Do Reborn Babies Open and Close Their Eyes?

Reborn dolls are very realistic and by looking at the details of each doll, each one of them is a unique piece of art. Reborn dolls are initially manufactured dolls that are transformed into human-looking dolls with the help of a process called reborning. 

Artists, who are referred to as reborners, decide how they are to reborn their reborn dolls in the most unique way possible. 

The eyes of the reborn dolls are just one part of the whole masterpiece. But even for the eyes, the artists require to make many decisions. One of the decisions they have to make is whether the eyes are to be open or shut. This answers the frequently asked question as to if reborn dolls open or close their eyes. 

The answer is simple. To make your reborn doll open and close its eyes, it’s possible, but it just requires a bit of manipulation of the eyelid of the reborn doll. But to answer the question, yes reborn dolls can open and close their eyes. 

Reborn Dolls Open and Close Their Eyes

Although it is true that most reborn dolls, you’ll come across will either have open eyes or closed. However, some artists have figured out a way to automatically open and shut reborn dolls’ eyes. 

This function is particularly done with the help of weight in the head of the reborn doll.  So, to understand how the weight works, it’s simple just with a bit of science. The heavyweight is basically placed on the bottom or lower tip of the reborn doll’s eye. 

As the weight at the bottom of the eye, when the doll is held up, with the help of gravity the weight goes down. This causes the eyes to open. Similarly, if you make the reborn doll lie down, the weight will of course face down, towards the ground causing the eyes to shut. However, if you just tilt the reborn doll a little, the eyes are just half-open. 

This is all done by gravity and the pull of weight towards the ground. However, it is not to be confused that the reborn doll’s eyes are not fitted with the weights. A reborn doll’s eyes are a piece of art, that is painted according to the client or the artist’s own preference. 

The eyes of a reborn doll require as much work and art as any other body part of the reborn doll. The eyes can either be made of acrylic if they are to be either only open or closed or can be made of glass. Eyes can sometimes also get damaged. This isn’t a reason to worry though. The eyes of the reborn doll can be replaced if damaged. 

If the owner decides to change the color of the eyes of the reborn doll, which are available in a variety from blue to brown, the eyes can be easily replaced. They just have to be taken out and replaced with a new pair of eyes. 

If you wish that your reborn doll has realistic and human-like eyelashes, then the hand-threaded ones are the best ones to go with. To make them look realistic and natural, use the name color of the eyelashes as you did for the hair of the reborn doll. They can be different in color if one wishes but the same color makes it look more natural. 

Hence, you can see by now, that just like human eyes are a unique piece of art and creation, a reborn doll’s eyes are also a piece of art, indeed. 

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Origin of Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls have been around for quite some time now but recently the trend of people owning reborn dolls have increased. More people have seen how helpful these reborn babies can be.

The art and skill of making reborn dolls first started in the United States in the early 1980s. Doll manufacturers, artists, and owners started adding different features to dolls, to make them look human-like. Hence, this led to the creation of reborn dolls and people started collaborating to create natural, human-like dolls.

Reborn dolls look so realistic that their market started to grow, and people started showing interest in reborn dolls. Soon there were many renowned artists who created and reborn dolls.

The word spread of these life-like dolls, and other countries started making reborn babies too. Hence, the reborning process evolved and is now much more advanced than it was back in the 1980s.

What Are Some Supplies Available in Reborn Doll Kits?

As reborning has evolved over the years, different companies have come up with different reborn kits. Reborn kits make the reborning process easy and convenient for artists, owners, and doll manufacturers.

In simple words, with these kits on the market, anyone can make reborn dolls and feel ambitious.

The key to creating reborn dolls is just hard work, concentration, and commitment.

Some of the common supplies that are found in all reborn kits include:

  • Vinyl Doll Pieces
  • Hair (Usually Mohair)
  • Cable Ties
  • Different Coloured Paints
  • Eyes
  • Glass Beads
  • Paintbrushes
  • Polyfill
  • Cosmetic Sponges
  • Palette
  • Cloth Body

These are just some of the most important and common supplies every reborn kit has. With time, there are kits with many more supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are eyes for reborn dolls available in different colors?

The eyes needed for reborn dolls come in many different colors. These include brown, black, blue, grey, green, etc.

What material are reborn doll’s eyes made of?

Usually, the eyes used for reborn dolls are made of glass. However, some artists also use plastic ones.


Reborn dolls have made their way around the globe and are loved by many. They are the most human-like dolls and are extremely popular amongst people.

With time, people have come up with so many different features to make these human-like dolls more and more realistic. One of these features is to make reborn dolls open and close their eyes.

Reborn dolls can open and close their eyes with the help of weights placed on the lower end of their eyes. This adds to their realistic feature.

Hope this article helped answer your questions! Leave a comment if you have anything to add or any other query.

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