How To Make A Reborn Doll Breathe?

Reborn baby dolls are capable of things that humans might have thought dolls could never do. They can now eat, poop, and pee as well.

This idea leads us to a fascinating question.

Can reborn dolls breathe? If so, how to even make a reborn baby doll breathe? Keep reading to find the answer! 

Breathing Mechanism For Reborn Dolls

A breathing mechanism is an apparatus that allows your beloved reborn baby doll to breathe. It is usually inserted within the chest of a reborn baby doll.

As a reborn baby doll breathes, their chest rises and falls with each exhaled breath as well. 

All you is need is a breather box and a battery box that will allow your reborn baby doll to keep breathing – giving it the impression of being one of the most realistic baby dolls! 

How To Make A Reborn Doll Breathe

How To Use A Reborn Doll Breathing Mechanism

First of all, get a breather box along with a battery box. Without these two, your reborn baby doll might not be able to breathe. 

Try looking for a breather box that fits the size of your reborn baby doll. For that purpose, you could measure the width of the neck of your reborn baby doll. 

You might not want to get a breather box that is wider than your reborn baby doll’s neck. Otherwise, it might be hard for the breather box to fit. 

Then, you will take the clothes of your reborn baby doll off. It can get troubling to fix the breather box when your reborn doll has clothes on.

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Gently grab the head of your reborn baby doll after that and take it off.

Once you have taken it off, you will see the hollow chest of your reborn baby doll. Utilize that open space by inserting the breather box into your reborn baby doll’s chest.  

If you find a breathing box to be too large for your reborn baby doll, you might want to invest in a mini-breather. A mini-breather can easily fit into reborn baby dolls of smaller sizes.

As you take the head of your reborn baby doll off, you will find the inside of its chest filled with stuffing. Reborn doll makers put a lot of cotton into reborn dolls so that they feel soft.

Along with the stuffing, you will also find a few weight sacks. 

You will have to take all these things out of the reborn baby doll’s chest and remember where they were placed.

Remembering where the contents inside a reborn baby doll’s chest are placed is essential. When you hold a reborn baby doll, you might not want to feel that your doll’s weight is unevenly distributed.

That is why it is vital to put the weight sacks right where you take them out from. 

Now, take the legs off. 

You might want to sew a hole at the point where your reborn baby doll’s abdomen ends to make space for the battery box’s wire to protrude out. 

For that, you will need to sew. If you are unsure how to do that, you can also look for other alternatives that will help you put the battery box and the breather box into the doll.

Once you have successfully placed the breather box and inserted the wire of the battery box into the doll for it to remain connected, you can begin to put everything back into your doll. 

You might notice, after putting the breather box, that your reborn baby doll’s chest looks almost like a ribcage.

To avoid that, you can put a flat cotton sheet above it.

You can also put it at the back. When you touch your reborn baby doll this way, it feels smooth. 

Start putting the head and legs back on. As far as the battery box is concerned, you can put it into the diaper of the reborn doll so that it is not visible all the time either.

To allow your reborn baby doll to breathe, you can press its belly button – that is roughly where the button for the breather box should lie.

Breathing Reborn Baby Dolls 

A breathing reborn doll is one of the best reborn baby dolls you could get. Unlike other reborn baby dolls, it adds an extra touch of realism when you see it breathe.

Let’s look at a few breathing reborn baby dolls!

Paradise Galleries Reborn Toddler Doll with a Heartbeat

This reborn baby doll is one of the cutest reborn baby dolls in the market. It has a heartbeat – hence, adding a breathing box would make the perfect combination.

The best artists manufacture it from the beginning of the production process till its end. It has a light pink color that will make you uncontrollably swoon over it! 

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Baby

If you are looking to get a baby alive doll, this might e a good option for you. 

The baby alive super snacks snakin’ lil baby is a baby alive doll that eats, poops, and pees. 

It is one of those dolls that are perfect for fitting a breather box into them. It also comes with special doll accessories that make it one of the most unique baby ailve dolls. 

How To Make A Reborn Doll Breathe

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit the breather box somewhere else apart from the chest?

Realistically speaking, there is no other place to fit the breathing box in a reborn baby doll beside the chest. It has space within it that is suitable for fitting a breathing box.

Can you use any kind of reborn baby doll for the breathing mechanism?

Yes. Any kind of reborn baby doll or baby alive doll can be used to attach a breathing box to it. However, you will need to make sure you have a bigger doll than the size of your breathing box. 

Can you remove the breathing box once you have attached it to your reborn doll?

You can remove a breathing box whenever you wish to. All you need to do is take the stuffing out of your reborn baby doll again and pull the box out.


Reborn baby dolls can do wonders now. With the addition of a breathing mechanism, reborn baby dolls hold even more significance in their owners’ eyes. 

Though the process of attaching a breathing box might take you some time to learn, once you do so, your reborn baby doll will be more realistic. 

We hope you liked reading this article! 

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