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STEM toys shape the future of your children. They accelerate the development and learning of your children. There are many STEM toys available on the market, but every toy is not suitable for your child. We have researched and selected the best STEM toys for 2-3 year olds. 

Read the article below to know about the best STEM toys for toddlers.

Best STEM Toys For Toddlers

1# Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years

Balance bikes are incredible for your two-year-old child. Strider balance bike provides a great outdoor fun activity. This bike is super lightweight. Your child can easily manage this bike.

Strider - 12 Sport Balance

Strider – 12 Sport Balance


  • Provides outdoor fun activity.
  • Do not need heavy maintenance.
  • Do not have flat tires.
  • It has a simple, attractive design.
  • This bike has a very fine comfortable seat.  


  • This is a pricey toy.



You do not have to worry about flat tires on this bike. This bike gives unlimited freedom and control to your child. It is incredible to see how this bike works for your child.


The tires of this bike can easily last at least nine months. Such toys are only needed for a specific duration. This bike is durable, and you will not need to look for a replacement.

The steel frame of this bike ensures its durability.


This bike is super attractive for your child. Children usually develop an attachment to this bike. It is an excellent idea to buy this bike as your child will surely own it. 

Good for Confidence

A Strider sports balance bike will surely boost your child’s confidence. You can always buy cool accessories like helmets, glows, and pads with this bike.


Kids use their feet to ride this bike. The wheels are made of plastic, so you do not have to worry about your kid falling over due to a worn-out tire. 

The weight of this bike adds to its stability. Your kid will not slip over due to a flat tire or height.


Strider bike comes in five different variants. These variants differ according to their height, size, weight, and material. 

12 Sport Bike

Note that 12 Sport Bike is recommended for children aged 2 to 3. This variant of the Strider bike is only slightly heavier than the other variants, which makes it super safe for your 1-year-old. 


This bike has an outstanding built quality. This bike comes with an ergonomically padded seat which is very good for your child’s comfort.

 It will provide sufficient fun for your child.



This bike is a pricey toy. This bike is different from the other toys, which accounts for its price tag. Great fun comes at a great cost.

2# LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party 10873 Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Minnie's Birthday Party 10873 Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party 10873 Building Blocks


  • This is a super user-friendly toy.
  • Children do not need supervision to play with this toy.
  • This toy is specially designed for Minnie Mouse fans.
  • You do not have to worry about the safety of your child.


  • It has a limited design option.
  • Party blocks occupy space.



This is a perfect birthday present for your 2-year-old. These building blocks are made of plastic. The plastic used to make these blocks is of very good quality, making them durable.


These blocks come in a movie and transportation theme. Kids can derive endless fun from these blocks.


The Disney Mickey Mouse piece in this toy makes it more appealing for your child. 


These blocks are completely safe for your child. These blocks pose no choking hazard for your child. 


The movie theme of these blocks stimulates the imagination of your child. The purpose of these blocks is to fire up creativity and fun in your child.

Minnie Fans  

These blocks are an exclusive gift for the Minnie Mouse Fans. If your child loves watching Minnie Mouse, you should definitely buy this toy.  


The large pieces of these party blocks are user-friendly. They do not create a mess around your house.

No Supervision Needed

Children do not need your help to play with these blocks. These blocks are specially designed for the Minne Mouse Lego fans.


Occupy Space

The amount of fun derived from these birthday blocks accounts for the space they occupy. Your toddler will love to piece them together and break them apart.

It is recommended that you buy these blocks for your Minnie fan.

3# ZoZoplay STEM Learning Toy

ZoZoplay STEM Learning Toy

ZoZoplay STEM Learning Toy


  • This toy gives an excellent learning time.
  • Good for creativity.
  • Develops critical thinking.
  • This toy comes in a great box.
  • It is a very high-quality toy.
  • Children can play with this toy independently.
  • It has high durability.


  • There is a choking hazard for children under three years old.



ZoZoplay toys are perfect and safe for toddlers. In fact, they are better than traditional building blocks. These tubular pipes do not have sharp edges. They come in attractive colors.

There is no choking hazard for your three years old. This toy is safe for kids who like to put everything in their mouths. It is good to know that there are no small parts in this magical box.

ZoZo play pipes are actually very smooth, so they do not harm your toddler’s skin.


This toy helps increase the creativity of your child. These toys improve your child’s visual memory. Children learn about different colors through this toy.

This toy improves the motor skills of your child. 

Cool Box

ZoZo play toys come in a great box. These tubular pipes, spouts, and joints are easy to handle. This box is a source of endless fun for your child.

Unlike regular blocks, children can manipulate these toys of their own will. Children can even carry over this toy to their bath. This toy is simply amazing for your kids’ imagination.


ZoZo play pipes are a complete package. Your kids do not need extra tools and accessories to play with this toy.  


The built quality of this toy is outstanding. The pieces do not break easily.


Choking Hazard

This toy poses a choking hazard for children under three years old. 

4# 42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Sunset

Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are an excellent toy for your toddler. The good thing about this toy is that it can be used for a whole lot of age groups.

