Can You Put Lotion on a Reborn Doll?

You like babies and toddlers, but are you too young, not ready, or don’t have a baby of your own? If this is the case, you should consider a reborn doll for sure. Reborn dolls are professionally made dolls like real babies and toddlers. They can be expensive to buy and maintain, but in the end they are worth it.

Many people ask whether or not they could put lotion on their reborn doll just as they would if it was a real baby. The answer is simple. You can put lotion but it isn’t really advisable to do so.

Follow this article further to know how you could take care of your reborn baby. You will definitely be more prepared to buy and become a reborn mommy after this article.

Steps to Take Care of a Reborn Baby

There are many steps that come into play once you purchase a reborn doll. It’s just not a doll, it’s a baby that requires love and attention. 

There are many different steps you have to go through as a mother of a reborn doll. Follow this article to find out the essentials to keep in mind when it comes to the care of reborn dolls. 

Step 1

Firstly, you need to purchase a reborn doll of your choice. Reborn dolls don’t come cheap. The real authentic ones cost more than $200. However, if you want a cheaper one, you could go for a used reborn doll or the one with a cotton body. 

Step 2 

You have to prepare for a reborn doll just as you would prepare before a baby is about to be born. Make sure to research and buy all supplies that you may need for the care of your reborn doll. 

The essentials usually include: 

  • Clothes 
  • Diapers 
  • Blankets 
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Pacifier 
  • Reborn doll milk 
  • Wipes 

These are just the essentials. You may buy other products and supplies to best take care of your reborn doll. You can easily purchase these supplies online or in stores. You don’t need to buy overly priced supplies for your reborn dolls. 

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Step 3 

When the reborn doll arrives, unbox it and decide for a name of your reborn doll. Once you’ve decided, make sure to fill the name in the birth certificate that comes with the doll. 

Some dolls are unique and come with a name already which is printed on the birth certificate that comes with them. 

Step 4 

Take care of your reborn doll just as you would of a new born baby. Take pictures of your reborn baby and dress the baby up. 

Make sure to change your reborn baby and to clean them after a long trip. You should cover them with a warm blanket to keep the baby warm and prepare a warm bottle of milk. 

Whatever you do, you should make it a routine. Plus, spending time sitting together holding your reborn baby can help you feel confident and comfortable with your reborn doll.

Step 5 

Introduce your reborn baby or toddler to friends and family. You can do it when it’s convenient for you. You can also join the community or meet new friends with your reborn baby or toddler.

If you don’t want to introduce your reborn baby to anyone, that’s fine too. Just embrace the baby as your own and take care of the reborn baby. 

Step 6 

Lastly, just treat your baby as a new born. Spend plenty of time with your reborn baby. You should take your reborn baby to the park, on a walk, in the car, anywhere you want to be particular. 

Carry your reborn baby’s diaper bag, put a pacifier in his/her mouth and enjoy your time with your reborn baby to the fullest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use lotion on a reborn doll? 

You could use lotion on a reborn doll but it’s not advisable. If you are using lotion, make sure to dry it out completely afterwards. Otherwise, it’ll give your reborn baby an oily look all the time. 

Is it okay to use wet wipes on your reborn baby or should you use dry tissue only? 

You could use a wet wipe on your reborn doll. There is no harm in that. You just have to make sure you dry it once you’ve used it on your reborn baby. 

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