How to Fix Baby Doll Hair (A Step by Step Guide to your FAQs)

Well, it often pops up in our head what these beautiful doll’s hair would be made of, how to fix baby doll hair, and whether it’s safe to recover them from the messed-up tangles! 

You’re at the right place because the answer is relatively straightforward that you can fix your doll’s hair, just with a bit of care and few steps provided here for you!

How would I know about what my doll’s hair is made of?

For this purpose, you don’t need an expert other than yourself. Just touch the hair and rely on your sense to figure out the type of hair your doll is made up of. For example, the hair made from Kanekalon fiber is not as shiny as Saran’s hair.

It’s soft and flowy, breaks pretty quickly, and will burn if you use a straightening iron on it while it’s dry. Saran’s hair is made of a shiny appearance that feels like gummy and plastic while moving your hand over it.

However, be careful that Saran’s hair is sensitive, and if you press it with straightening iron, it will instantly melt. In contrast, nylon hair is much stronger than Kanekalon or Saran hair. Likewise, the nylon hair is shiny and holds bright colors as well.

Tip: Try to keep the hair of your doll clean as they may contain pathogens with dirt.

my doll's hair

Touch doesn’t help in figuring out the hair type?

Suppose you were not able to discover the type of hair from the touch, no worries. You can check the manufacturer’s website for your doll.

However, prominent manufacturers, such as Mattel, often use several different types of doll hair on multiple dolls while producing them in various industries.

Yet, you will usually find the right kind of hair information about your doll from the manufacturer’s website.

Different types of Dolls and Doll Hair

Just a tip for different types of dolls and their hair, we would like to give a lead about the vintage and porcelain dolls, whose hair are usually made from animal wool or sometimes human hair. 

In addition to it, there are online doll collectors groups available too on social media channels, where people share their experiences regarding the dolls they have. Usually, your doll will be one of those too. 

However, a tip of advice is careful relying entirely on a single person’s review. Although they might be a reputable collector, their experience could have been with a different variant of that doll produced in the same year.

By this time, you would have indeed known about your doll’s hair (if still not, worry not! read this article about different types of dolls to identify yours), so let’s get to the discussion about how to fix baby dolls’ hair. 

Tip: Use baby shampoo to prevent damages during washing.

How to Fix Vintage Doll Hair That’s Matted or Bent

Matted and curly hair is a problem that many vintage dolls face. In many cases, a doll’s face and body can be in perfect condition, but storage, humidity, and play can cause her hair to become frizzy and tangled. 

Simple combing won’t fix the problem because the hair has taken on the mat’s shape and won’t lie right again. Some sites recommend Downy and other products, but it’s better to learn how to fix vintage doll hair without fabric softener. The softener can react with the synthetic wig material and ruin it. 

How to Fix Doll Hair without Fabric Softener?

How to Fix Doll Hair without Fabric Softener

Dolls are miniature versions of the human body. We use different materials to make them, like plastic, wax, metal, and many more. In our houses, we use the dolls not only for the playing purpose of our kids but also, we decorate our rooms with them. This is why they have a huge demand all over the world.

  • Though you can play with the most sophisticated dolls, there are some problems regarding their cleaning. You can’t use anything to clean them randomly.
  • On the other hand, they are very easy to target microorganisms. These microscopic creatures can cause your child to fall ill. This is why you need to clean them properly at a regular interval of time.
  • Similarly, there are chances that the dolls may get damaged due to the materials you use to clean them. The hair of the dolls are the most challenging part to clean up.
  • They are made of different materials like nylon and other synthetic threads. This is why they need special care while cleaning.
  • You can easily clean the doll’s hair without a fabric softener. Mild baby shampoo can wash it well. Take some water in a bowl, and then pour some drops of baby shampoo into it.
  • Now mix them well and put the doll’s hair into it. Rub well to clean them properly and take them out. To dry the strands out, you can use a paper towel not to damage them.

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How to Fix Doll Hair with Boiling Water?

Boil water can clean most of the dirt that can cause a jangle of doll hair. Thus you can easily use boiled water to fix them properly. It will also help to disinfect the hair if there is any pathogen. But before you put them into boiling water, you need to make sure that they will not cause any harm to the hair. 

Fix Doll Hair with Boiling Water

For example, if they are made of any synthetic or polymer thread, they will meltdown.

  • First of all, you need to boil enough water in a pan. You need to submerge the hair of the doll into it.
  • As the water starts boiling, put the head into it. Remember that the water is hot, so be careful with it and do not put your doll’s hair on for more than 5 seconds.
  • Now brush the hair of your doll with a wide-toothed comb and fix them.