42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set


  • The smaller pieces of this toy are simply unique.
  • It provides practical experience.
  • It promotes creativity.
  • It stimulates learning.
  • This toy has a good built quality. 
  • This toy is highly durable, and the pieces do not break easily.


  • The trapezoidal blocks limit the construction design possibilities.
  • There are no detailed design instructions on the box.
  • The large pieces do not have enough magnets.
  • The pieces occupy space.



This toy is perfectly safe for your child. Even adults can also enjoy playing with this amazing toy.

Tegu magnetic wooden block set poses no choking hazard for your child. Even though the Tegu magnetic wooden block set has a number of pieces, they stick together. 

Small Pieces

Let’s come to the small pieces. They are awesome! Tegu provides flat 1×2 wooden planks. They are fun to play with.

Tegu has installed two strong magnets in these small pieces. They quickly stick together. Many users prefer these small Tegu pieces over large pieces.


Tegu has done a good job in creating an educational toy for your child. Tegu, as a brand, supports endless creativity. 

Tegu wooden blocks are suitable for promoting creativity in children. These wooden blocks nurture the constructive talent of your child.     


Occupy Space

Tegu wooden blocks do not create a mess around your house. Yes, the wooden pieces take a lot of space, but compared to the fun hours you get, it is worth it.

Alternate Option

You can look for a wooden version of this toy on the market. But the wooden version of this toy is pricey.  

Take, for instance, if you have ten 10 Tegu wooden blocks, you can buy 100 plastic magnetic blocks at the same price.

People who hate plastic in their houses will definitely prefer the Tegu wooden blocks over the plastic variants available in the market.

Design Issues

Not everything is good about this toy, there are some negatives. The problem with this toy is not its built quality, it is the design of the product.

Large pieces of Tegu blocks hold an insufficient number of magnets at their ends. Tegu provides large, flat 1×7 wooden planks. These planks have only three magnetic points.

It means that there are only three magnets in the large wooden blocks. Tegu has installed one magnet in the middle of these large wooden blocks.

Well, most users find this annoying as large wooden blocks are not suitable for any high-rise building construction.

Trapezoidal Blocks

You can see another design flaw in the trapezoidal blocks. If you are planning to form peaked rooftops, these trapezoidal blocks will become a nuisance. 

They simply do not have enough magnets in the required spots. Tegu should install two magnets in the trapezoidal blocks.

One magnet should be installed at the top, and the other should be at the bottom. Trapezoidal blocks have too much weight. Tegu should make lightweight trapezoidal blocks.

These trapezoidal blocks are a pain! They do not stick together. Tegu has not installed suitable magnets in the trapezoidal pieces of this toy.

Let me say Tegu has made a serious flaw here. The magnets installed in the trapezoidal pieces have opposing polarity. They are not good for building angled structures. 

Suffice it to say that the trapezoidal blocks of this toy are only suitable for building a four-part square. Trapezoidal blocks often refuse to attach to one side of the main body.

Tall Pieces

The most unfriendly blocks in this toy set are the tall 1x1x8 tegu pieces. These tall pieces are used to construct skeleton structures. You can see a picture of these skeleton structures on the box.

It is appalling to know that Tegu has only installed two magnets in these tall pieces. Tegu should have made lightweight pieces. Instead, Tegu designed these tall pieces only to be used as vertical pillars. 

Why should I buy this toy?

These wooden blocks are an amazing toy. They are made to open a new world of construction possibilities for your child.

What should Tegu do?

Tegu has not marked these blocks with positive or negative signs. Your child can learn about the construction possibilities and limitations mainly through the pictures provided on the box and through experiments.

One way to overcome design limitations is to add detailed instructions on the box. Using polarity signs on the pieces is also a good idea.

Tegu should introduce the polarity signs on these blocks. Tegu should revisit the design flaws in the large blocks to make them more appealing for all age groups.

Provides Practical Experience

Even though some parents claim that some pieces like trapezoidal blocks and the tall pieces limit the construction design possibilities for your child, it is interesting to know that such limitations make the experience more practical.

Tegu wooden blocks are good for promoting creativity in children. This toy does not break easily. A box of these wooden blocks is definitely recommended for your children.

5# Picasso Tiles & Magnet Building Tiles 

Magna tiles are an awesome gift for your child. Magna tiles are pretty popular among children.

Picasso Tiles & Magnet Building Tiles 

Picasso Tiles & Magnet Building Tiles 


  • Picasso’s Magna tiles have stronger magnets.
  • Picasso Magna tiles have used good plastic.
  • Picasso’s Magna tiles are not as expensive as the wooden version of the toy.
  • Picasso’s Magna tiles are more stable in a perpendicular shape.
  • Picasso Magna tiles develop the constructive sense of your child.
  • They pose no choking hazard for your child.


  • Picasso Magna tiles do not have an added layer of protection.
  • Picasso Magna tiles are slightly heavier than the original Magnatiles brand.


They are safe for your one-year-old to play with. Magna tiles do not pose a choking hazard for your toddler. Magna tiles are nontoxic for your toddler.


