Are Reborn Dolls Waterproof? (How to Bathe?)

If you own a baby alive doll or a reborn baby doll, you might have thought about whether your reborn baby doll is waterproof or not.

Before immersing your reborn baby doll into a bathtub, you might want to take a moment to think.

It is natural to question things before anything wrong happens. 

Do not worry, though. We have got you covered. 

Can Reborn Dolls Go In The Water?

Are Reborn Dolls Waterproof

Reborn baby dolls are a work of art. From the texture of their hair to how realistic their eyes look – they are pretty different from an ordinary baby doll.

They do an excellent job at convincing people of how real they look. Some people might even mistake them for a real baby! 

Given how valuable a reborn doll is, it is essential to ask questions that concern their condition. 

Such as whether they can go in the water or not. 

Reborn baby dolls can get wet and go in the water. However, you might want to be wary of not submerging a reborn baby doll into the water. Reborn dolls are pretty delicate and made of vinyl. 

Vinyl is sensitive to water. Exposing your reborn baby doll to water for a long time can cause a great deal of damage.

This is the reason why you might not want to insert reborn baby dolls into the water. 

Dolls that are made of silicone, though, can be submerged into the water as well. However, some dolls are not entirely made of silicon – their limbs might be made of silicon only. 

You can not submerge these dolls into the water either.

You might want to make sure what material your doll is made of before deciding to insert it into the water. 

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Things You Need To Bathe A Reborn Doll  

Bathing your reborn baby doll is not that different from bathing an actual baby. It would help if you were prepared beforehand. 

Be Mindful Of The Location

You may need to make use of a lot of things to bathe your reborn baby doll. 

Firstly, decide on a suitable location: many people bathe their reborn baby dolls in baby bathtubs. They have the sort of size that makes it easy to wash babies.

Otherwise, you can also make use of a sink, a basin, or a regular bathtub. 

Get A Towel

A towel will help you dry your reborn baby doll. You might want to use a light-colored towel, though, as it will not discolor your reborn doll. 

A dark-colored towel might discolor your doll, especially when it is wet.

Try using a soft towel as it is more gentle on silicone. 


A bar of soap will do the job of cleaning your reborn doll. Most people choose to get baby soaps as they are more gentle and scentless. 

The more gentle a soap you get, the better it will be on your reborn baby doll’s skin. 


Powdering your reborn doll once you are done bathing it might do wonders. It will let your doll smell fresh and give it a realistic, baby-like feel. 

Most people purchase a baby powder to use on their reborn doll as well. 

You might want to avoid using scented powders, though, as they can damage your reborn doll if your doll is made of silicone. 


Putting a diaper on your doll is simply a preference – it is up to you. 

Many reborn dolls’ parents choose to do so because it gives a more realistic feel to the doll. 

However, it is entirely your own choice.

You can put whatever clothes or overalls you want on your reborn baby doll! 

Powder Brush

You might also want to make use of a powder brush to apply powder on your reborn doll evenly. 

A makeup brush would suffice as well – you would want to make sure, though, that you are using a brand new brush.

An already used brush that has chemicals on it might damage your reborn baby doll significantly. 

Are Reborn Dolls Waterproof

How Do You Give A Reborn Baby Doll A Bath?

You might not want to use water that is too hot to bathe your reborn baby doll. Room-temperature water or slightly warm water would suffice. 

It is up to you whether you want to make your reborn doll’s hair wet or not. They are usually pinned onto the head of your reborn baby doll with a needle – which means they might lose over time.

So you might want to be careful while washing your reborn doll’s hair.

Getting a washcloth would make the process simpler as well. Gently rub it onto areas that you think need cleaning. Try not to be too harsh as the doll’s skin is delicate. 

Make sure you do not let any water into your doll’s mouth!

Before deciding to take the doll out of the water, you might want to make sure that you have cleaned off all the soap.

Then, you can use a gentle, light-colored towel to dry your doll.

Using a light-colored towel is essential as a dark-colored, harsh towel can discolor your doll, especially when wet. 

Once you have dried your doll, you can put some powder on it. 

Now you have successfully bathed your reborn baby doll. 

Some reborn baby doll parents, at his point, put diapers on their dolls as well – that is entirely your own choice! 

Can Silicone Baby Dolls Get Into A Pool?

As mentioned earlier, silicone baby dolls are resistant to water and can get into it. 

However, this does not mean you completely submerge them into the water for long periods. It can cause a lot of damage to your doll.

Silicone baby dolls can get into a poll. However, you might want to use a floating tube to keep them above the water. 

Silicone baby dolls can not swim, and leaving them in a pool under the water will wreck your reborn baby doll. 

Reborn Baby Dolls That Can Get Into The Water

Binxing Toys Zero Pam Reborn BabyDoll

You can use the binxing toy zero pam reborn baby doll to bathe or make it wet with water. It is made of silicone and comes in the cutest newborn clothes. 

You can change its clothes if you want to. Its warm look and adorable face will make you swoon over its cuteness!

TERABITHIA 23inch Real Life Silicone Full Body Waterproof Reborn Baby Boy Doll

The terabithia reborn baby doll is one of the cutest reborn baby dolls in the market. It is made of silicone. So it can be bathed and get wet – try not submerging it into the water, though. 

It comes fully clothed when you purchase it. You can change the doll’s clothes if you want to, though. 

CHAREX Reborn Baby Girl Doll

The charex reborn baby girl doll is made of silicone and can easily fit into the clothes of a three-month-old baby. Its rosy cheeks and painted nails might make you think it is one of the most adorable reborn baby dolls.

As it is made of silicone, you can bathe it according to your convenience. 


Caring for a reborn baby doll is not as easy as it looks. You might need to be mindful of a hundred things as a responsible owner of a reborn doll. 

It includes knowing whether your doll is waterproof or not. Firstly, consider the material your doll is made of – silicone is water-resistant. Then make sure you do not submerge it into the water.

You will be good to go then.

We hope you liked reading this article! 

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