Do Reborn Dolls Move? (Best Reborn Dolls That Can Move)

Reborn dolls are hand-crafted hyper-realistic dummies that have taken the world by storm! Not only the desire of budding collectors, but these dolls also help provide therapeutic support to comfort women through anxiety and depression. Most people that want to learn more about reborn dolls ask, do reborn dolls move?

Yes, there are definitely reborn dolls that move available in the market. The movements are generally, limited to the head, eyes, legs, and arms. However, there are Reborn dolls which can do different poses such as crawling and lying.

Moving Reborn Dolls – A Work Of Art

These little cuddle bundles are a big source of joy to many people because it feels really good to carry a baby in one’s arms. Thus, passionate doll collectors tend to look for reborn dolls that resemble real babies super accurately. Aside from realism, the ability to move is also a major factor that determines the desirability of a reborn doll.

Because of the clientele’s desire and expectations, reborn doll artists work laboriously and creatively to transform plastic dolls into fantastic moving reborn dolls.

Do Reborn Dolls Move

Reborn Dolls That Can Move

Reborn dolls are true pieces of art, they can cost around a thousand dollars, however, they are worth every penny. Check out the incredible reborn doll varieties that can move but vary in many ways and the comfort that they offer. So before buying an adorable reborn doll look through the choices very carefully.

1. Linda Murray Cooing Chloe “Breathing” Silicon

This magnificent little reborn doll named Chloe moves on your touch by turning her head on both sides to look up at you. The feeling of holding a reborn doll and how it moves is an immense feeling of joy. This stunningly realistic touch-activated baby doll is designed by world-renowned doll artist Linda Murray.

Chloe is a bespoke piece of art created by RealTouch® vinyl, carrying a subtle soft scent of baby powder, with heart-warming handcrafted features and delicate baby hair. She appears in an appealing outfit embellished with ribbon and decorative embroidery. She’s perfectly poseable, and achieves a very realistic look! 

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2. Smart Baby Doll Reborn Battery Operated Can Sing Baby Songs 

These smart and musical reborn baby dolls are battery-operated, they are attractively dressed in bear and monkey costumes. This sweet little reborn baby doll can sing baby songs and seem like an angel when it’s asleep. It contains 50 songs to help your real baby fall asleep too.

It’s 15.7 inches in size and is manufactured with a soft silicone face and hand. The baby doll’s shoulder, body and legs are filled with PP cotton, the body has no specific gender. Its limbs are completely movable and flexible.

3. Real Girl Baby Doll 15 Inches All-Vinyl Baby Doll


This little reborn beauty comes dressed in a hand-made knitted outfit along with a matching hat and pretty booties, wrapped up in a soft blanket with a cute baby bottle and a pacifier. The little reborn doll features incredible detail and boasts, realistic dimples, folds and wrinkles. 

It’s also a baby doll that moves with poseable arms, legs, and a head. The meticulous looking doll is joined at the shoulders, hips, and neck so you can easily rotate the legs and arms when removing and adding the doll’s clothing.

4. Adora Ballerina Doll – Arora-13 Inch Soft Baby Doll, Open/Close Eyes


The dainty reborn Adora Baby Ballerina, Aurora is an immaculate blend of beauty & love! She is a lovable little baby doll who also sucks her thumb. 

This 13” tender ballerina reborn doll will add joy to your collection with her loving and bubbly personality. Aurora enjoys dancing with her ballerina friends wearing her glamorous pink glowing tutu and shimmer tights. She flaunts her satin pink ballerina shoes and a pink headband to adorn her charming hand-painted hair. 

5. Bella Rose baby Doll “Breathes”, “Coos” and Has ” Heartbeat”

Bella Rose, another charming piece of art by Master Artist Linda Murray that “breathes”, “coos” and has a “heartbeat”. She has genuinely a real-life feel possessing shiny hand-rooted hair and a fully poseable body. 

Her RealTouch® skin is so smooth to touch, and she has the natural weight of a real baby. Bella Rose gives a soft baby powder fragrance and she comes in a sleeper embellished with roses, just waiting to be held and cuddled by you!

6. Cute Reborn Baby Dolls Blinking Eyes Soft Vinyl Silicon 22 Inch Newborn Doll

 Cute Reborn bbay Dolls

The beautiful reborn baby is entirely made with silicone vinyl, perfectly sculpted with accurate details from her delicate face down to her little feet. It comes in around 22 inches in lenght from head to toe and weighs about 2.8 pounds. The natural looking reborn baby can open and shut its eyes. Its limbs are movable, the doll has the ability to make poses like crawling and lying.

7. Linda Murray ” Kiara First Steps” Walking Baby Doll

There’s nothing more exciting and monumental than when a little baby takes its first steps. Now, you can admire this valuable moment with beautiful Kiara’s First Steps Baby Doll, by the outstanding Linda Murray, Master Doll Artist, presented by Ashton-Drake Galleries. 

This extraordinary walking baby doll is activated upon your touch, so she takes her initial baby steps when you hold her little hands and stroll with her.

The reborn baby doll, Kiara, is a flawlessly handcrafted work of art. She is a real 11-month-old baby girl who is taking her first steps. Her head and arms are crafted with vinyl which are soft to touch. Kiara comes comfortably dressed in a bubble outfit decorated with a sunflower color, brown silk ribbons, and a matching headband embellished with tiny sunflowers. 

Do Reborn Dolls Move

In Conclusion

The reborn dolls are the answer to many problems and they provide numerous solutions. Some people love to collect the reborn dolls and buy the best available in the market.

The reborn dolls are approved by doctors for those who use them as a coping mechanism to deal with their stress and anxiety. Most women experience a lot of stress and the loss of children becomes a traumatic memory for them when they have a miscarriage, stillbirth, or face the death of an infant. 

The lifelike reborn dolls become their emotional saviors.  

But in some cases, these customized reborn dolls are treated like a real baby, people use them in role-play and take care of them. These reborn dolls also serve a great purpose when it comes to women who lose their babies. These dolls help them not only think of their children but also keep them from feeling lonely and childless. 

To sum up, the reborn dolls have diverse buyers as they tend to help so many people. 

Hopefully, this fine variety of reborn dolls that can move will help you find one that pleases your heart. These are all high-quality products presented with different price ranges to make it easier for you to make your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a reborn doll move its feet?

Yes, some reborn dolls are designed to move their feet.

Can reborn dolls move their feet and legs?

Yes, reborn dolls with jointed limbs can move their feet and legs.

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