Magna tiles are made of good quality plastic. They are fun to play with.

Does Not Create Mess

Even though Magna tiles have a lot of pieces, they stick together. You do not have to worry about the mess created by your child’s fun time. Magna tiles do not create a mess around your house. 

The hours of fun your child gets are worth it.

Suitable Age

Magna tiles are suitable for a range of age groups. Even eight years olds can enjoy playing with Magna tiles. 


Magna tiles trigger creativity in your child. Children use Magna tiles to build houses for their dolls, horses, etc. 


Children can play with Magna tiles for long hours. Some children love Magna tiles so much that they carry them wherever they go.  


Picasso Magna tiles are super cool. They have strong magnets and stay together for a long time.

Magna tiles are more stable when held in a perpendicular shape.

When it comes to toys like Magna tiles, customers care about quality more than quantity. Unlike cheap Magna tiles available in the market, Picasso Magna tiles come in a large size. 

Also, Picasso’s Magna tiles are heavy because they carry super magnets.

Magna tiles are essential for your child as they induce an excellent constructive sense in your child. Children quickly learn how to play with Magna tiles.

Good news! Picasso Magna tiles have super quality. There is no significant difference between the quality of the original Magnatiles brand and the Picasso Magna tiles.  

I say that your child cannot differentiate between the quality of the two products. They all look the same.

When you decide to buy Magna tiles, always make sure that the plastics are tightly held together.   


There are certain downsides to this product. Most of the Magna tiles available in the market do not have strong magnets. Magna tiles easily fall apart due to weak magnets. 

Also, the original Magna tiles are pricey, and the customer expects Magna tiles to stay fixed for a long time.

Picasso’s Magna tiles do not have metal rivets. So, they lack an added layer of protection.

Magna tiles are not supposed to form strong, fixed, tightly held structures. Hence, any building formed using Magna tiles can come down easily. 

These magnets help the Magna tiles stay together for a long time. Picasso’s Magna tiles are not as expensive as the wooden version of the toy.  

Why buy Picasso Magna Tiles?

Some customers accidentally buy cheap Magna tiles from the market and become disappointed due to the poor quality of magnets used in Magna tiles.  

Note that there might be a pricing difference between the Picasso Magna tiles and the Magna tiles of other brands, magnets used in Picasso Magna tiles are always better than the magnets used by the other brands.

The material and composition of the original Magna tiles brand are similar to the composition of the Picasso Magna tiles. Children cannot differentiate between the original Magna tiles brand and the Picasso Magna tiles. 

Picasso Magna tiles have a good build quality. Even if your toddler walks over them, they won’t break easily. 

6# SKYFIELD Wooden Vehicle Toddler Puzzle

These thick, chunky wooden blocks present no choking hazard for your child. The puzzle itself is nontoxic. 

SKYFIELD Wooden Vehicle Toddler Puzzle

SKYFIELD Wooden Vehicle Toddler Puzzle


  • This toy is a perfect gift for a 1-year-old.
  • This puzzle is nontoxic.
  • It comes with attractive stickers.
  • The puzzle pieces have a very good size for the child’s tiny hands.
  • It comes with a good cloth bag.
  • The puzzle pieces are made with high-quality wood.
  • These lightweight puzzle pieces can be easily carried around.


  • The puzzle pieces become loose after construction.
  • The stickers can come off easily.
  • The pressed board used is of cheap quality.


This is a fantastic puzzle for your toddler. The wooden pieces are safe for your child.

Cool Box

This puzzle comes in a cool box. The pieces are wrapped in beautiful paper. The puzzle pieces do not have sharp edges.


Wooden puzzle promotes learning and creativity in children. Wooden puzzle pieces are easy to handle for children. Wooden puzzle increases the problem-solving ability of your children.

Every piece in this wooden puzzle is carefully wrapped. The puzzle comes in a good size. The puzzle pieces are light and easy to carry.

Best STEM Toys For Toddlers1


There are some downsides to this cool, wooden puzzle. The puzzle pieces carry printed stickers. Printed stickers are not safe for your child.

Children have a way of putting everything in their mouths. If your child puts these stickers into his or her mouth, then the sticker will become wet.

The cardboard used in these wooden puzzles is of cheap quality, and you do not want your toddler to chew this cheap cardboard.

The sticker eventually comes off, and the puzzle losses its attraction. These wooden puzzle pieces are good to play with for only three minutes.

After these three minutes, your child will be puffing out cardboard or chewing the cheap sticker.

Under good supervision, this wooden puzzle will provide immense fun to your child.  

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Final Thought

The market is filled with a variety of STEM toys. For some parents, it is difficult to establish which toys are suitable for their toddlers. So now you know the answer, the best STEM toys for your 3 year olds are:

  • Strider Sports Balance Bike
  • LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party Building Blocks
  • LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box
  • ZoZoplay STEM Learning Toy Tubular Pipes & Spouts & Joints
  • Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set
  • PicassoTiles
  • SKYFIELD Wooden Vehicle Toddler Puzzle

You won’t regret buying these best STEM toys for toddlers.

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