How to Fix Frizzy Doll Hair?

Some dolls have curly hair on their head. Here you have to be a little tricky when you clean them.

  • First of all, you need to brush them with a soft hairbrush to avoid getting tired.
  • To release the frizz of the hair, you need to use any baby shampoo to make the hair soft. Take some drops of shampoo in the bowel and put some water into it.
  • Make a good mixture of it, and then put the hair of your doll there. Rub them properly so that you can clean them as well.
  • Now take the doll out of the bowel and use a paper towel to dry them out. Next, you can use a hairdryer to dry them properly.
  • But remember, you can’t set the temperature at the highest. It will help if you put it at the lowest to avoid melting.
Fix frizzy doll hair

Tip: Put fabric softener to keep the hair of the doll soft.

How to Fix Doll Hair with Fabric Softener?

A fabric softener takes care of the threads of any cloth. It protects them from the harsh materials of the detergent. If you use them to clean your doll’s hair, then they will stay soft and glazy.

  • For this, take some fabric softener in a small bowl and mix some water with it. Now put some water on the doll’s hair and now put them in the mixture. Hold your doll in such a way that only the hair will get into the water.
  • Rub the hair with your fingers gently, and then rinse it properly. Your job is complete now.
  • A fabric softener takes care of the threads of any cloth. It protects them from the harsh materials of the detergent. If you use them to clean your doll’s hair, they will stay soft and glazy.
  • For this, take some fabric softener in a small bowl and mix some water with it. Now put some water on the doll’s hair and now put them in the mixture.
  • Hold your doll in such a way that only the hair will get into the water. Rub the hair with your fingers gently, and then rinse it properly. Your job is complete now.

How to Fix Curly Doll Hair?

Many toy manufacturing companies are doing constant research to make these dolls livelier. In comparison with the dolls of earlier days, the recent toys have more features like robots. 

They can walk, talk, and perform specific tasks that you can load in them. Thus, you’re babied like these dolls most as their toys to play for hours.

  • Take the water of average temperature in the bowel and put the doll’s hair in it.
  • Weight them properly first and apply some shampoo.
  • Wash the hair and rinse the shampoo well. Now put some hair conditioner on them so that the curls don’t get damaged.
  • Leave it for some time and rinse the conditioner well.
  • You can now use a soft towel to dry the hair out and use a soft brush to comb them to restore the curls.
  • The doll’s hair will get softer and will remain aligned for a more extended period.

How to Wash Synthetic Doll Hair?

Your babies treat their dolls as their kids. So, you need to take care of them as you do for your kids. For example, a doll with synthetic hair can catch up with dirt easily, which can be a friendly breeding ground for pathogens. 

By washing out the doll’s hair, you can drive out the pathogens to keep your kids safe from diseases. 

In addition, you can also show your love and affection to your kids for their dolls.

  • First of all, remove the clothes of the doll so that the water doesn’t damage them.
  • Now use a comb to brush them to fix the hair tangled. The more you will be able to untangle them, the more they will get clean.
  • Take some shampoo to clean them like human hair. It is better if you will use baby shampoo on the hair made of synthetic threads.
  • If you find the hair too dirty, then use some fabric softener after the shampoo. It will help the hair to restore the shine they have lost.
  • Mix shampoo and some water well into a bowl and then put the doll’s head to clean the hair.
  • Now apply the fabric softener to soften them and leave your doll sometime for soaking. After they are ready, please put them in a cool but dry place for sometimes to dry out the hair naturally.
wash synthetic doll hair

How to Fix Old Doll Hair?

An old doll can get lots of dirt in its hair. On the contrary, you need to take immense care of them while you are cleaning them. So use some shampoo to clean them properly and then use a conditioner or fabric softener to make them soft.

How do You Smooth Out Doll Hair?

To smooth out the doll’s hair, you can use some conditioner or fabric softener on them and let it soak for some minutes. Then rinse the hair well with water so that the softness stays for a longer time.

How do You Fix Melted Doll Hair?

Mostly the melted hair are hard to recover; thus, you need an expert to do the job. If you want it to be done at home, then you can take scissors and cut the jangles away at first.

Then take a brush with soft bristles and comb the hair. You can also use the hair straightener to fix them as well. But it would help if you are cautious about the material it is made of. Else you can cause more damage to them.


I hope you loved our article and it helped you in fixing your doll’s hair. If you still have any queries or comments, we would love to hear from you!

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