lands on your doll. These marks left on the doll’s face need to be cleared, and Acetone and peroxide can be used to remove the spots from your little doll’s face.

From plastic dolls, you can immediately remove traces with Clean Magic Eraser.

For stubborn stains, try baking soda or benzoyl peroxide. Cleaning your doll is easy, and she will quickly look her best again!


How to Clean Baby Doll Face

If nothing works, then you might consider sending the baby doll to the store to provide you with repairs or after-sales services, or you might send it to toy repairing companies, and they’ll clean and renew the baby doll as if nothing had happened to its face.

This is the list of things you can do to care for your baby dolls and save dollars from buying new ones each time one gets dirty.

This way, you can restore your old dolls and cherish your childhood memories, do it for your own daughter/son’s dolls, or recondition them for donations to charitable orphanages.

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