What Do Dolls Symbolize by ToyBoxAdvisor?

Dolls can represent different things. First, they can reflect our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. They can also represent other people in our lives. Therefore, we dream that a doll can have different meanings depending on different symbols in a dream. Here are some common interpretations of doll dreams that can help you look better.

Doll Symbolism


Dolls represent innocence. As such, to dream approximately a doll might also imply which you use your innocence to get what you want. Aside from that, it can additionally replicate your preference to move return to be a harmless child.

Acknowledgment of Beauty and Hard Work

Because dolls are beautiful toys, a dream about a doll can mean being recognized for your beauty. While awake, someone may have said, “You are beautiful” or “You look like a doll.” Also, your dream may mean that someone will notice your efforts, and soon they will be able to praise you for all the great work you have done.

Childhood Memories

Since dolls are often given to young girls, a doll’s dream can mean happy childhood days, stress-free or worry-free times. If you are an adult, sleep can indicate your desire to live a stress-free life. A dream about a doll can also mean that you feel nostalgic now and are thinking about happy moments from your childhood.

Suppressed Feelings

If you are depressed or lonely, dreaming of a talking doll can mean repressed emotions. It cannot be easy to tell or express your true feelings. Also, the dolls in your dreams may be things that you can’t speak or do.

Losing Control

In addition to these interpretations of doll dreams, doll dreams can also mean losing control of your life. Because someone is trying to control you, the doll can reflect your inner struggles. It can also mean that you are struggling because you cannot control what is happening in your life.

Unleash Your Inner Child

As mentioned, dolls can represent childhood memories. Concerning this meaning, a dream about a doll can mean that you need to give freedom to your inner child. The dream tells you to relax, play around, and enjoy life if you are under stress. One way to do this is to pursue a new hobby.

A Call to Action

If you watch life go by, dreaming of a doll may indicate that action is needed. For example, if you have a career advancement plan, the dream tells you that now is the time to put that plan into action. Besides, finding new hobbies or interests is a great way to get involved or be active in life.

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